Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Texas Congressman Ron Paul Endorses Alaska Congressman Don Young For Re-election; Common Libertarian Perspective Cited

Republican Congressman Ron Paul, who suspended his Presidential campaign to concentrate on getting re-elected Congressman for the 14th U.S. House District in Texas, has delivered a powerful and positive message about Congressman Don Young's commitment to integrity and liberty by endorsing Young for re-election. Full story published August 20th, 2008 in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.

Dr. Paul announced the decision in a letter sent to Alaska supporters. In the letter, Paul states, “Don and I have served together in Congress for many years, and I consider him a friend. Don has been an outspoken voice against environmental extremists over the years and has strongly opposed the types of federal regulatory overreach advocated in the name of environmentalism.” In addition, Paul said he was supporting Young for his backing of the Liberty Amendment, which would bar the federal government from operating any business-type activities and abolish the federal income tax.

Few members of Congress have shown the insight to understand the importance of this sweeping legislation to restrain the federal government, and even fewer have shown the courage to co-sponsor this bill,” Paul said. “Don is one of those.” The message is posted in full HERE.

And a predominantly libertarian perspective is what Paul and Young have in common, because in other respects they are an odd couple. Paul is a fiscal conservative; Young believes in earmarking federal dollars for Alaska wherever possible. Paul opposes the Iraq war; Young supports it. But Paul's endorsement of Young dramatically undercuts claims by the anti-earmark group Club for Growth and Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell, one of Young's GOP primary opponents, that Young is not conservative enough.

The endorsement of Don Young by Ron Paul tends to vindicate Congressman Young. Few members of Congress epitomize integrity like Dr. Paul; while Sarah Palin talks "transparency", Ron Paul actually practices it. Consequently, the willingness of Ron Paul to endorse Don Young despite the fact that Young is under investigation implies that the investigation may be all smoke and no fire. Ron Paul would not knowingly endorse a crook.

Ron Paul ran stronger in Alaska than in most states. On February 5th, 2008, he finished third behind Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee in the state Republican Party’s presidential nominee preference poll. Yet the strong grass-roots libertarian-driven campaign, vigorously promoted on the Web, never effectively translated itself into the acquisition of delegates. One of his problems was that he never really went on the offensive; in watching the Presidential debates, Ron Paul reminded me of a goldfish in a shark tank. But there were other issues as well.

In October 2007, the muckraking Lone Star Times website spearheaded a national smear campaign against Ron Paul, attempting to characterize him as a "white supremacist" sympathizer because he refused to return a $500 campaign contribution sent by Stormfromt webmaster Don Black. But Paul stood tall and refused to compromise to appease these thugs. Ironically, in December 2007, one white nationalist organization, the American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP), attacked Dr. Paul for supposedly concealing white nationalist ties in an effort to induce him to declare himself "pro-white". Ron Paul was neither a racist nor an anti-racist; instead, he was a "non-racist" who merely characterized racism as an "ugly form of collectivism".

But finally tiring of the constant attacks by anti-racists and their allies, Ron Paul compromised and declared a Martin Luther King Day Money Bomb. Unlike his previous money bombs, this one fizzled by comparison, as it was widely perceived as caving in to political correctness. Many people were initially attracted to Ron Paul because he was considered the antithesis to political correctness, but when they saw that Dr. Paul had kowtowed to the memory of an artificially-inflated "folk hero" who was a plagiarist and a woman-beating adulterer, they sadly concluded that Ron Paul was ultimately no different than the rest of the politicos. It was at this point that the Ron Paul campaign began to lose steam. Shortly after the Alaska primary, Ron Paul suspended his campaign.

Lately, Ron Paul has been struggling with a personal challenge. His wife, Carol, was recently admitted to a hospital where she is said to be in critical but stable condition after having abdominal surgery, but no other information is being released. In 2007, Carol Paul was hospitalized for shortness of breath and low blood pressure while campaigning with her husband in Iowa; subsequently she had a pacemaker installed.

Ron Paul continues to promote his vision for America on the CampaignForLiberty website. As a matter of fact, today (August 20th) is his 73rd birthday; you can post birthday greetings and best wishes for his wife's recovery on this CampaignForLiberty blog (registration not required). We should also express our appreciation to him for running for President in the first place, notwithstanding the fact that it wasn't successful.


  1. Ron Paul is also a good friend of very liberal Dennis Kucinich. I don't know for sure why Dr. Paul would support Young, but the his support alone does not suddenly turn Young into a fiscal conservative.

    Don Young's record is what defines him, rather than the endorsement by any outside politician - even one as honroable as Dr. Paul.

    The fact is that almost none of Paul's Alaskan supporters intend to vote for Young in the primary. Most are voting for Parnell, and a few are voting for LeDoux.

    If Don suddenly rediscovers fiscal restraint and limited government, maybe we can give him a 2nd look.

  2. BTW -
    The racial comments on your blog really detract from what would otherwise be an interesting source of information.

    Try being proud of yourself based on something real like personal achievements. If you toned down the racial comments people might take you more seriously. You have right to your opinion, but racsim is bullshit.

  3. Was Young rely a co-sponsor of the Liberty Amendment?

  4. I agree with Bastiat (Above post.) I was enjoying your blog until I came to this thread. Wow!! Where does this racist hate come from? Ron Paul is right on many issues and I know for a fact that he is in tune with the hidden neocon agenda of American Empire (He privately admitted recently that Putin was correct about the U.S.'s involvement in giving Georgia the O.K. to bomb South Ossetia. And how McCain's chief foreign policy advisor, Randy Scheunneman, a neocon, was paid half-a-million by the Georgian president to instigate the war and to get Georgia into NATO ( A treasonous offense, BTW!!!). So, Ron Paul is allright in many ways, whereas, Young and Stevens are scum through and through. Come on, leave the racism behind and get with the program!!