Friday, April 03, 2009

Alaska Family Council Warns Alaskan Parents Against The Homosexual "Day Of Silence" In Our High Schools On April 17th; National Boycott Organized

The annual "Day Of Silence", which is organized by homosexuals and their allies in our high schools, is at hand, set for Friday April 17th, 2009. Observances vary from one high school to another, but in general, school officials typically encourage students to be silent for the entire day as a sign of solidarity with the homosexual activist movement. Students are often encouraged to wear special homosexual badges, stickers, and bracelets which are handed out throughout schools during the day. There are also pro-homosexual posters and handouts, and even workshops. The schools use various psychological methods during the day to attempt to create a strong bond with the homosexual movement in the minds of the kids; indeed, the pressure can be so heavy that the pro-gay forces sometimes act like Hitler Youth, according to WorldNetDaily columnist Judith Reisman. Schools with Gay-Straight Alliance clubs are more likely to observe this day than those without the clubs.

The pro-family lobby is not taking this lying down. The Illinois Family Institute is spearheading a national boycott of the Day Of Silence. According to their press release, parents are encouraged to call their children's middle schools and high schools to ask whether the administration and/or teachers will permit students to remain silent during class on the Day of Silence. If so, parents can express their opposition by calling their children out of school on that day and sending letters of explanation to their administrators, their children's teachers, and all school board members. A total of 22 pro-family organizations have signed on to this campaign.

Although the Alaska Family Council is not listed as one of the 22 co-sponsors, it is also aware of the issue and is taking a stand against the Day Of Silence as well. They urge parents opposing it to send a letter to their children's school informing officials that their kids will be staying out as a protest against the observance. They provide a sample letter HERE which can be used as a guide to writing one's own letter.

The Alaska Family Council also informs us of the Day Of Truth scheduled nationwide on Monday April 20th. It is designed to afford those who oppose the state-sponsored promotion and protection of the homosexual lifestyle to express themselves in school in accordance with school rules, without disrupting classes themselves.

In previous years, the Day Of Silence has only been sporadically observed, with no more than a dozen or so students. Both the Anchorage School District and the Fairbanks School District have in the past granted students who did not want to show up for school on that day excused absences.

ASD is unlikely to act differently this year. But I'm worried about the Fairbanks School District, where the homosexual culture seems to be more deeply entrenched. In February, the Fairbanks School Board on two consecutive readings passed a measure declaring transgendered students a protected class, without addressing bathroom usage. One of the school board members voting in favor was Sue Hull, a Republican (in Michael Steele's Republikwan Party, anything can be a Republican except a social conservative). Thus it is of paramount importance to take a stand and show widespread opposition to the Day Of Silence.

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