Sunday, June 07, 2009

Queer Advocacy Group Outright Vermont Sponsors Gender Exploration Program For Teenagers Called "Gendertopia" At Taxpayer Expense

A homosexual advocacy group called Outright Vermont is running a so-called "gender exploration program" for youth, called "Gendertopia", and it's being partially subsidized by taxpayers. Also reported by

The nine-week program, partially funded by the Burlington School District, was held at Vermont's Queer Youth Center and called "Gendertopia." Forty students signed up, 12 participated weekly. Gay, lesbian and straight students discussed a wide range of topics, from the characters in the book and movie "Twilight," to taking photos around the city that show the different ways gender is portrayed in popular culture. The program is among the first of its kind to be funded, in part, with tax dollars, according to Christopher Neff, the executive director of Outright Vermont, the social service organization running Gendertopia.

Neither the program nor the school district's participation triggered any objection, according to Burlington School Superintendent Jeanne Collins. The tempered reaction locally to the program shows how far Outright Vermont and the issues it raises has moved into the main stream of youth social service organizations. [Ed. Note: Wrong; it represents how misled, cowed and intimidated ordinary people have allowed themselves to become.]

The program was designed to help young people identify the subtle signals used to express gender and how not being aware of those signals can lower self esteem and possibly lead to an increase in at-risk activities like substance abuse or dropping out of school. [Ed. Note: Once again, they psychologically disarm prospective opposition by playing the "safety" card.]

Even the pro-family movement in Vermont, if there is such a thing up there, has become partially reconciliated to the program. Steve Cable of Rutland, the founder of Vermont Renewal, an organization promoting traditional family values, said he wasn't familiar with "Gendertopia," but he knew Outright Vermont. He said he was supportive of the group's anti-bullying efforts, but not what he said was its focus on adolescent sexuality. [Ed. Note: Steve, their efforts aren't just to promote "anti-bullying", they're promoting confusion and perversion.]

And listen to some of the propaganda the participants regurgitate at the conclusion of the program:

-- "Most people come into it thinking, 'Oh, there's two genders and two sexualities' ... ," said David Kingsbury, a 16-year-old junior at Burlington High School who signed up for the program. "People assume it's boy and girl, but it's so much more than that. There's a whole world out there full of different genders."

-- "I'm straight, but I don't like using that word because then it feels like if you're gay then you're crooked, you're not meant to grow up in a certain way," Sophia Manzi, 15, a Burlington high school freshman, said during this year's final "Gendertopia" meeting. "I come because it's a really good program. The people, it doesn't matter what sexual orientation you are, they totally come in with open arms."

These are the type of creeps who worm their way into corporations and become human resources directors. That's why every Fortune 500 company panders to gays.

And finally, Neff himself said "Gendertopia" wasn't about sexuality or who people are attracted to. "We're really clear that gender and gender identify is separate from sexual orientation," Neff said. "Hugh Grant and Russell Crowe have the same sex, they're both male and they're both heterosexual. But they have very different gender presentations. One is sort of seen as much more masculine than the other." [Ed. Note: Doesn't matter, asshole; BOTH Hugh Grant AND Russell Crowe are still MALE.]

These are not the type or people you reason with civilly. These are the type of people you have to slap down hard. They are corrupting our vulnerable youth, and are doing it at taxpayer expense. Now we better understand why Dr. Jerry Prevo is taking such a strong stand against Anchorage's proposed gay nondiscrimination ordinance, and why he will organize a voter initiative if the Assembly passes the ordinance. It's not so much the immediate effect with which he's concerned, but he feels it will be gateway legislation which will grease the skids for spectacles like Gendertopia in our schools.

Any questions about your gender? Here's what you do:

(1). Pull down pants.
(2). Check package.
(3). If you got a pole, you're a male.
(4). If you got a hole, you're a female.

Question answered. Case closed.


  1. Any more questions? Better not ask, or you'll get a smack in the face!

    When "reality" has to be established through violent suppression, perhaps it's not so unambiguous after all.

    Thanks for demonstrating the need for programs such as "Gendertopia." Your ignorant four-step program reflects confusion as to the difference between "sex" (hole, pole, or something in between, many versions of which exist in this word too) and "gender" (enormously varied cultural interpretations of bodies). Any more questions? I'm not going to slap you. That Would Be The Wrong Response To Questions. But I will say: go read more about it. Educate yourself about the things whereof you speak.

    The United States is, after all, a country that claims to be a democracy and "the land of the free." Smackdowns of people who dare to ask questions and to educate are not in keeping either with freedom or democracy.

  2. Twit! You automatically assumed a physical response. That's why people like you who advocate infinite genders in infinite combinations lack credibility. I "slapped" you down without even raising my hand.

    Go to an electric shop to get a plug, and you'll find out there are only TWO genders; the plug that plugs in, and the plug that get plugged into. It's the same in nature. All the so-called "scientific" expertise in the world cannot change that.

    Gendertopia only sows confusion.

  3. I am aware that, according to Wikipedia, academia is trying to popularize the crazy notion that there could be an infinite number of genders. However, in everyday use, most media sources refer to only two genders. When you read stories about the "gender gap" in wages or in the military, the stories are clearly referring only to a difference between male and female.

    I no longer take counsel from academia. Academia's role in our society has been far too disruptive for too many years. Too many overpaid, overbenefitted professors have made a college education unaffordable to the working class. Then there are the draconian speech codes.

    Fuck academia, except maybe BYU or Liberty University where Christians can still experience academic freedom.

  4. I believe that you lack a great deal of credibility since you cannot even state a complete argument to what they even said. First of all they weren't even mentioning the physical definition of gender at all which you so eloquently ran away on. Second of all there are never slap downs or the like in arguments since both sides generally state opinions or facts with which you will either agree or disagree regardless of how true they are. Most of all really if people actually ever listened to each other they might actually find they can agree on some things they might otherwise overlook. The world was never and will never be black and white and I hope you see that there are countless people and countless understandings of everything with multitudes of views. If we hide in ourselves away, ignoring everything and assuming everyone is wrong we will never have a chance to be right ourselves. Well anyways I believe this whole program is the exploration of gender as defined as "the behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits typically associated with one sex" (-merriam webster) which can countlessly vary respective to the various culures, etc. P.S. perhaps you can also avoid learning math, English, Science, Music, Art, or any coordinated sport since they may be far too disruptive or confusing for you.

  5. anchorage activist is projecting his gayness my gaydar alert tells me is a closet homo.