Sunday, April 05, 2009

KTUU Channel 2 Debate: "Big Six" Anchorage 2009 Mayoral Candidates Weigh In On The Bonds; Three Of The Six Don't Like Bonding Maintenance Issues

Just watched the mayoral debate hosted by KTUU Channel 2 at East High School in Anchorage on April 5th, 2009. It lasted for one hour, from 6 P.M. to 7 P.M. Participation was limited to the top six mayoral candidates. Update October 7th 2011: KTUU originally made the video available in four parts, but later dumped the archives after switching to a newer video technology. The remainder of the post is still valid.

All six candidates showed up ready to play. All were positive and articulate; there was little flaming. Eric Croft got nicked twice; first, for his use of Outside talent during his campaign, particularly his use of an Outside pollster, the Washington, D.C.-based Lake Research Associates; and second, because of his March 22nd Compass column in which he allegedly mischaracterized the role of the Board of Equalization. His column was soundly rebutted by an April 2nd LTE to the Anchorage Daily News by BOE Chair Marianne K. Burke.

The six candidates weighed in on the bonds:

(1). Sheila Selkregg: Will vote No on Proposition 2, because she does not believe maintenance should be bonded. This despite the fact that much of the maintenance is actually more complicated "systemic maintenance", involving replacement of entire systems, and Prop 2 allows for debt reimbursement, which would not be available if the maintenance was paid for out of the Anchorage School District budget.

(2). Dan Sullivan: Will vote No on Proposition 5, because he doesn't believe Downtown needs a library, and he also thinks the proposed projects at the Loussac Library can be deferred.

(3). Matt Claman: Supports all the bonds.

(4). Eric Croft: Supports all the bonds.

(5). Paul Honeman: Leaning against Proposition 2, because he also questions whether maintenance should be bonded.

(6). Walt Monegan: Leaning against Proposition 2, because he also questions whether maintenance should be bonded, and is also leaning against Proposition 4, because he thinks further work on our parks and recreation system can be deferred.

In their newest column, dated April 5th, the Anchorage Daily News reiterates their endorsement of both Dan Sullivan and Sheila Selkregg for mayor. List and info on all 15 mayoral candidates HERE.

I hope that Carol Comeau and all the school board candidates are taking note. Three out of the six major mayoral candidates have misgivings about bonding maintenance issues. It's time for the Anchorage School District to seriously reconsider the notion of bonding maintenance, or else better distinguish between routine maintenance and the more-complex systemic maintenance.


  1. Did you bother to confirm that (a) Ivan Moore is not working for Croft, and (b) Lake Research is not working for the Democrats?

    Sullivan is not only a jerk, he is also unreliable.

    I'm voting for Monegan.


  2. Did you bother to click the link to see the ADN's Alaska Politics blog showing that Lake Research is Croft's pollster? And where does Ivan Moore come into this? He's not even mentioned in my post, and it's well-known that Ivan Moore doesn't work for Croft.

    The issue is not what party Lake Research works for, but the fact that Lake Research is in Washington D.C. We have several reliable pollsters in this state who Croft could have hired. Croft talks "hire Alaska", but he has limits.