Monday, September 01, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin Announces That Her 17-Year-Old Daughter Bristol Is Five Months Pregnant, And Will Marry The Father

Update September 1st 2:00 P.M. Alaska Time: CNN reports that Barack Obama considers the Palin family off limits to campaigning.

Update September 2nd 8:00 P.M. Alaska Time. Bristol Palin's boyfriend Levi Johnston has stepped forward and identified himself.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has already learned one valuable lesson from the festering Troopergate scandal - get the story out early, and get it right from the outset.

And in response to growing speculation about the true origin of Sarah Palin's own baby, Trig, the Palins announced on September 1st that the rumors were half-true; her 17-year-old daughter, Bristol, is five months pregnant. First reported by the Anchorage Daily News and the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner. And this story is spreading like wildfire; not only are there three different CNN stories (Teen daughter of GOP VP pick is pregnant, Ticker: When did McCain know about baby?, and Cindy McCain, first lady to express support). KTUU Channel 2 has now filed a report; video embedded below:

Governor Palin, who arrived in St. Paul today to formally accept the Republican nomination for vice president at the Republican national convention, sent out a joint statement with her husband, Todd.

"Our beautiful daughter Bristol came to us with news that as parents we knew would make her grow up faster than we had ever planned," they said. "We're proud of Bristol's decision to have her baby and even prouder to become grandparents. As Bristol faces the responsibilities of adulthood, she knows she has our unconditional love and support.

"Bristol and the young man she will marry are going to realize very quickly the difficulties of raising a child, which is why they will have the love and support of our entire family. We ask the media to respect our daughter and Levi's privacy, as has always been the tradition of children of candidates," the Palin family statement concluded.

The prospective father of the child had not been identified, and Governor Palin chose not to answer further questions about it, either herself or through her representatives. "We're asking the media to respect a person's privacy," said Maria Comella, Palin's campaign spokesman. However, since that time, Levi Johnston has stepped forward and identified himself as Bristol's boyfriend, and will attend the convention in St. Paul. McCain advisers are telling reporters he knew about the pregnancy before choosing Palin as his vice presidential nominee. The advisers said Palin told them about the pregnancy during lengthy discussions about her background. At several points during the discussions, McCain's team warned Palin that the scrutiny into her private life would be intense and that there was nothing she could do to prepare for it.

Alaska District 31 Rep. Bob Lynn (R-Anchorage Hillside), an Alaska delegate to the Republican National Convention, said this is nobody's business but the Palins'. "I think conservative and liberal and moderate voters will all agree that it's a private family matter," Lynn said. "This is family life; we all have family situations."

Palin made the announcement following growing rumors on the Internet that the governor's new baby, Trig, was actually Bristol's and that Palin had claimed it to cover up her daughter's pregnancy. Those rumors, and links to the primary sources, are addressed in my previous post on this issue.

Public reaction, as reflected by public comments posted to the Daily News story, is somewhat skeptical and is hostile at times. Part of this reflects the legacy of Troopergate, during which Governor Palin's equivocal response has cynicized much of the Alaskan population. It will simply take time for Governor Palin to restore her tarnished political reputation.

However, many of the negative comments are posted by those who prefer alien secular values of diversity and multiculturalism rather than traditional American family values. They snidely inquire where are the Palin family values now. I'll answer them - the family values are still expressed by the way the Palin family is responding to the unplanned pregnancy. The family is coming together to provide emotional and material support to Bristol, and Bristol and her intended are doing the right thing by getting married.

Contrast this to the reaction of the typical supersized ghetto she-boon whose 17-year-old daughter has an unplanned pregnancy. Instead of doing the right thing, they all go trundling down to the local welfare office and demand more Section Eight housing and more food stamps and an endless supply of other taxpayer-financed bennies. Gimme, gimme, gimme!!!

Yes, the Palin family continues to exhibit and personify those traditional American family values which catapulted America to unprecedented power and prosperity in their response to an unplanned family challenge. I honor them for their choice, and separate this from Governor Palin's political skills, which remain very much subject to public criticism.

