Sunday, May 17, 2009

Memo For The Anchorage Assembly: Here's What The Russians Think About Your Precious "Gay Rights"; Russian Cops Bust Up Moscow Gay Rally, Arrest 30

Note: All posts on the Anchorage 2009 gay ordinance can be viewed HERE, beginning with the most recent post.

While the Anchorage Assembly is looking to advance the homosexual agenda under the protective cover of "veterans", the Russian government takes a more traditional - and less tolerant - view of so-called "gay rights".

Despite specific warnings from Moscow city authorities, including Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, that gay pride demonstrations would not be tolerated, a small group of gays and their allies chose to put the Russian authorities to the test. And the Russian cops passed the test with flying colors, wading in forthwith to bust up the demo, rounding up the demonstrators, and hauling them off to jail straightaway. Podblanc video of Russia Today report embedded below:

And here's a YouTube video of an ITN report, which gets a bit closer to the action:

Since the video was first aired, the number of demonstrators reported arrested now totals 30, and included the notorious British gay organizer Peter Tatchell as well as equally notorious Russian gay organizer Nikolai Alekseev. The Russians surprisingly released Tatchell after the British Embassy intervened; perhaps they were concerned about the fact that they had spent an unprecedented €24 million on the Eurovision song contest in an attempt to boost their international image.

The rally was planned in connection with the Eurovision song contest which was held in Moscow on May 16th. Eurovision has a big gay following in Europe. Despite Mayor Luzhkov's warning, they assembled themselves outside Moscow State University in the southwest part of the city. And Russian authorities wasted little time in responding; riot police carrying truncheons dragged off 30 demonstrators and chased gay rights activists through the university's scenic gardens and privet hedges before arresting them. Nikolai Alekseev, the Russian organiser of the Slavic Pride rally, was forcibly carried off by five policeman, while Tatchell was grabbed and flung into the back of a police car.

After the Russians arrested him, Tatchell described his experience. "We were arrested with considerable force. I had my arm twisted under my back and was frogmarched into a police car," Tatchell told the Observer, speaking by mobile phone from the back of a police van, as he was driven to a Moscow police station. "My message to Russia's president, Dmitry Medvedev, and prime minister, Vladimir Putin, would be to meet with gay campaigners and to listen to their concerns. Their demands are very reasonable," Tatchell said. It is not the first time that Tatchell has traveled to Russia to stick his nose in their internal affairs; in 2007, Tatchell was punched, kicked and left with severe bruising to the head after taking part in a banned gay rally in Moscow.

Moscow's mayor Yuri Luzhkov – who has previously described gay parades as "satanic" and recently dubbed gays and lesbians "weapons of mass destruction" – banned Saturday's rally last week. Mayor Luzhkov has never permitted a single gay event in the Russian capital, claiming that homosexuality goes against the "moral pillar" of Russian society. Hundreds of riot police flooded Moscow's Pushkin Square where the rally was originally supposed to take place.

Contrast this attitude to that of the American elite, who are trying to force the gay agenda upon us. Gay marriage is now legal in five U.S. states (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, and Maine). Nondiscrimination ordinances are proliferating like dandelions after a spring rain. The elite doesn't believe it's enough that we tolerate the existence of homosexuals; they want us to celebrate them. That simply ain't gonna happen. And now it's reached Anchorage.

We can stop it on June 9th, when the Assembly will take public testimony on AO NO. 2009-64. But we have to show up and speak out. We need to follow the courageous examples already set by Jerry Prevo, Jim Minnery, and Dan Fagan. Will equality be allowed to trump liberty, and violate the private property rights of landlords and business owners? Or will we reaffirm the right of landlords to control access to their properties and business owners to determine who to hire and fire?


  1. I happened on your site while searching for wildfire info. Although I'm opposed to gay marriage, I find the hate rhetoric you deliver disturbing. Your site also seems to have an unhealthy obsession with gay issues. Why? What does this have to do with Alaskan Pride?

  2. I also like the fact that Russia is 99.9% WHITE.and has removed the zionist jew commie presence from it's govt. we should follow their lead for the survival of america is at stake.

  3. I happened on your blog while trying to find information on attending the assembly meeting on June 9th. After reading your uneducated ramblings I now understand how important it is to attend the meeting.