Sunday, September 14, 2008

More YouTube Video Coverage Of The September 13th Anti-Palin Rally In Anchorage, Alaska; As Many As 1,500 Activists May Have Been Present

A number of YouTube videos documenting the rally against Sarah Palin held in front of the Loussac Library in Anchorage, Alaska on September 13th, 2008 have now surfaced. I have identified and embedded the most pertinent videos to get them in one place.

A newer story has now been published on September 14th by the Anchorage Daily News; their previous story can be found HERE. Originally, the best estimates were at least 1,000 anti-Palin activists gathered on the south side of 36th Avenue, with around 100 pro-Palin activists on the north side. However, the new Daily News story, along with an analysis of the comments posted to both Daily News stories indicate that there may have been as many as 1,500 anti-Palin activists present at the height of the rally, which peaked between 12 noon and 2 P.M. People were constantly entering and exiting the area. One participant stated that he used a clicker to count 1,400, but there's no guarantee of "scientific" accuracy.

Additional comments analysis indicates that of the participants, only about 20 percent were hard-core Barack Obama supporters, while the remainder were motivated by other issues. There is no evidence yet that this rally was conceived and manipulated by Outside interests; it appears to have been "Alaska-grown". The rally itself was peaceful, with no violence and no arrests reported. More information about the organizers discussed in my previous post. This rally has now triggered discussion on Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network Forum.

First, here's a two-minute CNN video added on September 15th:

Now here's a five-minute YouTube video is probably the most informative of the lot. It is designed to show the political diversity of the participants, who were motivated by different core issues.

Here's a 49-second video looking west down 36th Avenue showing the anti-Palin activists on your left:

And here's a 57-second video showing a few Palin supporters embedded within the anti-Palin crowd. The bald-headed man you see offering to shake hands with the antis is KBYR conservative radio host Eddie Burke, who stirred up controversy earlier in the week for giving out the private phone numbers of the rally organizers over the air, although their press release did not indicate the phone numbers were private:

Another YouTube video can be found HERE, and KTUU news video HERE.

You can see that the two sides were able to co-exist rather peacefully during the rally. This is at odds with the stridency of the rhetoric, particularly by the anti-Palin side. Many of them went far beyond advocating for health care and questioning Palin's qualifications to serve as vice-president; some even compared Sarah Palin to George Wallace, which is clearly beyond the pale.

The pro-Palin side is not without its own stridency. Many Palinbots have promoted the idea that Alaskans should automatically get behind Palin simply because she's a fellow Alaskan. This is ludicrous; while Governor Palin has many positive qualities, she's not infallible. If we disagree with her policies, it is our right and obligation to voice that disagreement in a constructive fashion, focusing on the issues and proposing solutions.

Earlier in the day starting at 9:30 A.M., there was a choreographed pro-Palin rally at the new $122 million Dena'ina Convention Center, although much of the choreography was driven by Secret Service security requirements. Approximately 1,500 people showed up. But the strength of the opposition manifested later in the day flies in the face of the polls showing a persistent 80 percent approval rating for Palin.

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