Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Libertarian Party 2008 National Convention Opens In Denver On May 22nd; Bob Barr Heads A List Of 14 Presidential Candidates

The Libertarian Party will hold their 2008 Libertarian National Convention in Denver, Colorado over Memorial Day weekend from May 22nd through May 26th, 2008. During the convention, nearly 1,000 delegates from around the nation will gather to select their presidential and vice presidential nominees. In addition, delegates will elect new officers and debate possible changes to the national platform and bylaws. Visit the Convention Page of their website for more specific information.

Newsmax asks if Bob Barr (pictured above left) can become the next Ralph Nader. Colorado media coverage posted by the Colorado Daily. Also discussed by ThirdPartyWatch, featuring comments with some useful additional links.

Here is the complete list of the 14 presidential candidates (pictures of candidates and links to their campaign websites available HERE):
- Bob Barr. Former Georgia Republican Congressman.
- Mike Gravel. Former Alaska Democratic Senator
- James Burns. Former chairman of the Nevada Libertarian Party.
- Alden Link. Engineer, businessman.
- John Fihan. Businessman, community activist, philanthropist.
- Dave Hollist. Database manager from San Bernadino, California.
- Daniel Imperato. Businessman from Florida.
- Mike Jingozian. Software company founder from Oregon.
- Steve Kubby. Businessman, marijuana legalization activist, and 1998 Gubernatorial candidate from California.
- Robert Milnes. Progressive activist from New Jersey.
- George Phillies. College professor, 2002 candidate for chair of the Libertarian National Committee, and 1998 Congressional candidate from Massachusetts.
- Wayne Allyn Root. Sports handicapper, author, and TV show host from Nevada.
- Mary Ruwart. Author of Healing Our World, candidate for the Libertarian 1984 presidential nomination and 1992 Vice-Presidential nomination.
- Christine Smith. Humanitarian activist, and writer from Colorado.

The Alaska Libertarian Party has placed YouTube videos of some candidates HERE.

Prediction: Bob Barr is most likely to win the Libertarian presidential nomination. He is best qualified to deliver the libertarian message.

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