Friday, December 19, 2008

Anchorage 2009 Mayoral Race Becoming A Slobberknocker; Former Anchorage Police Chief Walt Monegan Jumps Into The Ring

The Anchorage 2009 mayoral race is now shaping up to be a possible slobberknocker. The field of eight candidates grew by one as former Anchorage Police Chief and Alaska Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan jumped into the race on Friday December 19th, 2008. Media stories published by the Anchorage Daily News, the ADN's Alaska Politics blog, the Juneau Empire, KTUU Channel 2, and KTVA Channel 11.

After making his final decision the day before, Monegan filed his formal letter of intent on Friday morning. And his first act was to extend an olive branch to Governor Sarah Palin and put Troopergate behind him. Monegan said that, as mayor, he'll work well with the Palin Administration. "I am absolutely positive the governor is going to be able to be as professional as I would be in dealing with the citizens of Anchorage and Alaska," Monegan said. "I don't see any issues there at all". Monegan also said his focus for the city involves going back to basics and looking at ways to continue the momentum Anchorage is building for its future. See KTUU news video embedded below:

Monegan is the ninth candidate to declare for the Mayor's slot, which will be vacated by newly-elected Senator Mark Begich early in January. Current Anchorage Assembly Chair Matt Claman will then take over as acting mayor until a new mayor is sworn in by July. Not only is Monegan considered a marquee candidate, but he's not the only ex-cop in the race. Here's the complete list of all declared candidates so far (the first five candidates are considered the "marquee" candidates):

- Walt Monegan - former Anchorage police chief and state public safety commissioner.
- Dan Sullivan - former Assemblyman. Previous post HERE.
- Eric Croft - former member of the Alaska State House. Previous post HERE.
- Paul Honeman - former Anchorage police officer. Previous post HERE.
- Sheila Selkregg - current Assembly member for East Anchorage.
- Merica Hlatcu - ran unsuccessfully for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in 2006
- Jacob Seth Kern
- Dominic S.F. Lee - President and CEO of Little Susitna Construction
- Melanie K. Leydon

APOC summaries on all candidates available HERE.

So far, there's very little information on the last four candidates on the list. The Anchorage Press published an article on December 11th providing more background on those candidates.

Monegan's name gained national recognition during Gov. Sarah Palin's run for vice president after he was abruptly fired by Palin, thus triggering the Troopergate controversy. Biographies of Monegan available HERE and HERE.

Mark Begich expressed no preference for any candidate, and said he's glad there are so many people wanting to serve Anchorage residents. "I think this election cycle you're going to see a lot of folks getting in the race, and I think you're seeing the beginning of many people who want to serve the city," Begich said. But Begich wouldn't say whom he thought should replace him.

Analysis: The only apparent skeleton in Monegan's closet is a 1994 accusation of domestic violence from an ex-wife, Georgene Moldovan. But Monegan strongly denied the allegation, and spouses are prone to exchange wild accusations when divorcing, so this shouldn't be a factor in the race.

Monegan will get an initial sympathy bump because he is perceived by many to be a victim in Troopergate. But he will have to come out with some solid proposals to become a contender at the same level as Dan Sullivan and Eric Croft, who are perceived as the leaders at this point.

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