Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day 19 Of The Texas FLDS Hostage Crisis - Sign Online Petition To Free The 437 Innocent Kids Held Hostage By Child Protection Commissars

Click HERE to sign the petition to free the 437 innocent Texas FLDS hostages. Yes, "hostages" is now the right word.

Until now, I have given the Texas authorities the benefit of the doubt on the situation involving the Fundamentalist Latter-day Saint (FLDS) community in Eldorado, Texas. It is a complex situation, and based upon the alleged complaint by a 16-year-old girl, there was a real possibility of serial abuse.

However, this situation has gotten completely out of hand. Not only did Texas authorities herd the kids and their mothers into a Guantanamo-style complex at Fort Concho near San Angelo, Texas, but then seized the cell phones of the mothers to preclude any contact with the kids. In other words, the presumption of abuse was imposed upon all the mothers, and the presumption of victimhood extended to all the kids. In addition, Texans apparently can't count; the number of kids has now increased to 437.

Then we learned that not only has no one been able to locate this so-called 16-year-old "victim" who set this train of events in motion, but that a 33-year-old Colorado woman, Rozita Swinton, working hand-in-glove with notorious anti-polygamy fanatic Flora Jessop, may have masqueraded as the "victim". Although Colorado authorities arrested her in Colorado Springs on April 16th, Texas Rangers, who were present for the arrest, refused to press any claims against her and left town. Meanwhile, Swinton was allowed to bail out and has not been heard from since. But the Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph reveals that Swinton not only has a history of making bogus calls, but is also a Barack Obama delegate.

Furthermore, the 50-year-old man accused by this phantom 16-year-old girl of abusing her, Dale Barlow, was specifically cleared of any involvement on April 12th by Texas Rangers when Barlow established beyond any doubt that not only had he not been physically in Texas during the period of question, but could not have been there.

But despite the emergence of an apparent imposter, Texas authorities continue to proceed full speed ahead. Not only do they refuse to consider re-uniting the kids with their mothers, but they intend to place the kids in foster homes. Note that despite the fact that these kids have had NO exposure to our degenerate mass culture, this means they'll likely be forced into our multicultural public schools which teem with gangbangers, whiggers, stoners, goths (like Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris), nancy-boys, and other forms of human detritus WITHOUT ANY PREPARATION OR TRAINING in how to deal with the inevitable conflict which will arise. This is like feeding innocent lambs to hungry lions. This is the REAL abuse. While the kids may or may not have been victims, they are now HOSTAGES.

And now, to add even further insult to injury, the Deseret News reports that 51st District Court Judge Barbara Walther is trying to co-opt the mainstream Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which does not practice polygamy and has no official connection with the FLDS, into playing the role of Stepin Fetchit for the state and "supervise" FLDS prayer sessions. Abilene LDS Stake President Charles L. Webb was absolutely dumbfounded by the judge's proposal and is seeking guidance from LDS Church Headquarters in Salt Lake City. However, a local LDS ward bishop in San Angelo is reportedly supplying the FLDS with copies of the Book of Mormon, which the FLDS use.

Update: On April 22nd, the LDS Church rejected Judge Walther's proposal. See newer post.

You can raise your voice against this oppression. Send a message to Texas authorities that they need to do the right thing and reunite these kids with their parents and allow them to return to the Yearning for Zion ranch. Care2 is running an online petition campaign, called "Free The Innocent FLDS".

Click HERE to go to the Petition Page.

Also take the time to inform yourself of the FLDS perspective on this case. The FLDS Truth website presents information on proper FLDS doctrine and practices. The Captive FLDS Children website presents their perspective about the ongoing situation in Texas. This situation also discussed on Phxnews.com, Libertarian Socialist News, and the Vanguard News Network Forum.

For continuing on-location coverage of this story, I recommend the San Angelo Standard-Times, which has reported in depth and tries to be fair. For a newspaper serving a community of less than 90,000 people, they've done a hell of a job.

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