Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rally Against Sarah Palin At Loussac Library In Anchorage, Alaska Attracts 1,000 People, Only 100 Palin Supporters Show Up In Opposition

Update September 14th: New information indicates as many as 1,500 anti-Palin activists may have been present. Updated post HERE.

A group of anti-Palin protestors numbering at least 1,000 by multiple estimates showed up in front of the Loussac Library in Anchorage, Alaska to voice their opposition to the vice-presidential candidacy of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin on September 13th, 2008. Full stories reported by KTUU Channel 2 and the Anchorage Daily News (246 comments so far). Also discussed on Daily Kos.

The 1,000 protestors occupied the library grounds on the south side of 36th Avenue. Opposing them over on the north side of the street were approximately 100 pro-Palin demonstrators. The demonstrations were peaceful, with only a smattering of name-calling; there were no arrests. In the midst of the crowd was controversial KBYR conservative shock jock Eddie Burke, who earlier this week was criticized for giving out the personal phone numbers of the rally organizers from their press release on his show. The organizers' press release did not indicate that the numbers were personal. A few angry listeners called and threatened the organizers. As a result, KBYR Station Manager Justin McDonald says Burke will be punished for giving out phone numbers because it is a violation of station policy, although he did not disclose the nature of the intended punishment. Burke's show airs Monday through Friday from 2-5 P.M. on KBYR 700AM.

Here's the KTUU news video:

In addition to the KTUU news video, here's a privately-filmed 36 second video from YouTube:

The rally was actually conceived by a gathering of eight women over coffee last week, which morphed into a group called Alaska Women Reject Sarah Palin, a possible subsidiary of a national group called Women Against Palin. "We would've been happy with 10, we would've been happy with 100, but we're clearly happy with the number of people that are here today," said rally organizer Llona Bessenyey. Others decried Sarah Palin's lack of experience as being inappropriate for someone who would be just a heartbeat away from the presidency. But while it was billed as a "non-partisan" rally, and there were a few expressing concerns over mainstream issues such as health care and "pork", the bulk of the participants were advocating hard-line left-wing positions, most prominently in defense of keeping elective abortion legal. One protestor even held up a coat hanger, proclaiming that "this is not a surgical instrument". LOL!

There was also a scattering of feminists, antiwar Bush-bashers, and even some anti-racists who were trying to compare Sarah Palin with George Wallace (see a number of still photos of the rally posted HERE). Very few of the protestors seemed concerned about the real issues of Troopergate and the abuse of power entailed in that growing scandal, or Governor Palin's willingness to hand a natural gas pipeline contract to TransCanada, which owns zero leases in Alaska. Those are the far more important bread-and-butter issues.

Earlier in the day around 9:30 A.M., there was a much more choreographed pro-Palin "Farewell Rally" at the brand-new $122 million Dena'ina Convention Center in downtown Anchorage, where an estimated 1,500 Palin supporters showed up as Governor Palin made her last appearance before flying off to Nevada to resume campaigning.

Commentary: What you just read about are the extremists on both ends of the scale; the Palinbots and the Palinphobes. A number of Alaskans are neither. We don't like how Governor Palin handled Troopergate, we believe it should be fully investigated, and we also believe that Governor Palin is not Presidential timber. However, we still think she's a decent governor, and we share many of her social values. We will criticize her when she is acting against the best interests of the state, but will defend her against unwarranted smears.

The anti-Palin protestors who showed up on September 13th are to be honored for exercising their First Amendment rights, but the core values of many of them are un-American. Diversity and multiculturalism are un-American. Feminism is un-American. Elective abortion is not only un-American, but has become a full-blown Holocaust far exceeding the over-exaggerated Jewish Holocaust rammed down our throats. These people may be against Palin, but I cannot make common cause with them. How can I break bread with someone who would compare Sarah Palin with George Wallace?


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