Monday, September 01, 2008

Speculation On Sarah Palin's Recent Pregnancy Continues To Mount, But Is Inappropriate For Further Discussion Until Palin Herself Speaks Out

Major Update: Governor Sarah Palin has announced that her daughter Bristol is five months pregnant and will marry the father. Trig Palin is confirmed to be Sarah's child. See updated post HERE.

A firestorm of speculation about Governor Sarah Palin's recently-born baby, Trig, is sweeping through the blogosphere at this time. Using various photos and applying deductive reasoning, proponents of alternate theories are claiming, in general, that Governor Palin's eldest daughter Bristol is the real mother of the child.

So you can read first hand what is being posted, I provide links to the primary purveyors of these alternate theories below. Caution; a few of the ideas expressed at these links are downright scurrilous.

- Crimes and Corruptions of the New World Order
- Daily Kos: Palin's faked "pregnancy"? Covering for teen daughter?
- Daily Kos: Sarah Palin Is NOT The Mother
- Oregon Live Blog: Mapes On Politics
- Andrew Sullivan: Things That Make You Go Hmmm
- Vanguard News Network Forum. Note: I originally thought this was going to be a good thread, and I posted a couple of Troopergate links, but the thread went to shit in a hurry.

Katie Allison Granju also originally blogged on this issue in the Knoxville News-Sentinel, but then had second thoughts and pulled the post, explaining her reasons HERE. Hats off to you, Katie - a class act and you are particularly welcome to visit Alaska anytime.

After having digested the contents of these links, I declare right now that Alaska Pride will be following the example of fellow Alaska blogger Andrew Halcro and will NOT be pursuing this particular story any further. This is private Palin family business until such time as they make it public; it has absolutely nothing to do with Sarah Palin's political capabilities.

Alaska Pride will continue to rigorously monitor and scrutinize Governor Palin's conduct as a governor and as a candidate. I will expose and explain any political anomalies worthy of mention without fear or favor. But the Palin family is OFF LIMITS and will remain OFF LIMITS. Governor Palin may not be Presidential timber, but by all accounts she is a proper wife and mother.

Case closed.

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