Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Study In Conservative Contrasts: Pat Buchanan Vs. Dan Fagan; Cowardice Vs. Courage

A study in conservative contrasts is being played out before our very eyes, even as I type this post. The contrast between Pat Buchanan and KFQD conservative talk show host Dan Fagan exemplifies a differentiation in character.

Pat Buchanan is now coming under fire from the hard right for knuckling under to political correctness. New York Daily News Jewish blogger Menachem Z. Rosensaft has directed fire upon Buchanan because so-called "Holocaust deniers" were posting on the Buchanan blog. According to Rosensaft, the website was hosting, on a "Buchanan Brigade Forum" for registered members of the site, a long discussion thread in which Holocaust revisionists compare notes with each other and heap "venom" and "vitriol" on Jews. It's titled "Discussion about 'The Holocaust'".

So how did Pat Buchanan react? Did he simply issue a statement in which he reminded people that the opinions posted on the website merely reflected the view of the poster, and not the official view of the website? Did he merely dissociate himself from such views, which would not have been an unreasonable reaction given Buchanan's public status? No. According to information posted on this VNN Forum thread, Buchanan ran away from the issue by pulling the plug on the forum. Cowardice. VNN webmaster Alex Linder, a former writer for American Spectator magazine who is representative of hard-right opinion, minced no words in describing his contempt for Buchanan's action:

Like the crummy little Catholic coward he is, Buchanan winks at the idiots who buy his books, but quickly pulls himself up like Dudley Doright when Marse Kike enters the room.

This is the nature of Buchanan's ilk: they bow and scrape before their betters, and they shit on their inferiors. Trust them at your risk. They will, in HST's wonderful phrase, go crabwise under pressure. [Ed. Note: HST is a reference to Harry S. Truman.]

It is the beautiful irony of religion that the very people who claim this world doesn't matter, that they are in it but not of it, that all that matters is trial and prepration for eternity at god's right hand - these are the same folks who fear the modest temporal sanctions the jew metes out. We're not even talking physical danger, just reductions in income and public dissing. But these God-fearing Cathlickers, what do they always do, from Pope Ratfelcher on down to Patsy DeCline? They get down on their knees and grovel grovel grovel like the worms they are. What is the truth next to Pat and Bay Buchanan's income? What is the truth next to obese Canny Sammy's career? At the end of the day, these fuckers care about #1 and that is the end and bottom line.

Pat Buchanan is a male fag, fit only for the admiration of decrepit spinsters.

While Linder is a bit heavy on the hyperbole, and his derogatory slur of Catholics out of line, the gist of his message is correct. When the firestorm broke out, Pat Buchanan ran away from it. This can only serve to further empower and enable future attempts at censorship. Contrary to what we've been led to believe; Pat Buchanan is a sham who has been co-opted and re-directed as controlled opposition. It explains why he basically sabotaged his own Presidential campaign in 2000 by taking on the no-name nobody, Ezola Foster, as his running mate, destroying the Reform Party in the process.

In contrast, Anchorage's Very Own Conservative Dan Fagan does not run away from firestorms. In response to AO NO. 2009-64, a proposed ordinance by the Anchorage Assembly to expand "non-discrimination" protection to gays, obviously sweetened by using military veterans as a Trojan horse to make the idea more digestible, Fagan has not only loudly proclaimed the "right to discriminate" on his May 13th radio program (MP3 excerpts posted HERE and HERE), but reiterated that right on this post on The Alaska Standard.

Fagan addresses the issue from more of a libertarian perspective. He maintains that government has no business dictating to people what to do with their property. His premise is that a person has a right to hire or rent to whoever he wants, regardless of all the stock-standard "diversity variables", and he doesn't believe one should be forced to hire or rent to someone just because they're part of a so-called "protected class". And consider this: If this anti-discrimination ordinance passes, how long will it be before dog lovers demand that landlords don't discriminate against them either? Or meth addicts? Or people with children?

I think Dan Fagan is beginning to sense that the American civil rights movement, which had some commendable motivations, has been hijacked, re-directed, and transformed into one of the most monumental scams in American history. Originally intended primarily to end forced segregation where is was formally enshrined, it instead now mandates forced integration of every nook and cranny of the public sector. And the private sector has been dragged into it. The proponents of diversity openly admit that the "struggle will never be over", thus promoting the idea of perpetual revolution. This is no different than the "Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution" which wracked China during the '60s and '70s, causing that nation to grind nearly to a halt. Equality trumps liberty; diversity trumps competency. America was founded on liberty, not equality.

Dan Fagan is a much more credible and courageous conservative than Pat Buchanan.

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  1. dan fagan is nothing like Pat Buchanan fagan is a fat lil bitch mouth pansy.who sucks up to jews, oh wait so does pat. never mind.