Saturday, April 26, 2008

Anchorage, Alaska Clobbered By 17.2 Inches Of "Global Warming"; New Record Single-Day Snowfall For April 25th

We Alaskans are not surprised by snowfall in late April. A graphic included with this Anchorage Daily News story shows that it can occur.

And occur it did - with a vengeance. A cold front stalled out over South Central Alaska on April 25th, 2008 and dumped a grand total of 17.2 inches of snow from the time it began through 10 A.M. Alaska Time on April 26th. During April 25th alone, 15.5 inches of that snow fell, shattering the old April 25th single-day record of 1.8 inches set in 1952. The storm also resulted in a new monthly record of 29.7 inches for April. See official National Weather Service statement for a list of snowfall totals throughout other parts of Anchorage as well as the Matanuska-Susitna Valley.

Ironically, the Municipality of Anchorage had already mothballed their snow removal equipment for the season. This was not an unsound decision, as climatology supports it, and any snow falling during late April generally doesn't stick to most major streets and melts completely within 2-3 days. Nevertheless, there was a spate of traffic mishaps, particularly in the Hillside area. Temperatures are above freezing and are expected to rise back into the 40s.

State transportation officials acted quickly. Knowing that the May 1st deadline for removal of studded tires was upon us, they immediately issued a two-week extension of that deadline for areas from Ninilchik northward, which includes the Anchorage Bowl.

KTUU video embedded below:

Of course, the global warming cult is ready with their battery of excuses and, of course, their barrage of petty name-calling. That's because, like the civil rights cult, the Holocaust cult and the anti-tobacco cult, the global warming cult considers their theology inerrant and dissenters to be heretics. One of their excuses is that this snowfall is a "fluke". Right, and I suppose the -70F temperatures at Tok in February were also a "fluke". Sure are a lot of "flukes", aren't there? Perhaps Algore would consider them "inconvenient" flukes. LOL!

There is no dispute that some warming is occurring. The real dispute is whether or not it is unique, and how much human activities may be contributing to it. Is the problem severe enough to force lifestyle changes upon us, particularly when those changes will disproportionately affect those least able to adjust? It is well known that the working class and the poor are disproportionately victimized by environmental activism; when the forests of the Pacific Northwest were declared off-limits because of the spotted owl; it wasn't $200,000 per year lawyers and "consultants" who lost their jobs, but $30,000 per year lumberjacks. Environmental measures add to the cost of countless products, and is responsible for the exponential increase in oil prices. The predominantly university-trained environmentalist lobby nurtures an implicit bias against the working class, and uses the environmental movement to express that bias and impose it as public policy.

Don't be stampeded into global warming hysteria. The website provides links to resources skeptical of those sort of doomsday scenarios. The linked articles are written by a wide variety of people, from scientists to laypeople, and are designed to provide scholarly and measured rebuttals to global warming hysteria. Here is just a small sampling:

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  1. The holocaust, although pinned down by reams upon reams of circumstantial evidence (the Nazi paper trail was obcene) is still open to falsification.

    Thats a subtelty I wish people would grasp, that the Holocaust is both an obvious historical event and a concept that like all others is subject to empirical rigor.

  2. You need to know that Global warming is not just about things heating up. It is about a planet in turmoil with unusual weather events. Torential rains falling in the Las Vegas desert, drought in our agricultural plains states, Orange crop freezing events in Florida and a late April snow fall of 17 inches. Global warming is regetably very real and this event is very much in evidence of supporting it!