Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Traditional Values Coalition Explodes Another Homosexual Urban Legend: Gay Teens NOT Three Times More Likely To Commit Suicide Than Straights

During the ongoing debate over the proposed gay nondiscrimination ordinance in Anchorage, now under its third incarnation as AO 2009-64(S-1), many proponents of the ordinance have routinely and thoughtlessly regurgitated the factoid "Gay teens three times more likely to commit suicide than straight teens", as if it had been handed down on stone tablets from Mount Sinai. It is marketed as "inerrant wisdom".

But the Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) has long since exposed and exploded that myth. TVC reveals that this urban legend originated from a study entitled "Gay Male and Lesbian Youth Suicide", published in 1989 by a homosexual social worker named Paul Gibson. In this study, Gibson also put forth another urban legend; namely, that 30 percent of all teens who have attempted suicide are homosexuals. The most frequently quoted "facts" from Gibson's report?

-- Homosexual teens account for one third of all teen suicides;
-- Homosexual teens are two to three times more likely to commit suicide than their heterosexual counterparts;
-- That suicide is the leading cause of death among "gay" and "lesbian" youth;
-- That "gay" youth suicide is caused by internalized homophobia and violence directed against struggling teen homosexuals.

The last item should be a dead giveway to anyone with at least a two-digit IQ that Gibson had a political agenda, because the last item shows how the gay rights movement seeks to point fingers rather than solve problems. This should be no surprise, since every secular social theology needs both gods and devils. In the racial civil rights movement, Dr. Martin Luther King has been marketed as the "god"; Dr. David Duke has been marketed as the "devil". And Gibson simply decided that straights were his "devils". Yet despite this overt and flagrant bias, few journalists took the time to actually analyze Gibson's report when it came out. As a result, his non-facts became part of the culture.

It took Cornell University psychologist Dr. Ritch Savin-Williams, the author of the highly-acclaimed "The New Gay Teenager", to correct the record. In an article published in the December 2001 issue of Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, Dr. Savin-Williams reveals that previous homosexual teen suicide studies were flawed and exaggerated because they were drawn from group homes or runaway shelters where the most troubled teens gather. Researchers also took at face value the claims that these teens made about their attempts at suicide.

Dr. Savin-Williams surveyed a more typically representative group of teens. He focused on 349 students, ages 17 to 25. When these students told him they had tried to kill themselves, he asked them what method they had used. And Dr. Savin-Williams discovered the following:

-- Over half of these reported suicide attempts turned out to be "thinking about it" rather than attempting it.
-- One study of 83 women showed a true suicide rate of 13 percent for those who hadn't attended a support group (between 7 percent and 13 percent of all teens have tried to kill themselves, according to latest figures).
-- Another survey of 266 college men and women found that teens who think they are homosexuals were not much more likely to have attempted suicide than straight students. Homosexual students were more likely to have reported "attempts," but these turned out to be "thinking" about suicide rather than actually doing it.

According to Savin-Williams, homosexual teen suicide statistics unfairly "pathologize gay youth, and that's not fair to them." Savin-Williams is not "anti-homosexual," but has apparently attempted to conduct honest research.

Even some gay rights groups reluctantly concede that Gibson's study was flawed, but they use it because they derive political advantage from it. Human Rights Campaign spokesman David Smith himself admitted the 30 percent figure is wrong. But homosexual activists continue to successfully use Gibson's work to push for "gay" counseling programs and "tolerance" curricula in our nation's public schools, cynically playing the "safety" card. In one example, Gibson's report was used by activists in Massachusetts to establish a state-wide gay and lesbian youth commission funded with millions of dollars extorted from taxpayers.

The bottom line: While Gibson's non-facts are still being used by homosexuals to promote the recruitment and seduction of children in our nation's public schools, the newer evidence shows that suicide among homosexual teens is no more likely than among heterosexual teenagers. The Traditional Values Coalition also exposes a host of other urban legends HERE.

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