Thursday, March 26, 2009

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Makes The Best Decision Of Her Administration, Appoints Wayne Anthony Ross As Attorney General To Replace Talis Colberg

Update April 16th: Alaska State Legislature rejects confirmation of Wayne Anthony Ross, 23-35. Updated post HERE.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has made what I think is the best decision of her administration when she appointed Wayne Anthony Ross (pictured at left) as the new Attorney General, replacing Talis Colberg, who was widely perceived to be little more than a hod-carrier and a doormat for Palin. Media stories published by the Anchorage Daily News, ADN's Alaska Politics blog, the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, and KTUU Channel 2.

In her official statement, Governor Palin said, “Wayne Anthony Ross will be a great defender of Alaska and the people he serves. With his vast legal knowledge, experience and integrity, he will make an exceptional Attorney General. I recognize the sacrifices our public servants make for Alaska and her people, and I am honored that Wayne is willing to make those sacrifices for the greater good”.

In response, Ross said, “Theodore Roosevelt once said ‘Aggressive fighting for the right is the noblest sport the world affords’ – I subscribe to that philosophy. I sincerely appreciate the confidence placed in me by Governor Sarah Palin in choosing me to be our new Attorney General. I welcome the chance to now represent the best interests of our beloved state and its citizens. I look forward to working with Governor Palin and the Legislature in the good fight to help our state achieve its full potential”.

As Attorney General, Wayne Anthony Ross will pursue the following objectives:

-- Work with the governor on issues surrounding development of Alaska’s rich natural resources as the state continues its efforts to provide energy security for America and lower energy costs for Alaskans.
-- Help the governor protect Alaskans’ right to bear arms.
-- Work tirelessly to manage Alaska’s fish and game resources for abundance through science and not politics.

Wayne Anthony Ross has been a practicing attorney with the Ross & Miner law offices in Anchorage. His full resume can be viewed HERE. Most notable is his involvement with the National Rifle Association (NRA), where he served as a director and was a first Vice President. He's also the chairman of the NRA Ethics and Gun Collector Committees. He was a regular columnist for the now-defunct Anchorage Times.

But Ross also has had a political streak. He served as a Republican Party National Committeeman from 1992-1998, at which time he decided to jump into electoral politics. In the 1998 Republican gubernatorial primary election, he finished third behind John Lindauer and Robin Taylor, earning 16 percent of the vote. And in 2002, he finished second in the Republican gubernatorial primary behind Frank Murkowski, earning 26 percent of the vote.

Wayne Anthony Ross also made news in July 2003 by his defense of Jeff Webster, who was charged with two counts of harassment, one count of fourth-degree assault and two counts of interfering with the constitutional rights of demonstrators, based on incidents in which he supposedly doused ten peace demonstrators with buckets of water in March and April at the Soldotna "Y." Webster had a son serving in the Marines in Iraq at the time. On July 13th, Webster was found guilty of two counts of harassment and one count of interfering with the constitutional rights of peace demonstrators, and not guilty of one count of fourth-degree assault and one count of interfering with constitutional rights, ending a three-day trial in Kenai District Court. All counts are misdemeanor offenses. Webster was ultimately sentenced to 320 hours of community service.

Wayne Anthony Ross is married with four children and six grandchildren. Hobbies include hunting, fishing, and gun-collecting.

As for Talis Colberg, after a short period of licking his wounds, he decided to run for Mayor of the Mat-Su Borough, seeking to replace the late Curt Menard. The election will be held on June 9th.

Update: Other Alaska bloggers are starting to sound off. Andrew Halcro shares my point of view that Wayne Anthony Ross will be more of an alpha personality, but he believes it will be directed outward, on behalf of Palin. That's a sound conclusion, but I still think he might have enough stones to direct it inward if Governor Palin is about to do something stupid. Halcro is also concerned about Ross' qualifications for the job.

Analysis: This is the best decision Governor Palin made since she took office. And a KTUU poll taken March 26th shows a majority of Alaskans sharte that view; 52 percent approve, 34 percent disapprove, and 14 percent expressed no opinion. She's finally recovering from the Vice-Presidential campaign; the McCain staff really took her out of her game and tried to make her into something that she is not. There are several reasons why I believe she chose Ross:

-- Renew her conservative credentials and solidify her conservative base by appointing an individual who is unimpeachably pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, and pro-law and order.
-- Counter perceptions that she's a diva and a dominatrix who ruthlessly dominates everyone in her administration.
-- Realized that she needs someone in her administration with enough of an alpha personality to stand up to her privately and tell her "No" whenever she's overtaken by any foolish, emotional notions, the type of which led her down the path to Troopergate. Most of the other men serving in her administration have more metrosexual personas.

Wayne Anthony Ross is a natural to serve as Governor Palin's chief law enforcement officer.

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