But not to worry, gentle and not-so-gentle readers; I have NOT become a Palinbot. I just insist on separating their private family life from Sarah's political life.


  1. The first Redneck Twins in the White-Trash House?

    What's a Redneck Twin? Well, they happen when you have a child and a grandchild in the same year!

  2. The GOP faithful (the hard-line Christian Right in particular) would be having a field day if the Dems had a woman on the ticket who:
    1. had returned to work 3 days after giving birth to a child with Downes Syndrome.
    2. had a pregnant teenage daughter.
    3. Instead of returning home to support her daughter, continued to pursue her own career ambitions.

    Family values - gotta love ‘em.

  3. Did I read that right? The father's name is Levi? Sounds like a jew name to me.

    If so, he's in luck. Bristol's dad, Todd, can most likely get him a cushy job with BP, not that he would even have to work. Like the Shas party in Israel, Levi could simply mooch off the entire Palin family.

    That seventeen year old girl was a good score for Levi. Did he know his horizons were going to expand so high? Now he can spy on the entire Palin family for jewish organizations and jewish political action committees. Itz not robbing the cradle if you do it for Israel.

  4. No problem with family difficulties, but this is about example; the example of the values Sarah was, or was not, able to pass to her children. A teenage pregnancy (before HS graduation) is a disaster by any measure, and NOT anything I would wish to see in the White trash House. McCain blew it, he is out of touch with many of his presumed constituents.

  5. Vote Ron Paul!!

  6. anonymous concerning the name Levi...Hey dumbass! If that was the case no one would be name one name out of the Bible. That would include Paul, Mary, Joseph, Peter...just another idiot posting on an idiot's blog.

    And it seems the left wing fruitcakes are swarming to this site. You can pick it up by their remarks. Time for the "day of the rope" in reverse here... let's start with the blogger!

  7. One more item for the nitwit discussing the name Levi, Todd Palin is part "Native". Chew on that for a while idiot!

  8. Quote:However, many of the negative comments are posted by those who prefer alien secular values of diversity and multiculturalism rather than traditional American family values. They snidely inquire where are the Palin family values now. I'll answer them - the family values are still expressed by the way the Palin family is responding to the unplanned pregnancy. The family is coming together to provide emotional and material support to Bristol, and Bristol and her intended are doing the right thing by getting married."

    EXCELLENT CHOICEE OF WORDS! I completely agree.
    The democrats would love to make this into a huge scandal. I think maybe they ought to take look at themselves. democrats want to welcome a million "anchor" babies and throw our tax money away by supporting them. Democrats have sex in the White House with young women interns. THOSE ARE SCANDALS.


    Richard Barrett

    Levi Johnston, the foul-mouthed, eighteen-year-old Alaskan, whose
    "relationship" with Bristol Palin, the seventeen-year-old daughter
    of Sarah Palin, the choice of John McCain for the Republican
    vice-presidential nomination, claims to be a "(deleted) redneck." He is not.
    The claim by Levi, on his since-removed "Myspace" webpage,
    stated that the hockey-player, with shaggy hair, wispy beard
    and necklace, originally kept confidential until revealed by
    investigative-reporters, was in a "relationship," but did not desire
    children. Palin, who is married to an Eskimo and has had a
    genetically-defective child, later said that Levi would marry
    Bristol, who was five-months pregnant with Levi's child. Levi, who
    declined comment, did not confirm any marriage-plans, however.

    A "redneck" is a white person, who works long hours in the sun
    and who acquires a "red neck," as a result. The most extant and
    homogeneous white-populace is indigenous to the Southern United
    States, which also has the hottest, most-tropical climate, so
    "redneck" is, usually, associated with the South. Insofar as the
    former-Confederacy has the largest-percentage per-capita of
    descendants of African-slaves, "rednecks" are, also, known as
    staunch-segregationists, who have generated "Jim Crow," "Black Codes"
    and "white-flight," in order to prevent "black-power" from overtaking
    not only their region, but the entire nation. The Solid-South, termed
    the Bible-Belt for its strong Christian-traditions, has the most
    churches, per-capita, and is regarded as highly moral-oriented.

