Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bristol Palin And Levi Johnston Reportedly Split Up, Call Off Engagement; But Both Committed To Raising Tripp

Shortly after Bristol Palin gave birth on December 27th, 2008, a number of people were curious why her marriage plans were still ambiguous and why she hadn't set an actual wedding date.

Today we found out why, and it's a shame. Fox News, the Associated Press, and the Anchorage Daily News report that Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston have split up just over two months after the birth of the couple's son Tripp. They sourced, who reported on Wednesday March 11th that sources said the split between the 18-year-old Palin and the 19-year-old Johnston actually occurred a few weeks ago. Johnston has since confirmed to the Associated Press that he and Bristol mutually decided to end their relationship "a while ago." Palin is reportedly "devastated". Radar Online provides some more information implying that Bristol is not always letting Levi see Tripp when he wants to, and that she reportedly considers Levi's family to be "white trash", but the reference sources Star Magazine, which is a tabloid, so I wouldn't place much stock in their reports.

Despite the breakup, Levi still sees the couple's son. Levi's dad, Keith Johnston, told PEOPLE recently that his son is a devoted and proud father. Levi and Bristol want to work together to ensure the kid has adequate parenting. Menawhile, Bristol is now attending Wasilla High, taking a class to supplement course work she is completing at home. She also is considering enrolling in college next fall and studying nursing.

Analysis: This breakup may not necessarily be permanent. Couples do break up and then reconciliate; it is not impossible that the two may get back together. Both have been put under a blinding spotlight and a high-powered microscope for over six months; lesser people would have run away from it long ago.

Levi Johnston also has had the additional pressure of dealing with a mother who is facing charges of drug possession, as well as a vindictive talk-show host who hysterically transformed Levi's short-lived IBEW apprenticeship into a full-blown "constitutional crisis" in order to goose his ratings. At the same time, this vindictive talk-show host, Dan Fagan, has had problems of his own, doing his show from New Orleans while his father's life slowly ebbs away from terminal illness. It takes some professionalism to even continue doing a show under those prolonged circumstances.

And if Bristol and Levi don't get back together? It won't be the end of the world. She has a supportive family, and he at least has a supportive father. They'll survive, just like so many other couples in the same circumstances.


  1. Gosh, you sound a bit...vindictive...when you mention that "vindictive talk show host" (several times, even when also mentioning his terminally ill father).

    Why don't you tell us what's REALLY bothering you?

    BTW, I'm surprised you aren't curious about the fact that Bristol was plainly lying about being in school and about Levi being an every-day dad to Greta Van Susteren in that interview she supposedly set up all by herself.

    You don't think Mercede Johnston was telling the truth about all those things? Why would you believe a Palin rather than the sister of the baby daddy?

    Which of these has the reputation of being a bit loosey-goosey with the truth?

  2. prolly best to break it off now instead of five years from now when they hate one another,at least they are still somewhat friendly.