Monday, December 29, 2008

"Alaska's Most Wanted" Rap Artist Johnathan Bindon Now Anchorage's Most Wanted; Sought By Police In Shooting Of Lydell Butler

Update December 31st: The Anchorage Daily News and KTUU report that Johnathan Bindon voluntarily surrendered at the Anchorage Jail at 2:30 A.M. on December 31st, accompanied by prominent local attorney Rex Butler.

Another rapper settles a dispute in the way so typical of them; he pulls out a gun. Anchorage Police are looking for 18-year-old Johnathan Bindon (pictured at left, courtesy APD) in association with a Saturday night shooting. Media stories published by the Anchorage Daily News and KTUU Channel 2.

The incident took place in a duplex in the 2700 block of Lee Street just after 2 P.M. on Saturday December 27th, 2008. Several people were in the house at the time. There was an argument, a scuffle and then Bindon pulled a .22-caliber handgun and shot 18-year-old Lydell Butler, who is believed to be Bindon's cousin, once in the chest. He then fled on foot accompanied by two teenage girls. The girls later turned themselves in and have since been interviewed and released, but were not much help locating Bindon.

Butler is now in critical condition at Providence Hospital. Police say Bindon will be charged with assault, misconduct involving weapons and reckless endangerment. There is a $100,000 warrant out for his arrest. Bindon is also known as John Boii, a hip-hop/rap artist recently recording with the local label FrostBite Records. He's featured on a new release album called "Alaska's Most Wanted," according to the label's website. [Ed. Note: Now he's become Anchorage's Most Wanted; John Boii is going to become Jail Boii.]

Anyone who has seen Bindon is asked to call police at 907-786-8900. Kudos to KTUU for going the extra mile and supplying us with a description; it's easier for the public to help the cops track down the perp if we know what he looks like. A search of the Alaska Court Records website reveals no prior felonies, but a gaggle of traffic offenses ranging from failure to signal to no valid operators license to expired registration dating back to September 2006. Links to the cases below:

-- 3AN-06-21168MO
-- 3AN-06-21169MO
-- 3AN-06-21170MO
-- 3AN-06-22304MO
-- 3AN-06-22305MO
-- 3AN-06-22367MO
-- 3AN-06-24050MO
-- 3AN-08-18011MO
-- 3AN-08-25582MO
-- 3AN-08-25583MO

The correlation between gangsta rap and violence has been well established, most recently re-affirmed by Colorado Springs police and also in Palm Beach, Florida. In May 2006, NPR reported that a study by the Prevention Research Center showed the same correlation. This was further discussed in this April 18th, 2006 post.

And in a related story, KTUU also posted this AP report about a new study from criminologists at Northeastern University which shows that the number of younger black males involved in shooting deaths has gone up dramatically since 2000, even as the FBI says the murder rate nationwide is leveling off. In 2008, the study says 426 black males between the ages of 14 and 17 were killed in gun crimes, a 40% increase from 2000. The murder rate among whites in the same group also rose, but not nearly as much.


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