Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Newly-Retired Police Lieutenant Paul Honeman To Run For Mayor Of Anchorage, Alaska, Joining Dan Sullivan, Eric Croft, And Sheila Selkregg

On October 14th, 2008, KTUU Channel 2 reported that newly-retired Anchorage Police Department (APD) Lieutenant Paul Honeman (pictured at left courtesy of KTUU) has filed paperwork with the Alaska Public Offices Commission (APOC) declaring his intent to run for mayor of Anchorage during the upcoming 2009 municipal election. Also reported by the Anchorage Daily News.

Because he was used as APD's spokesman for such a long period of time, his face is quite familiar to Anchorage residents. So his main challenge now is to familiarize residents with his political vision. And late in December, he took the first step in that direction by launching his official campaign website. He also has a Myspace website HERE.

Honeman retired recently after 22 years with the APD and he said finding a balance between taxes and spending will be a big priority if he wins. And he's geared towards non-partisanship; in a comment to the ADN story, Honeman states that he has always been an "undeclared - non-partisan" registered voter. For example, he voted for Mark Begich for mayor twice, but voted for Palin for governor. He prefers to vote the person, and NOT the party, as he believes that much of what is wrong in America today can be tied to the "party system".

As subsequently reported by KFQD news during one of their half-hourly updates, Honeman is an economic conservative, although not as conservative as Dan Sullivan. He takes serious issue with Enstar's proposed upcoming increase in natural gas prices and wants to put a stop to it. Perhaps he can get Enstar to explain why they must hike natural gas rates for Alaskans by 22 percent effective January 2009 while another company, Questar, will be dropping natural gas rates for Utahns by 5.8 percent.

Honeman ran unsuccessfully for mayor in 1987.

Democratic former state legislator Eric Croft, Assembly Member Sheila Selkregg and former Assemblyman Dan Sullivan have also filed letters of intent to run for mayor next spring. Here are brief political snapshots of the three:

(1). Dan Sullivan - Hard right conservative, believes government should limit itself to those functions which cannot be replicated by the private sector efficiently or effectively. Socially conservative, but tends to keep it in the background. Believes in optimally funding infrastructure or necessities; other functions must earn their funding through broad public support. Respected throughout the entire community.

(2). Eric Croft - Social liberal, but an economic moderate and strong on public safety. Earned good ratings from the NRA while in the State House. Likely to govern like Mark Begich did. Has also earned considerable respect.

(3). Sheila Selkregg - Hard line progressive, believes in expanded role for government in all areas. Supporter of meticulous and intrusive urban planning. Social liberal; played the "profiling" card in opposition to former Assemblyman Paul Bauer's proposed immigration ordinance, which ultimately failed. Has a tendency to play the race card when such issues arise. An energetic and informed person nonetheless.

At the moment, the real race is between Sullivan and Croft. But look for Honeman to make serious inroads. He could take more votes from Sullivan than from Croft. Selkregg will finish a distant fourth; the primary reason she won election to the Assembly is because her then-opponent Ken Stout ran such a lacklustre campaign that constituents believed he didn't really want the job any more.

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  1. Paul Honeman served his country and has served the City of Anchorage for over 20 years. He has protected and served the residents of the city with pride and with pleasure. Paul Honeman will with no doubt serve as an honest and faithful servant to the public as Mayor of Anchorage. Paul brings with him a fresh persective and new ideas for the growth and future of an innovative city. Please support Paul's endeavors to make Anchorage the greatest leading city of Alaska. Paul offers his integrity and hardwork to the residents of Anchorage and will undoubtly go down in mayorial history as of one of the greatest leader's in Anchorage.