Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No "Obongo Fever" In Juneau: Alaska Officials Investigating Alleged "Racist" Anti-Obama E-Mails Circulated On State-Owned Computers

Alaska officials are investigating racist jokes about President-elect Barack Obama that have been circulating on state government e-mail accounts. Media stories published by the Juneau Empire and KTUU Channel 2. Discussion on Free Republic.

The Associated Press reported obtaining copies of five e-mails that are being questioned. In one of the e-mails, the question was asked, "What was the outcome of Obama's victory after all the time and money spent?". The answer, "Another black family living in government housing!".

Another e-mail, with the subject line of “Night Befo Crizzmus,” was forwarded dozens of times. After a brief search, I found the lyrics of "Night Befo Crizzmus", posted on a black lady's blog. Presented below for your reading pleasure:


Wus da night afo' Crizzmus, and all thru da hood,
everybody be sleepin' and dey be sleepin' damned good.
We hunged up our stockins, an hoped like all heck,
dat dear ole Santy Claws, gunna brang us our check.

All of da family, was ly'in on the flow,
my sister wif her gurlfriend, and my brother wif some hoe.
I dun passed out on da flow too, right next to my baby's maw,
when I heared such a fuss, I thunk...."Sh'eet, it must be da law".

I looked out thru da bars, to see what I'ze could see,
I was spectin' the sherrif, wif a warrent fo' me.
But what did I see, made me say, "Laaawd look at dat".
dere was a huge watermelon, pulled by 8 big ass rats.

Now over all of da years, Santy Claws he be white,
but it looks like us brotha's, got a black Santy tonight.
Faster than a poe'lice car, my homeboy he came,
and whupped up on dem rats, as he called dem by name.

On Leroy, On Jerome, On Virgil, On Willy,
On Yolanda, On Crayola, On Kiesha, and Nefilly.
Ol' Santy landed dat melon, right there in da street,
I knowed it fo' sho', da damnest thing I ever seed.

Dat black Santy didn't go down no chimney, he picked da lock on my doe,
an I sez to myself, "Sh'eet...he don dis befoe.
He had a big bag, full of presents I spect,
wif Air Jordans and fake gold, to wear roun my neck.

But he left me no presents, just stated stealin my shit.
He got my guns and my crack, and my new burglers kit.
Den, wif my shit in his bag, out da windoe he flew,
I sho' woulda chased him, be he snagged my knife too.

He jumped back on dat melon, wif out even a hitch,
and waz gone in two seconds, dat son of a bitch.
So nex year I be hopin', a white Santy we git,
'cause a black Santy Claws, just ain't worf a shit!!!!

State officials were unaware of the e-mails until asked about them by the media. Afterwards, three of the racist messages were confirmed by the state’s information technology division after an electronic search of the government’s e-mail system, according to Administration Commissioner Annette Kreitzer, who did not release the names of those believed to be involved. Kreitzer then alerted Governor Palin's officr to the existence of the e-mails. So far, Governor Palin’s office had no immediate comment.

It appears the original e-mails were sent to state employees from outside the state system, but some state employees forwarded them. The “Night Befo Crizzmus” e-mail was reportedly forwarded dozens of times.

The personnel files of workers who circulated the jokes, which originated outside the state system, will be examined to see if any of the workers have a pattern of similar behavior. Any prospective disciplinary action will be determined by past behaviors and could range from diversity training to letters of reprimand. Termination is unlikely unless something “extremely egregious” is discovered. [Ed. Note: This is the first time I've seen a public official admit that diversity training is a form of punishment. I've long suspected this to be the case, and here's the proof.]

The larger problem here is the obvious continued abuse of the Alaska state e-mail system. This abuse was one of the central issues of the Troopergate scandal. The Palin Administration needs to crack down on the use of state-owned computer equipment for personal correspondence.

The Rev. Alonzo Patterson, who is the state chairman of the Alaska Black Leadership Conference, has reacted. He says Palin should condemn the distribution of the e-mails because it occurred in a state setting. Rev. Patterson and some other black leaders have been chronically critical of the Palin Administration, claiming it is insensitive to their concerns.

It appears that despite the fact that while "diversity" is better-managed in Alaska than in other locations, white racial consciousness is on the rise, particularly in Anchorage, where the official student population in the Anchorage School District is less than 50 percent white now. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) recently reported that Tightrope's Bryant Cecchini has launched a campaign called "Project Schoolyard Volume II", in which he's distributing 30,000 CDs full of white power music nationwide. While individual orders are being sent nearly everywhere, Cecchini specifically told the SPLC that he has mailed bulk shipments of CDs to distributors in at least seven states — Alaska, Arkansas, California, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and Pennsylvania. Distributors normally hand them out to young whites at malls, concerts, skate parks and, where permitted, schools, although in most cases, they won't actually hand them out on campus itself where schools forbid it.

Another sign of rising racial consciousness is the establishment of the Alaska Migration blog. I don't know who operates it, and I wouldn't reveal the information without the person's permission. The stated objective of the Alaska Migration blog is "to encourage White Nationalist Americans, Canadians, and others from around the world to migrate to Alaska in large numbers, become the predominant group, and secede from the United States. We believe that we can only secure an existence for our people and a future for white children by forming our own nation in the northern world".

The key word in the above description is "predominant". By the use of this word, Alaska Migration implies it does not advocate the removal of non-whites from Alaska. This is simply an Alaskan variation of Harold Covington's Northwest Homeland scheme. Covington operates two blogs, Thoughtcrime and NorthwestHomeland.

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