Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sarah Palin's "Favorite" Alaska Trooper Back In The News: Mike Wooten Embroiled In Child Custody Dispute With Another Ex-Wife, Cynthia Allocco

Poor Michael Wooten. Back in September 2008, the Alaska state trooper at the center of the Troopergate scandal did a CNN interview in which he acknowledged previous mistakes, but now merely wanted to get on with his own life, cannot seem to escape controversy - or the public eye. He's now embroiled in a custody battle with another of his four ex-wives over his 12-year-old son by that wife. Full story published December 2nd, 2008 in the Anchorage Daily News. Other media stories from Seattle do not differ from the ADN story.

Wooten was married to Cynthia Allocco, currently a resident of Vancouver, Washington, for four-and-a-half years ending in 1999, two years before he joined the Alaska State Troopers. They produced a son. And that son, who visited Wooten up in Alaska for Thanksgiving, did not return to his mother's home in Washington as planned at the end of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Now Wooten's ex-wife is threatening legal action.

Cynthia Allocco said if she can't get the court to issue an emergency order for the return of her son, she will ask the FBI to investigate this as a kidnapping. "Michael Wooten thinks he is above the law," Allocco said Monday December 1st after arriving at her lawyer's office in Anchorage. "What I can't fathom is why this man is allowed to get away with so much." Allocco also said her lawyer planned to seek an emergency court order to get the boy returned to his mother.

Here's the situation. Wooten and Allocco have equal legal custody of the child. According to a court document, Wooten was granted temporary physical custody in January with the arrangement to be re-evaluated in six months "based on the desires" of the child. However, both sides differ on the subsequent interpretation. Wooten claims that the last custody order gave him primary physical custody of the boy, and his son wants to live with him. Alaska Court Records show the case disposition HERE.

In contrast, Allocco said the boy decided to return to her in Washington back in June, which he did. But she allowed the boy to visit his father for eight days surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday, fuly expecting that the boy would return to Washington on Saturday November 29th. The boy did not return as planned on Saturday, and apparently the boy changed his mind over the eight day period and decided he wanted to remain with his father.

And now Allocco is claiming that Wooten "basically kidnapped her child". Allocco also reported that on Friday, the day before her son was to return to Washington, she learned that Wooten was seeking to have $933 a month in child support payments stopped. Allocco has a profile page on Reunion.com, but it contains little information.

Wooten's life has been dogged by controversy and turmoil ever since Troopergate broke. In mid-November, it was revealed that Wooten had been reassigned to desk duty after repeated threats against him were phoned into trooper headquarters.

I think it's time to cut this guy some slack.

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