Friday, September 26, 2008

More From Ivan Moore: Fifty-Nine Percent Of Alaska Respondents Believe Governor Sarah Palin Committed No Abuse Of Power In Troopergate

Apparently there was much more to Ivan Moore's Sep. 20-22 poll of 500 likely Alaskan voters than originally believed. Ivan Moore simply decided to titillate us by spoon-feeding the results one bite at a time.

And the Anchorage Daily News' Alaska Politics blog is reporting yet more input from this Ivan Moore poll. It actually dovetails well with the portion showing that Governor Sarah Palin still enjoys a 68 percent approval rating. This part of the poll examines the Troopergate issue:

- Q1. Based on what you have heard, do you believe that pressure was placed on Walt Monegan to fire Trooper Wooten, or not?
-- YES: 44 percent, NO: 40 percent, Not sure: 16 percent

- Q2. Do you believe that an abuse of power occurred, or not?
-- YES: 27 percent, NO: 59 percent, Not sure: 14 percent

- Q3. Do you believe that Monegan was fired at least in part because he refused to fire Trooper Wooten, or not?
-- YES: 42 percent, NO: 40 percent, Not sure: 19 percent

- Q4. Do you think the investigation to this point has been fair, or not?
-- YES: 37 percent, NO: 46 percent, Not sure: 16 percent

- Q5. Do you think the investigation should be completed on its current timeline by October 10th, or do you think it can wait until after the election?
-- COMPLETE: 58 percent, CAN WAIT: 31 percent, Not sure: 10 percent

Analysis: A slight plurality of respondents acknowledge that they believe Sarah Palin did apply pressure to Walt Monegan to get rid of Trooper Mike Wooten, and ultimately fired Monegan for refusing to do so. But the fact that such a large majority do NOT consider Palin's actions to be an abuse of power not only shows that many Alaskans are sympathetic toward Palin's desire to defend a family member whose safety she believed to be threatened, but may also reflect a distaste towards Wooten and his marginal character record as an Alaska State Trooper. Many Alaskans believe Wooten should have been terminated in 2005 after his recurring misbehavior came to light. Here's an Anchorage Daily News video that compares Palin's Troopergate responses in July with her current response:

But Sarah Palin is attaching too much importance to her previous ratings. She refuses to grasp that her base is clearly eroding. Consequently, she continues to circle the wagons and refuse to cooperate with the Branchflower investigation, which is the OFFICIAL investigation. She seeks to divert the scrutiny into the Personnel Board, where the inquiry and the outcome can be controlled by the Palin Administration. This is NOT transparency.

If Sarah Palin is to save her remaining base, she MUST, repeat, MUST fully disclose her Administration's involvement with Troopergate and fully cooperate with the Branchflower investigation.


  1. You'r really ramping up the Palin bashing. Must have got a donation from the Obama campaign.

    Oh well, I am getting tired of reading your biased opins.

    One less blog to visit.

  2. Yeah, right. I suppose the "Obama donation" explains the Chuck Baldwin widget I have at the top of my sidebar. LOL!

    But as Jack Nicholson once said, "You can't handle the truth".