Friday, March 07, 2008

Former Anchorage Cop Sammy Cohen Granted Mistrial In Child Porn And Child Molestation Case

Update October 29th, 2009: Sammy Cohen convicted on 16 of 21 different charges in his second trial. Updated post HERE.

The trial of Sammy Cohen, a former Anchorage police officer charged with sexually abusing his daughter and possessing child pornography, was called off on Thursday March 6th, 2008. The jury had been chosen, but had not yet heard testimony. Story published in the Anchorage Daily News (link inactivated) and aired on KTUU Channel 2.

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Superior Judge Michael Wolverton granted the defense request for a mistrial because the circumstances of the case suddenly changed. The state had been unable to find the victim and planned to proceed without her, the prosecution said. But on Wednesday March 5th, they located her. As a result, Cohen's attorney, Andrew Lambert, told the judge he needed time to refashion his defense. No new trial date has been set.

An Anchorage Daily News article published June 24th, 2005 (link inactivated), provides much more background on this case. On June 24th, Cohen, then an 11-year veteran of the Anchorage Police Department, was arrested and charged with sexually abusing his daughter and possessing child pornography. His bail was initially set at $200,000.

The abuse allegedly began in 1999, when his daughter was 12, and continued until 2001, when she moved out of Alaska. Since that time, the daughter, who is now an adult, has lived outside Alaska.

Cohen, 51 years old in 2005, started off as a patrol officer, then was selected to teach at the police training center in South Anchorage, training fellow officers in firearms and defense tactics. He was well-liked by his colleagues and had no history of disciplinary problems. Before joining the department, he was an Army Ranger.

According to court documents and police, detectives began their investigation of Cohen after a federal agency alerted them that he purchased child pornography over the Internet. Anchorage police searched Cohen's home computer and found child porn images. Further interviews and investigation revealed the allegations of abuse against his daughter.

Cohen faced a total of 21 charges: 10 counts of sexually abusing a minor in the second degree; five counts of unlawfully exploiting a minor; and six counts of possessing child pornography.

Court documents said that Cohen made his daughter pose nude for photos and wrestle with him with her shirt off. He bought lingerie for her and told her to try it on. He would have her do pull-ups topless. The daughter told police "he treated her as if she were his mistress rather than his daughter," court documents say.

Cohen told his daughter he was charting the development of her body during puberty, the documents say.

Commentary: This creep lost his job; now he needs to lose his liberty. Hopefully, his daughter will have the courage to testify and put him away.


  1. I hope he hangs but if you were next to him along with other perverts like your buddy and fellow racist, Kevin Alfred Strom, life would be lovely. We could throw in a number of leftists from sites like Insurgent49.

    You highlight his last name but the biggest misfits are right in your own ranks.

    Wife abusers
    child porn
    chilren from one mother and multiply fathers
    drunks/drug abuse

    You name it and it can be found in any number of "white" supremacists homes.

    Which category do you fall in Carl?

    Not that you are really part of their ranks with that ancestory thing hanging over your aging head...

  2. Sounds like a JOODAFT rant Carl! It is a fact that JOO's don't consider child molestion to be a "sin" or a crime. Thier un-holy Talmud allows it! Just remember that when you point a finger you have 3 pointing back at you and your kapo kind!!! One day all of you will will pay when Yahveh God Returns!!! CHOSEN??? HAAAA HAAAAA!!!! Snicker snicker!!!

  3. Judith - you might try visiting the Vanguard News Network Forum and updating your information. Alex Linder has clearly made it known that Kevin Alfred Strom is persona non grata within the white nationalist community and that he would consider banning anyone who promoted him.

    But then again, Judith, you obviously have a vested interest in misrepresenting the WN movement.

  4. As a former Alaska State Trooper, the things we did to get a conviction is beyond belief.

    Stay Safe.

  5. I know this man. I have known him since I was a little girl. I know his daughter. This man is not the man described in this article. Why is it that when the case went to trial his daughter would not testify against her father? Why is it that this case was opened in 2001 and is just now goingto trial in 2009? I will tell you I have known this man for 15 years, he is a good man and father.

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  7. Hmmm... charges filed in 2001 and only now (2009) going to trial??? Look up where you get your information. This "surfaced" in 2005. Things in this manner aren't immediately resolved and I fully believe he is guilty of most charges brought against against him by the state of Alaska

  8. Age 9, the mother puts "the victim" on Ritalin because the girl can't read yet. Age 13, "the victim" is caught taking "lets-dress-like-a-hooker" photos with a girlfriend. Age 14, "the victim" is arrested for theft on a military base. Her mother still has her on Ritalin.
    The father was a career Airborne Ranger medic who retired and became a police officer. His work shift for his whole marriage was nights. The wife or sister was ALWAYS with the "victim" because the wife did not work. There was never a time, according to the wife, that "the victim" was alone with the father because the family did everything together on his days off. The mother also testified that "the victim" did not own any "sexy lingerie"; she would know because she did all the laundry.
    The investigating forensic detective said he had no proof Mr.Cohen TOOK his daughter's nude photos, COPIED them to a computer, COPIED them to a CD, or DELETED the photos. No photos of his daughter were found on his computer(s).
    He was convicted solely on his daughter's accusation; not on any forensic evidence. His daughter provided her mother the original disc of photos while they were in Holland three years before the investigation. If Mr.Cohen took the photos, why did "the victim" have the originals? The Prosecution lost that disc before the trial started.
    Of note: the exwife started this investigation after Mr. Cohen refused a divorce... after he paid for her Master's degree... after he paid for her new car... after she took his IRA/investment accounts that were meant to be used for the children's college.

  9. I think you are as big as a piece of shit as the man who did this to her. Maybe those circumstances are effects of ptsd from what happened and the mother probably put her on the drugs because she didn't understand that her daughters mental state was being destroyed by a sick s.o.b. you are ignorant to see those things as flaws in character when in all reality this girl is a strong and brave individual that should be praised and honored for speaking for those who can't.