Thursday, March 26, 2009

Alaska State House Passes Anna Fairclough's HB19 To Take Us Off Daylight Savings Time, 22-15; Four Fairbanks Lawmakers Vote Against It

On March 25th, 2009, the state of Alaska took a giant step forward in freeing itself from the tyranny of twice-annual time change. The Alaska State House voted 22-15, with three excusals, to pass HB19, which would exempt Alaska from Daylight Savings Time.

The bill is sponsored by Rep. Anna Fairclough (R-Eagle River) and co-sponsored by Rep. Cathy Munoz (R-Juneau). Fairclough herself is indifferent to the idea, but responded to a groundswell of demand by her constituents, reinforced by a KTUU Channel 2 poll on March 7th, because she understands that one of the duties of lawmakers is to reduce the burden of government on people whenever possible.

Here's how they voted:

Yeas: Buch, Chenault, Coghill, Dahlstrom, Doogan, Edgmon, Fairclough, Foster, Gruenberg, Harris, Hawker, Herron, Joule, Keller, Lynn, Millett, Munoz, Neuman, Olson, Salmon, Stoltze, Tuck

Nays: Austerman, Cissna, Crawford, Gara, Gardner, Guttenberg, Johansen, Johnson, Kawasaki, Kelly, Kerttula, Ramras, Seaton, Thomas, Wilson

Excused: Gatto, Holmes, Petersen

Although a higher percentage of Democrats voted against it, the vote was not split down party lines. There was no particular geographical correlation to the vote, except that four Fairbanks-area lawmakers, David Guttenberg, Jay Ramras, Scott Kawasaki, and Mike Kelly, all voted against it. Later, Ramras explained his opposition by saying that says it's bad for Alaska businesses not to move in sync with rest of the country. Ramras did not explain how Arizona and Hawaii seem to get along just fine without DST, though.

A commenter to the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner story warns that HB19 may be up for re-consideration on March 27th and that there is a slight danger of reversal. Rep. Harry Crawford (D-East Anchorage) requested the re-consideration; this is the same Harry Crawford who thinks that a 19-year-old who fights for his country shouldn't be allowed to smoke. Visit the EndAlaskaDST website for ample justification for ending DST in Alaska.

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  1. You have got to be kidding me. SE Alaska lost an hour of evening recreation light in 1983 due to self centered legislation to narrow the hour diference between Anchorage and New York. And now you self centered people are going to take another hour away from kids wanting to play catch after school, or go fishing after work. This is pure eletism at the expense of SE AK's quality of life. Thanks for making our kids get off the school buses in the dark, you should be proud. Pure arrogance.