Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Anchorage's Self-Proclaimed Ethics Queen And Cleavage Cop Andree McLeod Takes Another Hit; March 2009 Ethics Complaint Against Sarah Palin Dismissed

Good news! Anchorage's Very Own Ethics Queen and Cleavage Cop Andree McLeod just took another hit. On May 27th, 2009, an ethics complaint filed by McLeod against Governor Sarah Palin on March 18th, 2009 was dismissed. Full details on ADN's Alaska Politics blog.

The reason why she's been anointed the "Cleavage Cop" is specified in this May 9th Alaska Ear column.

In her original complaint, McLeod initially claimed Palin violated ethics law twice, first when her office issued a press release announcing that Republican presidential candidate John McCain had selected her to be his running mate in August 2008. The second part of McLeod's complaint involved Palin's participation at a subsequent National Republican Congressional Committee dinner. She alleged that Palin was using "her publicly funded partisan and publicly funded state staff and resources for personal partisan political purposes that have nothing to do with the state's interests and everything to do with her personal, extremely partisan political Washington, D.C., beltway interests.". Even after she filed the original complaint, the obsessive McLeod then sought to amend it in order to load it up with additional allegations. The original Anchorage Daily News story is available HERE, and the original complaint was posted HERE.

Independent Counsel Michael Geraghty of DeLisio Moran Geraghty & Zobel, P.C., said that no violation of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act occurred. Consequently, the State Personnel Board elected to dismiss the complaint. Thanks to Conservatives4Palin, we have a copy of the 15-page decision dismissing the complaint. Governor Palin's response is posted HERE. Here's the pertinent part of her response, delivered by Bill McAllister:

“While the complaint process under the ethics act can be a useful tool for holding state officials accountable, it’s obvious that political opponents of the governor have been abusing the system, attempting to turn their resentments into legal issues,” said Bill McAllister, the governor’s communications director. “We’re grateful that the personnel board and its investigators have taken a rational approach to these matters, finding that the vast majority of the complaints did not even warrant the collection of evidence because they failed to assert any violation of the law.”

The fact that nearly all the ethics complaints against Sarah Palin have been dismissed strongly implies that they were filed not out of genuine concern about transparent government, but as a form of political warfare.


  1. The ethics complaint system must be fixed so as to prevent Palin and future governors becoming the target of politically inspired attacks via abuse of the current system. Ethics laws covering other elected officials provide that if someone files a complaint, and then goes public with it, the complaint is automatically dismissed. McLeod, Biegle, Chatman, Tompkins, Henning, all went public with their complaints, which should be obvious to anyone that all they wanted was to get it on the record that Palin has had numerous ethics complaints so that it can be used against her if she choses to either run for reelection as governor, or run in the GOP primaries. The law should also provide for a fine if the complaint is found to be without merit, and filed for the purpose of harrassing someone.

  2. Cleavage cop- what does one do to meet the requirements to be hired?