Thursday, June 04, 2009

Anti-Racist Blogger Nicole Nichols Viciously Slams Independent Baptist Church Of Wasilla, And Takes A Swipe At Sarah Palin As Well

Nicole Nichols (pictured at left), a leading anti-racist blogger who is the co-director of the now-dormant Citizens Against Hate group, has launched a vicious attack against the Independent Baptist Church of Wasilla, thus exposing the endemic anti-Christian bigotry prevalent among much of the political left. She also takes a passing swipe at Governor Sarah Palin as well.

In her post, entitled "The Devil Is Gay?", Nichols cites a column by the church's pastor, Ron Hamman, entitled "Will the Antichrist be a Homosexual" and published in the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman on May 25th, 2009, and which triggered 857 comments as of this post. In this column, Pastor Hamman cites the following verse from Daniel 11:37, "Neither shall he [Antichrist] regard... the desire of women...." as evidence that the Antichrist will be gay. Of course, there is disagreement among Christian theologians as to this interpretation; for example, Pat Robertson believes the Antichrist will be asexual, using absolute power as his aphrodisiac. But Nichols showed no interest in researching and presenting this angle, since her primary motivation is to attack Christians; consider her description of the Independent Baptist Church as "a different brand of crazy from the pentecostal church that Palin favors..".

The latter slam also completely disregards the fact that Palin has long since switched her affiliation to the more moderate Wasilla Bible Church. No bigotry here, right? Yeah, right! :rolleyes:

But it's later in her post that Nicole Nichols delivers her money shot. She states, "The God that I know is a loving, caring God and it is up to him to judge others - not some half-baked messenger who warns of hell-fire and damnation. I find it absolutlely incredible that there could be so much hatred inside those who claim to be the men and women of God. I also find it incredible that there are so many who buy into that kind of bigotry".

So because she disagrees with Pastor Hamman's theology, she calls it "bigotry". This is an example of how lefties fight - not with logic, but with emotion. Of course, we Alaskans have local purveyors of anti-Christian bigotry as well; Alaska Voices columnist Kevin Clarkson takes professional sourpuss Elise Patkotak to task over two vicious attacks she launched against Anchorage Baptist Temple Pastor Jerry Prevo on May 19th and again on May 26th over his public opposition to AO 2009-64, which would extend nondiscrimination protection to gays. Prevo explains his objections to the ordinance on the SOS Anchorage website.

Having rhetorically jousted with Nicole Nichols on her blog for two years, I've learned some background on her. She was once in a relationship with a man who was a White nationalist. The relationship turned abusive and broke up. Shortly thereafter, Nicole launched her anti-racist crusade and founded Citizens Against Hate. Because of the circumstances, many believe that Nicole Nichols didn't become anti-racist by honest conviction, but instead opportunistically embraced anti-racism merely as a coping mechanism to lash out at the man who trifled with her affections in order to purge herself of her pent-up hostility. A similar pattern of behavior has been replicated by Andree McLeod. Angry at having been rejected for employment by the Palin Administration, I believe McLeod likewise opportunistically lashed out at Palin by spamming her with four ethics complaints, all of which since have been dismissed.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


  1. sounds about right, just because her x boyfriend was a white nationalist then in her warped mind all white nationalists must be evil too.

  2. I don't think "warped", precisely, just very childishly simple.

  3. Well... it is a church filled with lunatic nuts preaching and believing a distorted and hate filled corruption of the Gospel.

    So I'd say she's right.