Thursday, May 15, 2008

YouTube Video: Reverend James David Manning Warns White Americans Not To Support Barack Obama

Via the Western Voices World News website, I discovered a YouTube video produced by Reverend James David Manning, of He has campaigned vigorously against Barack Obama. Specifically, he warns white Americans against supporting Barack Obama, claiming that if Obama is elected, black America will "trash white Americans all the way back to the Mississippi plantations". Rev. Manning states that black Americans as a whole have a tendency to bite the hand that feeds them, and hate to hear the truth about themselves.

To support this contention, he cited the example of Bill Clinton. During his presidency, most blacks supported him; author Toni Morrison even referred to him as the "first black president". But now that Obama is running, many of those same blacks have viciously turned on the Clintons. Here's the video:

Reverend Manning is the pastor of the Atlah World Missionary Church in Harlem, New York City. They observe the Sabbath on Saturday. The church also runs an elementary school and a theological seminary. More of Rev. Manning's videos can be viewed HERE. Like Bill Cosby, Juan Williams, and Walter Williams, Rev. Manning tells the truth about black America.


  1. Now, I wonder why the mainstream media didn't mention this anywhere.

    To Rev. Manning: All the best.

  2. Thank you for putting the truth out there. I am white and my mother used to help in the california schools with head start programs. I would go with her and help her with the cut precious black children. I never thought I was better than they were. Not once. I have always tried to make blacks feel accepted but it has been 30 years and this is what we get in helping them. When I look at you Reverand, I think you could be my dad anytime as you are the kind of man I respect and would want my son to become. Thanks for being so brave as to tell the truth. May God Bless you!

  3. Patriots unite! Remember that We the people, black and white, have been manipulated by a select number of eletes for THEIR benefit! Our freedom has been used against us by these self serving twats because they don't believe in freedom, they only believe in control. While "We The People" have strived to obtain the American dream through honesty and hard work; there have been those who intentially exploited our efforts and circumvented the rules for their personal gains.
    When you truly embrace the American ideals of honesty and hard work, you expect, no believe, that every one of your fellow americans will believe in the same. Wrapped in that belief we let ourselves get lulled to sleep.
    Thankfully, some of us are waking up from the dream that we the people can trust eletes to perform with the Country's best interest at heart. Well we can't trust them anymore!
    It's time to put and end to their lies! Thank you Reverend Manning!