Tuesday, November 04, 2008

YouTube Video: California Proposition 8 In Plain English, And Why It's Important For Californians To Vote Yes

While visiting the Alienated Wannabe blog, I found an excellent four-minute YouTube video explaining the high points of California's controversial Proposition 8, which constitutionally re-defines marriage as being between only one man and one woman. It also makes a case for passage of Proposition 8, citing an existing California law, California Family Code 297.5, which already confers the benefits of marriage upon those gay couples who choose to enter into registered domestic partnerships. So how can it be about "rights", when those "rights" are already provided?


More justification for California Proposition 8 can be found on the ProtectMarriage, the VoteYesForMarriage, and Mormonsfor8 websites. However, while we Mormons don't mind walking "point" on this issue and taking the lead, we do NOT intend to hog all the credit. Joining us in this grand crusade are countless people from other Christian denominations, religious faiths, and even the unchurched. According to San Diego pro-family activist James Hartline, himself a recovering homosexual who freed himself through the power of Jesus Christ, 4,000 pastors in California have united in the effort to pass Proposition 8. A similar team effort helped us Alaskans pass a marriage amendment here in 1998.

You were probably impressed by the elevated discourse on the video shown above. No hateful sentiments against gays or those who oppose Proposition 8 were expressed. However, the other side has not responded in kind. Courage Campaign, a hard-left progressive website, released a television ad initially via YouTube which is a scurrilous and defamatory attack on the LDS Church. Watch it yourself and see exactly what I mean:


Utah media stories from KSL Channel 5 and KUTV Channel 2 document LDS Church reaction. You can clearly see that Courage Campaign is willing to deliberately malign, defame, and even outright lie about the Church. Compare the two videos and you can plainly see where the hate is coming from. It's not coming from the Yes on 8 forces.

But why have pro-family forces decided to draw a line in the sand over this issue? Preserving the traditional definition of marriage is the main reason, but not the only issue. Many fear that gay marriage will be used as an excuse to increase gay outreach towards our kids in school. Already, there is an escalating pattern of outreach to elementary school students in California, which serves to validate this concern. The Voice Of Deseret blog documents two instances; first, an first-grade teacher in San Francisco who invited her students to attend her lesbian wedding during the middle of the school day, disrupting the curriculum. Obviously a political statement on her part. And then another incident in Hayward, California where a kindergarten teacher "encouraged" her kids to sign pro-gay "I am an ally" pledge cards sponsored by GLSEN. The lame excuse offered after the fact was that the pledge cards were "misrouted" and intended to be only for middle and high school students.

And this is by no means a new phenomenom. Back in August 2006, James Hartline blew the whistle on a San Diego elementary charter school marching their kids in a gay pride parade in San Diego. So now you can better understand why pro-family forces believe gay marriage is merely a means to a more sinister end rather than an end unto itself.

And this is why Californians need to vote Yes on 8 on November 4th.

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