Monday, December 29, 2008

Sarah Palin Is Now Both Governor And "Grandma"; Bristol Palin Gives Birth To Healthy Boy In Palmer, Alaska, Names Him Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston

It has just been reported that Governor Sarah Palin's oldest daughter, Bristol Palin, gave birth to a healthy 7-pound, 4-ounce baby boy in Palmer, Alaska on Sunday December 28th, 2008. The baby's full name is Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston. Media reports from the Anchorage Daily News, Fox News Channel, People Magazine, and (included primarily because of the comments).

The fact that the baby bears the father's last name strongly implies that the father, Levi Johnston, still fully intends to marry Bristol at some point during the summer of 2009. The specific wedding date has not been set. Levi Johnston continues his budding career as an apprentice electrician while also pursuing his high school diploma via correspondence, while Bristol Palin lives in Wasilla and is pursuing her high school diploma through correspondence.

Some anti-Palin partisans who use the family to get back at Sarah Palin have played the "hypocrisy" card and prominently advertised the fact that the pregnancy was out of wedlock, even though Sarah Palin is a devout Christian. But what's more important is that the couple wants to do the right thing, and turn a surprise into a blessing. Do Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin really love each other? Only they can answer that question, and they are under no obligation to share the answer with us. Can their marriage succeed? Absolutely; countless couples who find themselves in this situation make a successful go of it. Furthermore, Levi Johnston also has the burden of providing his mother with moral support in preparation for her upcoming legal battle. He's been forced to grow up faster and earlier than expected, but he's an Alaskan. He can do it. Let's not add to their burdens.

Alaska Pride wishes the couple well.


  1. wow happy for and hope the baby will bring her good luck but who names there kid tripp

  2. The Palin family, that's who. Sarah named all her kids starting with the letter "T"; it looks like Bristol will continue the tradition.

  3. Fuck the whole family and fuck all the retarded Alaskans who think they're actually part of the United States. We forgot about you guys decades ago.

  4. What do we have here?

    1) The couple aren't committed to each other...yet.

    2) LJ is a high-school drop-out better known for his athletics than for his brains.

    3) LJ is years away from being able to support his child and its mother, being merely an apprentice.

    4) BP may or may not get her GED, depending on how much time she has to care for her new baby while she "mothers" her "brother" Trig.

    5) SP will have a lot on her gubernatorial plate explainin' things like budgets and earmarks, too busy to help out.

    6) BP's grandparents, seemingly totally out of the picture.

    7) And that name! I'm sorry, but if anything ever set "Wasilla hillbilly" indelibly in the American Lexicon, that did.

    (and yes, I did comment in a similar vein elsewhere)