Tuesday, January 20, 2009

YouTube Video: Fox News Channel's Glenn Beck Interviews Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

In one of his first shows since jumping from CNN to the Fox News Channel, Glenn Beck interviewed Alaska Governor Sarah Palin on January 19th, 2009. Captured on YouTube, the video was first posted on the Anchorage Daily News' Alaska Politics blog, where the ADN characterized it as a "sympathetic venue" (not dissimilar in concept to the "sympathetic venue" that ADN has provided and continues to provide to Mark Begich).

But it appears that Fox has landed a good catch in Glenn Beck. Unlike some of the obnoxious egoholics in their lineup such as Sean Hannity, Beck actually backs off and allows his guests considerable latitude to make their cases. Part of this reflects his background as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but it also reflects his own personal commitment to journalistic professionalism, a commitment still shared by non-Mormon journalists such as Lou Dobbs. It always drives me nuts when arrogant, snobby pundits like Chris Matthews, Keith Olberman, and, on occasion, even Anchorage's Very Own Dan Fagan persistently interrupt and browbeat their guests. Beck allows Governor Palin ample opportunity to make her case:


Beck discussed the newly-minted Obama Administration. He believes we should support Barack Obama in every way, but speak out against those of his policies with which we disagree (an ambiguous statement). But Sarah Palin made it perfectly clear that she considers Obama her president, too. Of course, while Governor Palin made it clear the race should never be a bar to advancement, she failed to also make the point that race should not be an aid to advancement, either. She should have used the bully pulpit to take issue with race-based affirmative action, and how it has been used to advance non-whites at the expense of whites. The creation of a King holiday at the expense of Washington's birthday is an egregious example of this problem. She should have also spoken out against the growing proliferation of what the Federal government calls "protected classes", and emphasized that the only "protected class" that should exist in America is "American citizen". That is all the protection really necessary.

Glenn Beck took a thinly-disguised cheap shot at the Anchorage Daily News, albeit not mentioning it by name, but Governor Palin resisted taking the bait. Beck also played the "Wendy's" card to illustrate how out of touch with mainstream America many politicians are. In response to the "Wendy's" question, Palin disclosed that she recently visited Dairy Queen (a better choice). But establishment-driven elitism goes far beyond avoiding fast-food joints. The imposition of anti-racist dogma, affirmative action, forced diversity, global warming dogma, gay marriage, intrusive control measures such as Real ID and "no-fly" lists, and the hysterical witch-hunting of smokers, drunk drivers, and sex offenders are just some examples of this elitism undemocratically imposed from the top down. These measures do not genuine originate from within the ranks of the people, but instead the people are manipulated by professional lobbyists to digest this swill.

As an added bonus, here's another YouTube video in which Glenn Beck discusses the influence of Mormonism upon his life:


Overall, Governor Palin acquitted herself reasonably well, showing evidence that she is finally transitioning out of attack mode and back into gubernatorial mode. At least she didn't say she could see Russia from the Cook Inlet. LOL!

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  1. man, what the hell. i thought beck was nutz. but this cite takes the cake. sad.