Monday, January 05, 2009

Levi Johnston Quits ASRC Apprentice Job; Troopers Union Blinks In Confrontation With Public Safety Commissioner Joe Masters Over Sherry Johnston Case

In the latest development in this dynamic, fast-breaking story, the Anchorage Daily News reports that Bristol Palin's intended husband Levi Johnston has quit his North Slope oil field job over questions about his eligibility to participate in an electrical apprenticeship program.

During this past fall, Levi Johnston this fall began working at the Milne Point oil field through the ASRC Energy Services apprenticeship program. But questions about his eligibility arose after KFQD conservative talk show host Dan Fagan discovered that Johnston was concurrently pursuing his high school diploma via correspondence. Fagan mistakenly believed that the Federal government required a high school diploma to get into the program; it turned out that it's the State of Alaska which levies the requirement. ASRC confirmed on January 5th that they enforce this requirement, although they didn't explain how Levi Johnston slipped through the cracks.

Keith Johnston, who is Levi's father, explained that his son decided to voluntarily resign on January 5th and return home to pursue his education. Johnston also said that Governor Palin had nothing to do with getting Levi Johnston the oil field job, explaining that his own position as an ASRC construction engineer may have helped him run interference for Levi. In addition, Governor Palin herself emphatically denied any involvement, saying she merely wrote a letter of recommendation, and called Fagan's column a political potshot taken at her.

And in another Anchorage Daily News story, the Public Safety Employees Union (PSEA), which represents the Alaska State Troopers, was forced to blink in the face of a possible confrontation with Public Safety Commissioner Joe Masters over the timing of the prosecution of Levi Johnston's mother, Sherry Johnston. PSEA has backed off allegations that a drug investigation of Sherry Johnston was slowed down last fall to shield the national candidacy of Governor Sarah Palin.

An inquiry by PSEA officials concluded that investigators did not delay a search warrant for political reasons. Charges of political meddling erupted last week because of misunderstandings between investigators working on the case and senior state public safety officials. But Donna Anthony, the leading case officer, said the search warrant against Johnston would not have been ready to serve before the election, regardless of the political climate.

In response, Public Safety Commissioner Joe Masters issued a statement repeating his assertion that the governor's office was never clued in to the drug investigation and that trooper leaders were only trying to assure that the case was handled like any other.

Winners and Losers:

-- WINNER: Levi Johnston. This guy's been a solid trooper from start to finish. He took responsibility for his indiscretion, has arranged to marry Bristol Palin, and is already striving to build his new family. To avoid exposing his future mother-in-law to further vilification, he voluntarily quit his apprentice job. Now he must find a way to replace the lost income, but he has gained even more respect. He'll also be available to give his mother emotional support during her upcoming legal battle.

-- WINNER: Sarah Palin. By showing she was NOT involved in either obtaining the apprentice slot for Levi Johnston or in delaying the prosecution of Sherry Johnston, she has regained much of the integrity and credibility lost as a result of her inept handling of Troopergate. It now appears that Troopergate may have been a fluke, and not typical of Palin's character. But the Guv must understand that she let many Alaskans down through her mishandling of Troopergate, and she must continue to work to regain the trust of those Alaskans.

-- LOSER: Dan Fagan. By failing to check his facts before publishing his information, he inflicted some damage upon his own credibility, and led people to believe that he's crossed the line from being a responsible critic of Palin to waging a full-blown vendetta against the Guv. He needs to tone it down and re-direct his criticism towards more pertinent issues, such as the AGIA/TransCanada issue and Palin's proposed budget based on projected oil prices of $74.41 per barrel, which are far above the prices projected by most experts.

-- LOSER: PSEA. Their crude power play exposed them as just another opportunistic and thuggish public sector union. PSEA has been sniping at Palin since the Monegan firing. Unions are losing respect in Alaska.


  1. Are the winners and losers sarcasm? Or do you live in the Republican world where black is white and bad things are actually good?

  2. You forgot one:

    WINNER: Bristol Palin. Now the father of her unborn baby will be able to see his child born, if he gets off the slopes and down to Wasilla/Palmer/Anchorage/wherever in the next few weeks.

    Because, you see:

    1) He was not there on December 27, 2008, the alleged birth date of the child. That's beyond weird, except it's not so weird taking into consideration the way both pregnancies have been "handled" by the family.

    2) No one in the immediate family has posed for pictures like they did back in April 2008 with the other child, Trig.

    3) In fact, there ARE no pictures of this child.

    4) And the announcements came from someone in Washington State, and Levi's father, who at the time was also up on the slopes at the same time his son was.

  3. Oh, yeah, one more thing:

    You certainly managed to put a conservative/support-Gov.-Palin slant on your entire blog-post conclusion about Levi Johnston's qualifications for apprenticeship, the union being blindsided by what probably was an administration mole, and Gov. Palin's "merely" recommendation letter.

    Nice work.

  4. You say Levi will now be available to lend support to his mother. Where was he today? His mother had NO ONE with her as she applied for a free public defender.

    That whole Palin family: the gift that keeps on giving - to journalists, comedians and to the State of Texas. (We're no longer the state with the biggest crackpot of a politician! Yay! Thank you Alaska!!)

  5. LOSER: Sarah Palin.
    It appears that she was so wrapped up in her pride that she decided to make her son in law a political issue, by parroting to the press that he was working as an apprentice without a high school diploma or equivalency.

    Palin should have kept her mouth shut and let the story die out. Instead, she's milking this for as much press attention as possible. The faux victim mentality doesn't play well with anyone except the die-hard base who thinks this woman walks on water.