Monday, April 07, 2008

New Mexico Veteran Peter Lynch Convicted In Albuquerque, New Mexico Of "Desecrating" A Mexican Flag On American Soil

On April 1st, 2008, an Albuquerque jury today convicted a University of New Mexico student, Peter Lynch, who hauled down and ripped apart a Mexican flag flying over the campus in October 2007. Full story aired on KRQE Channel 13 in Albuquerque. This story previously discussed HERE and HERE.

The jury heard testimony on Monday March 31st and closing arguments on April 1st. The verdict was returned shortly after noon. Metro Court Judge Clyde DeMersseman then sentenced Lynch to a six-month deferred sentence plus anger management, 48 hours of community service and supervised probation. He also must replace the flag for El Centro de la Raza.

Thanks to GatewayPundit, we also have a YouTube video of KRQE's report:

El Centro de la Raza, a student group that claimed ownership of owned the flag, called it an act of racism, and refused Lynch's offer to replace the flag. But Lynch, 30, a military veteran, stated that he acted out of patriotism, not racism. Nevertheless, jurors agreed with the prosecution that he committed criminal damage to property, a misdemeanor.

However Lynch, who did not testify during the trial, has said it was inappropriate for a foreign flag to be flying alone on U. S. soil. The Mexican flag had been raised with administration permission for a campus event, and it later came out the U. S. flag was missing because of a communication breakdown involving UNM ROTC cadets. Lynch said he alerted UNM officials that the Mexican flag was alone, but no one did anything.

Lynch is not happy with the decision, and plans to appeal. El Centro de la Raza had no comment on the verdict.

But it appears the general public weighed in authoritatively - and differently - on the verdict. In response to an unofficial online poll conducted by KRQE, the public overwhelmingly support Lynch's actions:

76 percent saying it Lynch was right
24 percent saying he was wrong

Commentary: This verdict starkly illustrated the disconnect which exists between the ruling class and the American people. This prosecutor, although he may not realize it, was acting as a "shabbos goy" for the New World Order, imposing globalist colonialism upon America.

There is no way this should ever have come to trial. Peter Lynch offered to replace the flag - El Centro de la Raza should have been compelled to accept the offer. All that was damaged was a flag; no other harm was done. The fact that this came to trial shows that El Centro de la Raza was interested more in vengeance rather than justice.

It looks like the judge tried to mitigate the verdict. He did not sentence Lynch to either incarceration or a monetary fine.

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  1. I live in Albuquerque NEW mexico, and it is a nightmare. The Hispanic "minority" is comprised of more than 55% (not counting the large illegal population), and whites (Anglos as they are called) make up 43%, the rest is native American. If you look at the city government jobs and count who holds power here, you will soon see whites are not hired (unless you want to sweep). La Raza, (the RACE) is a very active racist group that blames whites for all their problem, consequently no white person ever challenges the system. Don't let it happen to your state, or you will soon be out of luck.