Thursday, May 29, 2008

Alaska Congressman Don Young Officially Files For Re-Election, But Republican Challenger Sean Parnell Picks Up Critical Business Endorsement

Less than one week before the official June 2nd filing deadline, Alaska Congressman Don Young finally filed official notice of his intent to seek re-election to his 19th term in the U.S. House of Representatives. Media stories published by the Anchorage Daily News' Alaska Politics blog, the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, KTUU Channel 2, and KTVF Channel 11 in Fairbanks. The Alaska Report website has filed a critical report of this development, but they report from the progressive-populist point of view, so their critical attitude is no surprise. Alaska Report also reminds us that Don Young is still the subject of multiple criminal investigations for bribery; as of April 16th, Young has spent over $1 million in legal fees.

Congressman Young's official U.S. House website is HERE, and his official campaign website can be found HERE. In addition, he has also set up a Facebook profile. Don Young's Wikipedia entry HERE. Latest FEC summaries on all three Republican candidates can be viewed HERE.

Young released the following statement to the media, also replicated on his official campaign website:

"This morning I officially became a candidate for the seat held by Alaska in the U.S. House of Representatives. I hope that this will, once and for all, squash the rumors that I would not and could not run again.

"I am running and I am running hard and I am doing it because I love this State and I have loved representing you for the past 35 years. My work is not done for the State of Alaska just yet. Together, we have done great things for Alaska and together we can accomplish so much more.

"I know I may come off as gruff sometimes, and some think that my methods in Congress are a bit aggressive. But guess what? I'm effective, and my colleagues in Congress on both sides of the aisle always have acknowledged that. We are a huge state with only one representative in the House. The only way anything can get done for our state is to stand up and fight for it, and I've done that well for you all throughout my career.

"We live in a world where liberals from San Francisco are running Congress and their greatest wish is to lock up Alaska and turn it into a national park. Well, that's not happening on my watch, not now and not ever. I have fought long and hard over my career for a state I love and a state I proudly call home. With your support, I look forward to continue standing up for Alaska!"

The statement appears to be somewhat of a backhanded apology for the abrupt attitude occasionally displayed towards Alaskans and the open hostility sporadically displayed towards the mainstream media, particularly the Anchorage Daily News. Ordinarily this would be inconsequential, but this year Congressman Young has serious competition, even within his own party. In addition, Young continues to deteriorate at the polls, as previously discussed HERE and HERE. Click HERE to find out about all other Alaskan candidates for the U.S. House, including campaign websites.

And Young's strongest Republican rival, Lt. Governor Sean Parnell, got a boost today when he picked up the endorsement of the Associated Builders and Contractors of Alaska, according to another post on Alaska Politics. They cited Parnell’s commitment to the free enterprise that encourages individual initiative and creates opportunity, economic growth, and prosperity as plusses.

Sean sees what Alaska can be and realizes how important it is that our federal and state officials work together to achieve goals,” said Mike Samson, owner of Samson Electric and Chairman of the Board for Associated Builders and Contractors, Alaska Chapter. “We see a bright future here and we know he shares that vision.”

ABC Alaska acts as the voice of the construction industry in support of free enterprise in the state. The organization also provides construction industry employers with workforce development and training and the resources to help contractors remain safe and competitive.

Alaskan Public Reaction: The bulk of the public reaction, over 100 comments so far, is posted in response to the Alaska Politics blog. Off the cuff, it appears about two-thirds of respondents are opposed to Don Young, some personally, others from a pure political standpoint. However, the Congressman has some strong defenders, mostly those who believe that a Congressman's primary mission is to get goodies for his state and that Don Young has fulfilled that mission well.

Some of Young's critics penalize him for the fact that he has spent over $1 million in legal fees associated with these Federal investigations so far. But what they fail to consider is that the Federal government is not interested in justice. They use endless open-ended investigations to suck people dry of resources and feed them to America's rapidly-growing gulag. Case in point: Vic Kohring. They not only tried and convicted him, which was fair, but they sucked him dry and destroyed him economically, which is vindictive. These Federal agencies also prolong investigations and pile on endless charges to preserve employability and increase funding; the more "cases" they can show on file, the more money they'll get.

As far as Don Young's re-election chances, they are slim right now. If the Republican primary election were held today, Sean Parnell would win, although not by the landslide projected by the Alaska Report. Don Young will certainly not get the labor vote, but if he can't get the endorsements from the business community, I don't see how he can prevail. The endorsement received today by Sean Parnell portends a dark future for Don Young.

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  1. Actually on that same day, Young was endorsed by statewide labor!

    The Alaska District Council of Laborers are huge supporters of has been a consistent supporter of them: big believe in job creation in AK.
    “Congressman Young has a very strong and consistent record in advocating aggressively on those issues affecting Alaskan workers,” said Tim Sharp, business manager for the union in a statement.