Sunday, September 07, 2008

WTMA Interview With Constitution Party And Alaskan Independence Party Presidential Candidate Chuck Baldwin, A True Patriot

Thanks to the Charleston (SC) City Paper and the Southern Avenger blog, I found a two-part interview with Constitution Party Presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin, conducted by Richard Todd on WTMA 1250 in Charleston. This interview has been recorded on two separate YouTube videos.

In the interview, Baldwin points out that the real choice isn't between Republicans and Democrats, but between globalists and patriots. To him, there are no genuine differences between John McCain and Barack Obama. The two major parties are little more than two separate wings of the same bird of prey.

Here's Part 1:

And here's Part 2:

The Alaskan Independence Party has endorsed Chuck Baldwin as their presidential candidate. This has been officially recognized by the Alaska Division of Elections, and Baldwin's name will appear on the November ballot in Alaska as the Alaskan Independence Party presidential candidate.

Chuck Baldwin is a classical "America First" paleoconservative patriot. Visit his official campaign website HERE. His YouTube channel is HERE. He is strongly opposed to any foreign ownership or operation of any part of our infrastructure, in particular the practice of allowing foreign-owned companies to collect tolls on American highways. He is opposed to using American forces as policemen around the world. And he is the only presidential candidate rated Excellent on immigration by NumbersUSA.

Chuck Baldwin has also spoken out about Sarah Palin's presence on John McCain's ticket. While Baldwin acknowledges that Palin has some conservative instincts, he believes she'll have to surrender her conservatism to get on with McCain, and that McCain is merely using her as a stalking horse. Read Baldwin's full commentary HERE.

For American patriots, Chuck Baldwin isn't merely the best choice; he's the only choice.

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