Friday, March 20, 2009

Alaska Republican State Rep. Bob Lynn Proposes HB6 To Outlaw Bestiality (Sex With Animals); Passes Judiciary Committee, No Democrats Co-Sponsor It

Making the news on March 20th, 2009 is an initiative by Alaska State Representative Bob Lynn (R-Anchorage Hillside) to outlaw sex with animals, or bestiality. The big surprise is that it was apparently legal. Full explanation by Rep. Lynn himself from the House Majority website, although he's not discussed it on his District 31 blog. The only media reports so far are brief blurbs in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner and the Juneau Empire, which actually made more news today by banning comments on their website.

HB6, co-sponsored by Rep. Nancy Dahlstrom (R-Eagle River), expands the current Alaska law on cruelty to animals to include sexual conduct. It will not only proscribe sexual contact between humans and animals, but will also impose a penalty upon those who film or photograph such activity, or who knowingly permit it on their property. The primary purpose of this bill is not just to protect animals from sexual assault but to protect children and other vulnerable humans.

Rep. Lynn cites research showing a link between animal cruelty and human violence. For example:

-- High rates of sexual abuse of animals exist in the backgrounds of serial sexual homicide perpetrators, according to the FBI.

-- Ninety-six percent of juvenile offenders who engaged in sex with animals also admitted to sex offenses against humans, according to a 2002 study by Fleming, Jory and Burton.

-- Sexual relations with animals parallel sexual assault against women and children, because in both instances there are issues of coercion, pain, and lack of consent, according to a 1997 study by Piers Beirne, a criminology professor at the University of Southern Maine.

Thirty-five other states outlaw bestiality (partial list HERE), with many of them classifying it as a felony, according to the Humane Society of the United States. HB6 would amend AS 11.61.140 to include sexual conduct as a Class A misdemeanor. This statute includes commonsense exemptions for conduct ranging from scientific research governed by accepted standards, to accepted veterinary and animal husbandry practices. HB6 is supported by the Alaska Peace Officers Association, the Department of Corrections, and the Humane Society. The bill successfully cleared its first hurdle in the House Judiciary Committee today.

I find it amusing that not a single Democrat saw fit to co-sponsor this bill, even for symbolic reasons. Of course, it would be ludicrous to suggest that Democrats support bestiality. But perhaps Democrats are preoccupied with less relevant legislation. For example, Rep. Harry Crawford (D-Organized Labor) is sponsoring a bill, HB17, which would raise the legal age of tobacco consumption to 21. Imagine that! Nineteen-year-old military personnel in Alaska would be old enough to fight, bleed and die in conflict, but not old enough to smoke. Of course, Democrats don't trust the people, so they dump a bunch of nuisance laws on the people to shackle them. Republicans aren't always much better, but at least they find a better excuse; "homeland security".

Author Erik Holland, who operates the website, presents data suggesting a connection between homosexuality and bestiality. Here's his summary:

In a sample of 114 male zoophiles obtained through a website that catered to a network of people sexually interested in animals, some were only attracted to a particular breed of a given animal, or only to male animals, or only to female animals, or to animals of both sexes. 25% labeled themselves “heterosexual,” 17% “homosexual,” and 58% “bisexual.” About half of the sample mentioned a “strong” sexual interest in humans; specifically, 17% were strongly interested in men, 17% in women, and 13% in both the sexes. Over their lifetime, 9% reported 10 or more women sex partners, 9% reported 10 or more men sex partners, and 17% reported no human partner ever. In the year before their assessment, three-fourths reported no sex with a woman, almost two-thirds reported no sex with a man, 12% reported sex with a woman at least 20 times, and 12% reported sex with a man at least 20 times.

Men who preferred female animals were attracted to “sexy eyes,” “gait,” “wiggle of the hip,” body shape, “gracefulness,” and “elegance.” Men who preferred male animals were attracted to muscularity, “smell of the genitalia,” and size of the genitalia and “assholes.” Of 58 men who had had sex with a dog, 63% had received anal intercourse from dogs. Of 42 men who had had sex with a horse, 32% had received anal intercourse from horses. The data suggest a relative underrepresentation of exclusively heterosexual individuals among zoophilic men.

And this behavior is not without risk. In July 2005, a Seattle man died after being sodomized by a horse. His colon and adjacent organs were ruptured, and he bled out. Maybe Bob Lynn knows what he's talking about.

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