Friday, September 19, 2008

Troopergate Scandal Driving Down Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin's Poll Numbers; Daily Kos Shows A 22-Point Slide In Only Eight Days

It appears the growing Troopergate scandal is finally and unmistakably catching up with Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Daily Kos has released numbers from their pollster, Research 2000, which show a clear downward trend. The pertinent posts from Daily Kos are from September 18th and September 19th.

Daily Kos, a liberal stronghold, claims that the intense focus on what they consider the disagreeable aspects of Palin's candidacy is responsible. While that may be part of it, I believe that Governor Palin's initial evasion and current stonewalling on Troopergate is much more responsible. Below are posted the numbers first published on Daily Kos. The choices were Approve, Disapprove, and No Opinion (the latter I omit):

9/11: Approve 52%, Disapprove 35%
9/12: Approve 51%, Disapprove 37%
9/13: Approve 49%, Disapprove 40%
9/14: Approve 47%, Disapprove 42%
9/15: Approve 47%, Disapprove 43%
9/16: Approve 45%, Disapprove 44%
9/17: Approve 44%, Disapprove 45%
9/18: Approve 42%, Disapprove 46%
9/19: Approve 41%, Disapprove 46%

Combining the 11 point decrease in Approval with the 11 point increase in Disapproval, this represents a 22-point change in only eight days.

Yes, I know that Daily Kos is liberal, and Research 2000 may have phrased the questions with an anti-Palin bias, although other sources assert that Research 200 is unbiased. However, the same pollster using the same methodology took all the polls, so even if the numbers are biased against Palin, the trend cannot be biased, and so it can be considered an accurate trend.

But conferring additional credibility upon Daily Kos' findings is a report from Newsweek, which discloses that a Diageo/Hotline poll shows a 12-point reversal between September 13-17, and a CBS/NY Times poll also shows a 12-point reversal.

While some decrease is normal, after the initial novelty of Sarah Palin's selection wore off, Palin's aggressive approach to Troopergate, circling the wagons and refusing to cooperate with the Branchflower investigation is undoubtedly greasing the skids. And on September 19th, Troopergate took an ominous new twist when neither Todd Palin, special assistant Ivy Frye, nor deputy chief of staff Randy Ruaro showed up to testify at the State Senate Judiciary Committee hearings. Read Andrew Halcro's perspective on this development as well. Earlier, Attorney General Talis Colberg had told the committee that none of the subpoenaed officials in the administration would be testifying.

Sarah Palin's allies hoped the investigation would be delayed past the election to spare her any troublesome revelations. Palin initially promised to cooperate in the investigation, telling the Legislature to "hold me accountable." Under the influence of McCain advisers, she now opposes the investigation, and is exercising every possible strategem to stonewall it.

Witnesses who refuse to testify can be found in contempt under Alaska law. But the full Legislature must be in session, which won't happen until January. That means witnesses can stonewall without penalty beyond the November 4th election, lawmakers said.

Commentary: For the first time, I no longer merely question Sarah Palin's qualifications to serve as Vice-President. I now must question her ethical qualifications to continue serving as governor. Deliberately stonewalling an investigation strongly implies that there's something to hide. The outcome of Troopergate is extremely pertinent to the suitability of the McCain-Palin team to go to the White House.

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  1. "Yes, I know that Daily Kos is liberal"

    You should know, what a feeble twist to use for your own biases.