Friday, June 12, 2009

Convicted Former Lawmakers Pete Kott And Vic Kohring Temporarily Released From Prison, Now Back In Alaska

Convicted former Alaska lawmakers Pete Kott and Vic Kohring have been conditionally released from prison and returned to Alaska late on June 11th, 2009. Kott was serving a six-year sentence at the Federal correctional institution in Sheridan, OR, while Kohring was doing 3½ years in Taft, CA. Stories published by the Anchorage Daily News and KTUU Channel 2 (includes two videos).

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, suspecting many of the same prosecutorial irregularities that surfaced during the trial of Ted Stevens, particularly the possibility that information favorable to the defense was withheld, asked the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to return the cases to the original trial judge for reexamination and recommended that both Kott and Kohring be released from prison in the interim. Both cases have been returned to U.S. District Judge John Sedwick, who ordered the two immediately released. The Feds have NOT dropped the charges against the two, which is probably a good thing, according to a KTUU poll taken June 4th which showed that 75 percent of respondents didn't even want the two let out of prison in the first place. Even now, most everyone posting comments to news stories want to see the two get a re-trial at best; virtually no one wants them released.

In this KTUU interview, Kott, met by his daughter Pamela, said he was glad to be back and thought the Ted Stevens case would favorably affect his own case. He characterized incarceration as being "different", and said if you're going to be locked up, a Fed camp is the way to go. He looks forward primarily to relaxing with his family.

Kohring said the worst part was being away from family. He said he got through the ordeal with his faith in God, and the support of his family and his attorney. Renowned for his big appetite, he lost 47 pounds in prison, and his first act upon touching down in Anchorage was to beeline for KFC. Next on his list is dipnetting for salmon on the Copper River.

Both Kohring and Kott were ordered by Judge Sedwick to contact the U.S. Probation and Pre-trial Services Office in Anchorage upon their return. He also set back-to-back hearings for Kott and Kohring for June 17th to set terms and conditions for their continued release. But Sedwick has not yet set a time to hear the substantive case involving the withheld evidence. The 9th Circuit directed Sedwick to determine whether the material was serious enough to prejudice their trials. If so, he could order new trials or dismiss charges entirely.

John Henry Browne, Kohring's attorney, said the material he's seen so far shows Kohring did not get a fair trial, and he hasn't gotten everything yet. He says that the material he has teems with smoking guns. Browne looks forward to having the matter heard in open court -- along with the possibility of putting prosecutors on the stand to testify about why they didn't turn it over in the first place. He did not mention whether or not he would seek to have a different judge assigned to the case.

I don't think the two will get off the hook altogether; more likely new trials might be ordered. Unlike in Ted Stevens' case, FBI videos actually showed Kott and Kohring accepting money from Bill Allen, who was the chief witness against all three men. However, if the Feds offered to plea bargain Kohring down to a misdemeanor and not require him to return to prison, Kohring might amenable to such a deal in order to avoid the expense of a new trial. A misdemeanor would have little bearing on his civil rights.


  1. Pete kott is out and about bound to keep on making the same old choices and decisions he has made for most of his adult life. This is a man who has a long trail of abuses on others in his life. He's like the big elephant in the room that nobody wants to admit is there. He has been allowed to carry on as he has for years not only hurting the State of Alaska but members of his own family. Anybody who coddles this man, and has sympathy for him is just as accountable as he is for the choices he has made in his life to hurt people. Pete Kott is a fine example of what is wrong in our country when self-serving people in positions of power abuse their status for their own gain. Our Country/Government is riddled with his type. Indifference is an ugly shame in our country, one that has negative consequences and impacts on us all. Does it matter that this man is a bully?
    Does it matter that he has beat women?
    Does it matter that he has denied his own flesh and blood, and failed to support this child now an adult woman during her entire childhood?
    Does it matter?
    It matters to me, and I have made the choice to acknowledge the big elephant in the room. The Feds dropped the ball, and so has our state in not holding this man, and those who share his selfish drive accountable for his behavior. People who have been victimized by somebody such as Pete Kott usually do not find out they have been had till it's too late. Narcissism left unchecked creates so much devastation. I suggest to anybody who has ties with this man and his companion that they seriously limit how much time they spend with either one. This couple thrives on narcisstic supply. If anything take heed to this warning. This man is bad news, along with his companion. Both have a history of abusing and using people for their own gains.
    Both are exceptionally good at manipulating people into getting what they want out of them. Sometimes people do not change, and no matter how much you want them to, it never comes to pass.

  2. Nancy Cripps (North Carolina)...shame on you for the lies you speak. Anyone who pays child support in the military knows child support is automatically garnished from a man's wages. You may want to do your homework before you comment on all the bogs you've made posts on. If you choose to make such accusation, you may want to have some hard core proof.

    Seriously, you come off as a bitter, jealous woman who cannot get over him from over 40 years ago!!!! 40!!! You need help because you are wasting your life following someone who does not think of you and what men would call you, would be a psycho. Instead of wasting your time trying to ruin someone, you need to work on
    yourself, your personal life and get some closure. Life is too short to spend your life hating someone and spreading lies. With that said, love yourself, move on and get over him. Leave "our" father alone because you are looking rather foolish.
    ~ Pamela Kott