Wednesday, June 10, 2009

American Jewish Students Vociferously And Obscenely Denounce Barack Obama While On Holiday In Israel; Captured On YouTube And Podblanc

Want a break from the food fight over gay rights in Anchorage? Here's an outbreak of humorous irony. On the Council of Conservative Citizens website, I spotted a video showing a number of American Jewish students partying rather hearty at a watering hole in Israel. Reportedly, 78 percent of Jews voted for Obama in 2008; either these were the 22 percent who didn't, or, after becoming well lubricated by adult beverages, these were some of the 78 percent who decided to show their true colors.

As preidcted, YouTube did censor the video, so it is no longer available there. Podblanc is now the only source. Please note that the video is liberally sprinkled with F-bombs and N-words, so if you're sensitive to such, don't view it.

Podblanc video url HERE

Max Blumenthal, himself Jewish, shot the video on June 3rd, 2009. He went to Israel to gauge opinions of Obama by the Israelis. Blumenthal interviews Israeli Jews who denounce Obama as a Muslim and say he has already betrayed Israel. But the surprise came when Blumenthal entered some Israeli bars and encountered college-age American Jewish tourists. When asked about their opinion of Obama, the American Jews denounced Obama with profanities, racial slurs, sexually explicit comments, and at least one death threat. Blumental later explained why he made the video HERE, and how the Huffington Post censored him.

Yes, THAT Huffington Post. The same Huffington Post that published Shannyn "Just A Girl From Homer" Moore's hit piece bitching about Sarah Palin wearing a short skirt. The left doesn't just censor the right; they also censor their own when they stray too far from the party line.


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  6. The video is no longer available. What happened to free speech?

  7. The video is no longer available. Whatever happened to free speech? Oh, that's right the Israelis decide what we Americans can or cannot see.