Friday, April 24, 2009

Another EU Attack On Free Speech: Dr. David Duke Arrested In The Czech Republic By Several Police Officers For So-Called "Holocaust Denial"

Update April 25th: Dr. David Duke released from jail, ordered to leave the Czech Republic. Read Dr. Duke's statement HERE.

The freedom of speech we treasure in the United States, increasingly under domestic attack from the Left, is becoming the exception rather than the rule worldwide. In a previous post, I documented how criticism of the practice of homosexuality is becoming criminalized in both Brazil and Canada.

And free speech is under systemic assault in the European Union as well. The Czech Happenings website has just posted an English-language report of the arrest of American White nationalist Dr. David Duke on April 24th, 2009, shortly after his arrival in the Czech Republic. Czech police arrested Dr. Duke on suspicion of promotion of movements seeking suppression of human rights. According to an activist on the scene, Dr. Duke, accompanied by 10 Czech patriots, was at the Cerny Orel Restaurant in Prague giving an interview to a Czech newspaper about the Czech-language version of "My Awakening" just released, when several police officers from the special "Anti-Extremist Police Unit" burst in, overpowered everyone present, and arrested Dr. Duke. Dr. Duke has now retained Kolja Kubicek to represent him. Non-embeddable video of Dr. Duke's arrest available HERE; the cops were NOT masked as was previously reported. An open discussion thread on Stormfront and another on the Vanguard News Network Forum provide more frequent updates on this breaking story.

Dr. Duke, a U.S. citizen, is suspected of denying or approving of the Nazi genocide and other Nazi crimes. According to an Internet text signed by Filip Vavra, who is linked to the "neo-Nazi" National Resistance group, Duke has visited the Czech Republic in order to promote new foreign-language editions of his classical first book, "My Awakening", as well as an audio version of the book. Czech lawyer Klara Kalibova said some passages of the book can be interpreted as an effort at justifying or challenging the Holocaust.

Dr. Duke is visiting the Czech Republic at the invitation of local Czech nationalists, described by the European media as "neo-Nazis". He was slated to give three lectures in the Czech Republic. The first was to take place at Prague's Charles University, but the university has banned it. The other two lectures were to be held in the centre of Prague on Saturday and in Brno, capital of Moravia, on Sunday.

Some Czech politicians assessed Duke's visit negatively earlier this week. Official disapproval was expressed by Interior Minister Ivan Langer and Human Rights and Minorities Minister Michael Kocab. The Interior Minister is, of course, in charge of the police, but there was no hint that Dr. Duke would actually be arrested after his arrival in the country.

Under Czech law, denying or approving of the Nazi genocide and other Nazi crimes is punishable by up to three years in prison. Wikipedia provides a list of Holocaust-denial laws worldwide HERE. The World Jewish Congress is actively promoting the criminalization of Holocaust denial worldwide.

Analysis: Since Dr. David Duke is an experienced international traveler, it is unlikely that he knowing and deliberately entered the Czech Republic to provoke this response by the authorities. He traveled there in good faith that he would not be arrested and incarcerated for his political views. At the very least, if the Czech authorities found his presence objectionable, they could have simply refused him entry to the country and direct him to the next flight out rather than arrest him.

Obviously, the Czech Republic has the same right to control entry into their country as any other nation. Perhaps at the last moment, they decided that Dr. Duke's mere presence in their country could inflame the existing domestic dissent out of control. The Prague Monitor reports that demonstrations against immigration by Roma (Gypsies) which took place during the past weekend got out of hand; in one instance, a petrol bomb was allegedly tossed into a Roma residence, injuring a two-year-old girl. However, until the perpetrators were caught, we won't know whether they were genuine nationalists, or else police agents inserted into their ranks to bring discredit upon them.

So the question now is, do the Czech authorities simply want to prevent domestic dissent from being exploited and inflamed further, or do they want to make a test case out of Dr. David Duke as Austria did with David Irving? If it is the former, then they will simply hold Dr. Duke for a couple of days, then expel him from the Czech Republic with an order never to return.

If they proceed with a Soviet-style show trial of Dr. Duke, then it will be obvious that the Czechs aren't merely interested in protecting their territorial and political integrity, but are determined to make an example out of Dr. Duke.

Those who want to express their concerns about Dr. Duke's welfare to Czech government representatives can do so through the following agencies:

Diplomatic Representation in US:
Chief of Mission: Petr KOLAR
Embassy: 3900 Spring of Freedom St., NW, Washington, DC 20008
Telephone: 202-274-9100
FAX: 202-966-8540
Website URL:

US Diplomatic Representation:
Ambassador: Richard GRABER
Embassy: Trziste 15, 11801 Prague 1, Czech Republic
Telephone: 420-257-022-000

Consulates General are in: Los Angeles
10990 Wilshire Bl., Suite 1100,
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 473-0889,
FAX (310) 473-9813
New York
1109-1111 Madison Av., 1st Floor,
New York, NY 10028 (212) 759-6078

Czech Republic Consulate , United States
810 N Street, Suite 100, Anchorage, AK 99501
Phone: 1-907-2742602
Fax: 1-907-2582001


  1. Dante - Czech Republic4/24/2009 12:33 PM

    "Obviously, the Czech Republic has the same right to control entry into their country as any other nation." Im sorry, but thats not true, since we are in EU and in Schengen area (which is area within EU, without borderlines between EU countries), anyone in one EU country can entry other without any control .. And its confirmed that Duke crossed our borders by car from another EU country so we couldnt prevent his visit.. ;)

  2. So apparently traveling from one EU country to another is as informal as traveling from one U.S. state to another. I suppose I forgot about that; the EU obviously relaxed many travel restrictions.

  3. "If they proceed with a Soviet-style show trial of Dr. Duke, then it will be obvious that the Czechs aren't merely interested in protecting their territorial and political integrity, but are determined to make an example out of Dr. Duke."
    Wow, Soviet-style show trial - FYI Czech Republic is now 20 years old democratic legally consistent state, so no S-S show trials are happening here)) And about free speech - I was in US for few months in 2006 and i can assure you that in CR is FS real not like in US where 50% of population will sue you for your harmless opinions)) FE. my friend in CA, who was working there as an instructor, was sued by a girl, just because he said that hes not sure that she could ride the river in storm.. Whoa))

  4. Anchorage Activist- thats right.. but its not in whole EU, just in countries which are in Schengen area (some new members as Romania are not there yet)

  5. Unfortunately, you are correct about the deficiencies of our system. But Austria staged a Soviet-style show trial of David Irving just a few years ago, so I don't see how the Czech authorities would be any more resistant to such an impulse.

    But I suppose we'll find out, one way or the other, within the next 48 hours, which I understand is the amount of time your authorities have in making a final decision.

    The bottom line - Dr. Duke did NOT know he was going to be arrested merely by entering your country, so the smart thing for your government to do is merely expel him and issue him an order never to return.

  6. Anchorage Activist - they will probably just expel him..