    Jon Hinson, a GOP-Congressman, caught in homosexuality, and
    Jimmy Swaggert, a televangelist patronizing prostitutes, both with
    "redneck" roots, tearfully apologized, in reliance on the Southern
    and Scriptural dictum of "go and sin no more." Levi, on the other
    hand, has offered no such "apology" or "repentance." "Rednecks,"
    invariably, combine morality, politics and religion, in what some
    have called a "social-conservative" agenda. After the Civil War,
    they became vigilantes, sometimes called "nightriders," uprooting
    Scalawags, native-Southerners who were in cahoots with Negroes, and
    Carpetbaggers, Northern-occupiers who attempted to force integration.
    They continue to operate under the Cross and glory in their
    militancy. Levi has shown no such traits.

    "Redneck" need not be necessarily confined to any geographic-area.
    A "redneck" may be seen, driving a pick-up truck in Mississippi, flying
    a Confederate-flag, with a bumper-sticker, "Segregation, Hell, I'm
    for Slavery", just as much as a youth in chilly Latvia, waving a
    Confederate-flag to call for the overthrow of Communism, or a
    South-Boston Irishman, festooning a Shamrock and demanding an
    end to forced-bussing. But, wherever they may be, "rednecks" share a
    common-bond. They are "have-nots," who describe themselves as "poor,
    but proud." Purity of blood is uppermost to them and miscegenation is
    tantamount to a capital-offense. Those who fornicate or, even,
    fraternize, across racial-lines, have been subjected to protests,
    ostracism and, even, lynchings by "rednecks."

    "Rednecks" couple with their own kind, excluding not only Negroes,
    but Asiatics, Indians and Hispanics. So, Levi disqualified himself by
    copulating with an Eskimo. "Rednecks," also, insist on "purity" of
    blood, which would instantly reject sexual-relations with someone
    with the congenitally-diseased, "red-man" genes of the Palins.
    Communist websites continually mock "rednecks" for what they term
    being "inbred," as part of their appeal to integrate and "blend" all
    colors, blood and nations. "Rednecks" are prolific. They make up for
    fewer material-goods with more bountiful families, according to the
    Scriptural-admonition to "be fruitful and multiply." Levi's
    declaration that he desired no children fits more into some
    "hippy" or "new-age" genre, than the "redneck" mode.

    "Rednecks," being close to the soil, Jeffery White calls them
    "country-boys," have established strong bonds and notions
    about the worth-ethic. They are quick to renounce "loafers" and
    "welfare-types," using Negroes and Indians as examples of their
    disdain. They were called "New Dealers," then "Wallace-Democrats,"
    then "Reagan-Democrats," coming down on the side of strong and
    nurturing government and against the haughty, greedy and elitist.
    Unlike Levi, given the choice of mingling with folks living in
    trailers or meandering through estates of some big-shots,
    "rednecks" would feel more "at home" with the trailers. The man as
    head-of-the-home is non-negotiable with them, which is why the
    overwhelming vote against the Equal Rights Amendment emanated
    from the South.

    Privation and oppression have stalked "rednecks," but not Levi.
    "Rednecks" speak up, in behalf of "social-justice" in the workplace,
    but equally demand social-discipline in the home. They paddle a
    wayward child, the same as some unworthy public-figure. When, in
    Jackson, Mississippi, the preachers at the Crossgates Baptist Church,
    First Baptist Church and Griffith Memorial Methodist Church were
    nabbed having improper sexual-relationships, the "rednecks" quickly
    ousted them. There was no "praise" heaped upon them. No assertion
    that the goings-on were "private." "Rednecks" may be tolerant of
    drinking, cussing, carousing and, even, running afoul of the law, but
    Levi's Eskimo-escapade has prompted only, "I never knew you, depart
    from me, ye that work iniquity."
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