Saturday, May 02, 2009

Anonymous Donor Gives $7 Million To The University Of Alaska-Anchorage (UAA), But Most Of It Must Be Used Only For Minority And Female Scholarships

The University of Alaska-Anchorage (UAA) was one of several colleges nationwide which received an anonymous $7 million donation. Including the UAA donation, the same donor has now reportedly given $81 million in donations to 15 other universities across the U.S. in 2009. The common denominator - all the colleges are headed by women. One school checked with the IRS to make sure the money didn't come from an illegal source. The UAA student newspaper, The Northern Knight, has the most comprehensive story.

UAA Chancellor Fran Ulmer responded. "There are about a dozen schools in the lower 48 that have received similar gifts. Similar in the sense that they were anonymous, they were between two and 10 million dollars and that the majority of the money had to be used for scholarships," said Ulmer.

While $1 million will be applied to the new UAA Integrated Science Building opening in the fall of 2009, the donor specified that UAA must use the remaining $6 million on scholarships for women and minority students. As a result, UAA will establish the "Seawolf Opportunity Scholarship" or "S.O.S." The scholarship will provide tuition assistance for up to four-full years at UAA, include $2,000 worth of either on-campus housing or licensed childcare, and add $1,000 in Wolfbucks in their second, third and fourth years of attendance.

Similar demographic conditions were imposed upon the donations to other schools. From an earlier and now-somewhat outdated report posted by Fox 29 in Philadelphia, I've discovered the identities of some of the other schools, and the amounts given per school (additional information also posted on a NY Daily News story and WHO-TV in Iowa and the Detroit News):

-- Norfolk State University, $3.5 million.
-- Purdue University, $8 million
-- University of North Carolina-Asheville, $1.5 million
-- University of Iowa, $7 million
-- University of Southern Mississippi, $6 million
-- University of North Carolina-Greensboro, $6 million
-- University of Maryland-University College, $6 million
-- University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, $5.5 million
-- Penn State-Harrisburg, $3 million
-- Michigan State University, $10 million
-- Binghamton University, $6 million
-- Hunter College, $5 million
-- Montclair State University, $5 million
-- University of Iowa, $7 million
-- Kalamazoo College, $2 million

All reported 16 universities are now accounted for.

One person raised a bit of a ruckus about this on Stormfront. However, I'm not going to raise hell about it, for three reasons. First, people who otherwise might not be able to get a college education will benefit from these scholarships; that's certainly not a bad thing. Second, the scholarships, though oriented towards minorities and women, will still be needs-based; applicants will be means-tested in some fashion. And finally, there's the classic libertarian argument that a person has the right to dispose of resources in any lawful fashion.

And the latter principle applies to the rest of us as well. Consequently, instead of getting mad and venting about the tilt towards minorities and women, I can instead choose to balance the scales by contributing to the Nationalist Coalition's White Community Scholarship Fund. Because of the proven benefits to the various non-White communities of race-based scholarship funds (e.g., the United Negro College Fund’s positive impact on the Black community), the Nationalist Coalition has created the White Community Scholarship Fund to reward that driven student who has demonstrated commitment to helping the White community. One scholarship in the amount of $1,000 will be rewarded to the most deserving student in 2009. Information and applications available via THIS LINK; applications must be submitted by July 15th, 2009. An Alaskan could easily apply for and qualify for this scholarship. Here's a video explaining it further:

A list of other race and ethnic-based scholarships, most of them for non-Whites, can be found HERE. The bottom line - don't get mad, get even and help someone who otherwise may not be able to get a college education.


  1. Wow, I just stumbled by this blog completely on accident...this is so strange...since over at Texas A&M we got an anonymous $9 million dollar donation. (uhhh, I guess, just ignore the huge picture of Rush...I just went for the first news source I could find...)

    but it may not be the same guy...because our guy is said to be a former student...

    I didn't know there was a serial donor. This is now exciting!

  2. Andrew - thanks for your input. I don't know if this is the same person, but if I find out that it is, I'll add Texas A&M to the list on my post.

    Any scholarships that help more deserving people get a college education are welcome, regardless of any "litmus tests". The cost of a college education these days is too expensive to be getting fussy about origin or intent.

  3. Andrew - It looks like your donor is a completely different person. I've now accounted for all 15 schools for which this anonymous donor has been reported, and A&M is not one of them.

  4. Interesting indeed. I'm wondering though if these donors aren't in collaboration (perhaps, maybe several like-minded donors).

    Are the presidents of all the 15 confirmed colleges women, by the way? Because from reading other news reports, I've read that that's another common thread for all of them.

  5. I didn't personally verify that the presidents of all the colleges are women, but the media sources I cited did, so that seems good enough for me.