Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An Estimated 1,200 People Show Up For Anchorage Tax Day Tea Party Protest, Another 800 In Wasilla Where Congressman Don Young Showed Up

Note: Have revised post to put the number of Anchorage protestors at 1,200, as guessed by Anchorage Daily News reporter Kyle Hopkins, who has a reputation for reliable reporting. The call-in report of 2,782 has not been substantiated by any other source.

The National Tax Day Tea Party Rally in Anchorage, Alaska struck a raw nerve. At its peak, 1,200 or more people reportedly showed up to surround the Federal Building in Anchorage. Primary source is a liveblog by the AK GOP Webmaster; preliminary media story by the Anchorage Daily News with 106 comments, many from rally participants. KTUU Channel 2 has already filed a report, and made raw video available (embedded below):

Participants began to form up around 11:00 A.M., including Alaska Republican Party Chairman Randy Ruedrich and Anchorage Mayoral Candidate Dan Sullivan. Rival mayoral candidate Eric Croft was not reported to be present, although there were a handful of Croft supporters in the group. The crowd eventually spread out to encompass three city blocks, then converged upon and surrounded the Federal Building. The crowd chanted "I am not a socialist!", "No more spending!", "No more taxes!", and "USA! USA! USA!" Many who called in to Dan Fagan's radio show starting at 2:00 P.M. said the crowd represented a cross-section of the community both demographically and politically. One person called in and said he personally counted 2,782 people, however, this number is not supported by any other sources.

Local progressive bloggers also weighed in. Celtic Diva posted some pictures and actually described the participants fairly, but it appears she undercounted the crowd, and she introduced the race card into her report by saying that "people of color were forced to walk around the crowd". How typical it is for progressives to introduce the race card regardless of relevancy. Yes, I discuss race on this blog, but only when there is a clear-cut connection to the greater story.

AK GOP Webmaster then departed Anchorage for Wasilla, just 40 miles north, where an estimated 800 people (according to KTUU) converged there as well. Notables present include KBYR conservative talk show host Eddie Burke, who passed on Governor Palin's good wishes, and Congressman Don Young, who told the crowd that we have already spent $3.0 trillion in only 100 days. The Mat-Su Frontiersman later posted a story on the Wasilla event.

Only one report from the other scheduled rallies, which are described in my previous post. A comment posted to this Fairbanks Daily News-Miner story indicates as many as 300 people rallied in Fairbanks. Another News-Miner story is about the Fairbanks protest itself. Will post more information and links when they become available.


  1. I said government workers AND people of color. I watched 2 folks-of-color and at least one white guy with a briefcase park in the lot I was in, walk over to the corner as if to cross the street where the crowd was. However, then then walked back and forth for a few minutess if to walk across the street, then seem to think better of it, walk down the street and jaywalk to the other side of the building. It could have been for either or both reasons.

    As a former Federal worker, if I were still working at the building I probably would have walked around. As someone who has been the target of many threats recently from many like-minded individuals to those who were there, I could understand why people of color wouldn't want to go into the crowd. As soon as someone recognized me...I high-tailed it out of there.

    However, I did look again at my wording on that and it wasn't what I intended. I replaced "caused" with "may have been the reason."

  2. Celtic Diva - thanks for your response and clarification. It's too bad you've been the subject of threats. There is no place for that type of behavior from any side.

    I also appreciate the fact that you ignored the Anomymous comment preceding yours. Since the Anonymous commenter provided no link to the post in question, and is generally incoherent, I will delete it.

  3. What do you mean you are sorry to hear about threats to Celtic Diva? If she has half a brain she will know you are a bigger threat to her and her kid than anyone around. All she has to do is look at what you write about blacks and race mixers.

    I wonder if she knows you ran for School Board...I doubt it!