Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Real Joshua Wade: A Former Landlord Speaks Out On His Experience With The Accused Killer Of Mindy Schloss In Anchorage, Alaska

Update February 17th: Joshua Wade sentenced to life in prison without parole for murder of Mindy Schloss and carjacking associated with the murder. Updated post HERE.

A criminal case grabbing significant media attention in Alaska right now is the ongoing hearing on Joshua Wade (pictured at left). Based on his track record, Joshua Wade appears to be Alaska's answer to Charles Manson; a stone killer with no sense of remorse.

In the latest story about his ongoing evidence hearing to determine if bloodhound search results can be admissible for an eventual Federal trial of Joshua Wade for the murder of Mindy Schloss, it's been reported that he kept a jailhouse diary describing the crime against Schloss in violently graphic and detailed terms. The actual murder trial of Wade is not expected to begin until at least the spring of 2009, because the death penalty is on the table, since it's a Federal trial (Alaska has no death penalty).

You can access all previous Anchorage Daily News stories about Joshua Wade on this page. Even the SPLC has taken a whack at Joshua Wade in this article written by Susy Buchanan, who was once a reporter for the weekly Anchorage Press.

And more individual stories on Joshua Wade are filtering out. One such story was posted as a comment to a Joshua Wade story in the new Alaska Standard blog, a professional blog headed up by KFQD conservative shock jock Dan Fagan. This blog, which is set up to accept posts from a wide variety of right-leaning Alaskan opinion-makers ranging from pro-family activist Jim Minnery to moderate Republican U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski, isn't so much the successor to the now disused Voice Of The Times as it is a right-of-center counterpart to the left-of-center Alaska Dispatch blog. The individual posting the comment identifies himself as a political progressive who was Joshua Wade's landlord. Here's his account (I took the liberty of cleaning up a few typos):

Dan here is a true story for you

Submitted by progressiveCHRIS on Tue, 12/09/2008 - 1:55pm.

I had the displeasure of dealing with Joshua Wade, when I had to physically remove him from one of my rental properties. I had leased the apartment to a young man who seemed responsible and had a decent job and good references. However at some point he felt he needed a roommate and simply moved Joshua in with out permission. I was not aware of the situation until the tenant contacted me saying he had to move out because he was scared for his life, due to his choice of roommate, and he started staying with his mom. When I went to the apartment no one answered the door so I put a 24 hr notice to enter on the door. The next day I went to the apartment, knocked on the door, but no one answered so I went in.

At first all seemed normal but in one bedroom the door was locked. I had to take a pipe wrench and break off the handle, then I noticed the door was paddle locked from the inside. With one solid kick, down came the door. There was Joshua laying on the bed with a look of anger in his eyes. I said you need to get the hell off of my property because you are not on the lease and this property has been abandoned.

He tried to give me a rant about paying rent and being a roommate. Myself being a big intimidating guy said you have two options get the hell out of here or I can whoop your ass and we will both go to jail. He was actually non-confrontational with me (he only picks on small women). He did end up leaving and I told him I would leave his shit outside, but he never returned for it, so it went in the dumpster. Just think if I had smoked that fool that day, I would have removed one worthless soul from earth and saved a loving soul.

Wow, not very progressive sentiments, are they? Progressives often prefer to make excuses for these type of people rather than "smoke" them. Hmmm, perhaps when it comes to private property, maybe they're not so different than the rest of us. You think?

But then again, the purpose of this post isn't to "smoke" progressives, but to show that this Joshua Wade is truly the scum of the earth, to the point that nobody in Alaska, regardless of political persuasion, has any use for him.

Joshua Wade is justification for the existence of the death penalty. Too bad Alaska legislators won't do the right thing and bring it back at the state level.


  1. progressiveCHRIS, I want to thank you for your sentiments regarding my cousin Mindy and the little creep that stole her from the world. Mindy and I had not seen each other in decades, a cousin gave me the news. I too wish you had smoked the monster, the world would've been better off. I remember Mindy as a young kid. I can't imagine anyone being a better person than she was. This had better not play out like Della Brown's case did. I read about how Wade got away with killing that poor woman and bragging to his friends about it! An awful lot of people will be very very angry if he gets off on Mindy's case. She deserves that amount of justice

  2. Jed Sorokin-Altmann1/13/2009 7:37 PM

    I hope you don't mind my using your blog comment space for this, Anchoridge Activist, but I wanted to ask lkm1952 who they were and if they'd be interested in getting in touch with me. I'm Mindy's cousin Jed (Maxine's son)-you can reach me at jedsa05 AT alum DOT dartmouth DOT org

  3. Catholic Scholars: Support for the Death Penalty
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  4. He stalked me a year before he killed my friend/neighbor Della Brown. He told me "All Native women should be killed!" then he circled me. I am a LIVE homocide victim of Joshua Wade only I got away and with quickness. I even moved to Florida even when he was in jail. I know when I need to move away and I still do not live in Anchorage because I still feel like I am going to be stalked.

  5. This pisses me off! First and most importantly this hits home for me because I spent many years growing up in that slum trailer park on Artic and Tudor. What Joshua Wade did is crazier than what the papers wrote. I won't go into true details out of respect for his family I have seen comment on this page. I feel that we need to stop wasting prison room and overcrowding by taking out the trash permanently. What aggravates me the most about on comment particular is religious views on the death penalty and blah, blah, blah. We have "Christians" running this country getting caught stealing, lying, murdering, etc. I have read many different religious books and I have never seen any of these values upheld by this country. It amazes me that we put innocent people away everyday but manage to let this jerk out so he could commit the same gruesome crimes on another individual. As far as Alaska, I lived there many years and I have intermediate family that are Alaska Indians. Please don't come ruin the state anymore. The Alaskan Indian community was doing fine until greedy white people come take over. Since then the white man has brought booze and drugs to the Indian communities causing the sacred and beautiful culture and ways to disappear and now they arrest Indians for being intoxicated in public. The children now wear their pants hanging off there asses and talk hip hop. It really shows how our ways in society are destroying our youth. Please stay out. Preserve the land and the real Alaskans that live there. Stop repeating history.

    1. Im an American for the lower 48...but i support your comments. Well said