Friday, June 19, 2009

Should They Lock Up The Women? Bill Clinton May Be Coming To Eagle, Alaska For Their 2009 Fourth Of July Celebration

Note: On June 24th, I have decided to remove the previous nutzpah image of Bill Clinton with a photoshopped bulge in his pants and substitute a more conventional image. This was not done out of political correctness or out of any concern for Clinton, but after reader feedback, I decided it did not fit with the sobriety of the subject of this post. After wiping the egg off my face, I offer my apologies to those offended by the previous image; blogging is a learning experience.

But Clinton won't be moving to Eagle permanently. Besides, as a multimillionaire, Clinton certainly doesn't need a Permanent Fund Dividend check. And most likely they won't have to lock up the women - I doubt that he would want to re-live "Monicagate".

But if Eagle's flood recovery team has their way, Bill Clinton will be coming to Eagle to be the marshal of their 2009 Fourth of July parade, according to the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner. Their thinking is that his presence would bring national press coverage, and perhaps a major upsurge in the flow of donation money that could be put toward recovery efforts following a devastating breakup this spring.

The EagleFloodInfo website has been organized to report regularly on recovery efforts and to provide information on the type of donations needed from the public. This link is also posted in the upper part of my sidebar. A June 18th News-Miner article also chronicles the additional challenges the community faces, as does a June 14th Anchorage Daily News article.

Even if Clinton declines, Eagle residents still have plenty to look forward to. During a normal year, Eagle’s Fourth of July festivities nearly double the population of the town of about 125, bringing in people from isolated cabins on the Yukon River, former residents and even an occasional tourist. There are a lot of activities — a parade through the town center, a potluck, a bake auction and live music.

But the reason they're thinking Clinton is because Clinton has gained recognition for his philanthropy since his presidency ended in 2001. According to its website, his foundation, the William J. Clinton Foundation, operates in more than 40 countries and is managed by more than 1,100 staff members and volunteers. As of Thursday June 18th, Eagle had not received a response from the Clinton Foundation. But who knows, Bill Clinton might decide to accept the invitation to get back in the news. He's been mostly in the background while his wife, Hillary, has been making news as Secretary of State. Most recently, Bill Clinton was appointed a special U.N. envoy to Haiti.

In early May, Eagle was inundated by a catastrophic flood caused by an ice jam that formed 10 miles downstream. Low-lying portions of town were scraped away by massive chunks of ice that spilled over the banks of the occluded river. Previous post HERE. In early June, President Obama declared Eagle and other flood-ravaged Alaska communities a disaster area, opening the gates for Federal aid as well as state aid earlier promised by Governor Palin. But time is critical, since winter returns to the area by late September.


  1. I find the picture that accompanied this article to be insulting and beneath any credible journalistic value. Your statement in the header brief says it all “Alaska’s most politically incorrect blog”. If you “seek to educate outsiders about the real Alaska”, how about more truth and hard facts. This blog needs to be right there in the supermarket checkout next to garbage that exploits the need for some people to believe anything that is written down. I am hopeful that anyone reading this blog will not think you are a good representative of what the majority of this state believes in.

  2. SE_Liberal,

    what are you screeching about? This dolt preaches the same sort of BS that you left wing turds do.
    In fact I'd trust the owner of this blog over a lefty any day. At least I know where the guy stands. I have to admit though, he isn't a good Mormon...if he is one at all.


  3. I bet the gays love looking at bills bent willy

  4. SE Liberal - Perhaps what you should be more insulted about is the way Bill Clinton made a laughing stock of us and became the butt of comics' jokes because of his open and shameless philandering.

    Oh, and had he dealt with North Korea a bit more decisively, they wouldn't be threatening to shoot missiles at Hawaii today. He had the first shot at dealing with North Korea, and blew it.

  5. After reconsideration, I decided to replace the photoshopped Bill Clinton image with a more conventional image, primarily because the image does not match the sobriety of the subject discussed in the post.