Friday, April 03, 2009

Campaign For Liberty Employee Steve Bierfeldt Detained And Abused By TSA Thugs At St. Louis Airport For Carrying $4700 In Cash

My encounters with employees of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have always been professional. However, there are occasional abuses, in part driven by a secrecy-obsessed Homeland Security Administration which operates quasi-secret no-fly lists and are extremely reluctant to disclose information because of the fear that "terrorists" might use it against us.

Apparently the TSA has a rule stating that a traveler can be detained and questioned if in possession of more than $50 in cash, as Campaign for Liberty employee Steve Bierfeldt found out to his dismay when attempting to board an aircraft at Lindbergh Field in St. Louis. Bierfeldt was carrying $4,700 in cash, representing the proceeds from the sale of merchandise at the Campaign for Liberty Regional Conference which took place in St. Louis from March 27-29. He was detained, verbally abused, and even threatened with arrest. TSA even threatened to bring the DEA and the FBI into the case, even though Bierfeldt behaved professionally towards the TSA during the entire encounter. Discussed on the Campaign for Liberty blog.

Bierfeldt was carrying a cell phone which can inobtrusively be transformed into an audio recorder, and was able to record his entire conversation with TSA. The complete audio recording of Bierfeldt's detention and interrogation by St. Louis TSA available at the button below (if the button doesn't work, visit the Daily Newscaster website where the audio is also archived):

And here's a YouTube video of a Fox News Channel report on the story, reported by Andrew Napolitano, who also attended the Campaign for Liberty conference:

Fortunately, it ends well. After the TSA personnel begin to take Bierfeldt downtown to the local DEA office, they were intercepted by an FBI agent, who verifies that the money is legitimate, and tells Biefeldt he's free to go. However, the lead TSA agent quickly responds that he must contact his supervisor first because Bierfeldt is a “suspicious person” in his opinion. But Bierfeldt was ultimately released to board his flight.

But there's one final chapter to this story. It was in Missouri where the Missouri MIAC Documents Scandal surfaced, so it's kind of spooky that this story took place there. It was revealed the Missouri law enforcement officials were accepting ADL/SPLC input about so-called "extremists" and using their slanted guidance to implement watch procedures. The SPLC and the ADL have gone far beyond monitoring actual "racist" organizations and are actually suggesting that Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin and their followers like Campaign for Liberty might be potential "domestic terrorists". The scandal provoked a split within Missouri's Executive Branch, with Lt Gov. Kinder criticizing Governor Nixon's public support of the report. The MIAC (Missouri Information Analysis Center) report was screen-captured and posted on Stormfront. Missouri's top law enforcement recently renounced any intention to use the SPLC's criteria.