Monday, February 18, 2008

While The Kosovo Bandit State Gets Independence And Recognition, Palestine Still Waits

The slow-scale demographic coup mounted by ethnic Albanians over Serbians in the Serbian province of Kosovo over a period of decades finally reached maturity this weekend, as the Kosovo bandit state unilaterally declared "independence". The U.S. government wasted little time in announcing its intent to recognize this "entity". Visit the American Council on Kosovo website for the truth about this bandit state. Pictured above left, celebrations in Pristina. Note the American flags - shows American complicity in another amputation of Serbia.

This bandit state was not established through the "democratic process" that Western nations so incessantly and fatuously rhapsodize about. Instead, its evolution was accelerated through the establishment of a Muslim-dominated terrorist organization known as the Kosovo Liberation Army, which suckered NATO into intervening on their behalf in March 1999, when Bomber Bill Clinton launched a 78-day carpet-bombing terror campaign in Serbia to persuade the legally-constituted government of Serbia to abandon its sovereign rights in its now-stolen province.

NATO's attack on the then-Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in March 1999 was blatantly illegal from any standpoint, so its organizers tried to present it as a moral obligation, a "humanitarian intervention" to save ethnic Albanians from purported "genocide." Indeed, the KLA terrorists, having watched Jewish supremacists play the Holocaust card so skillfully and relentlessly for the previous 55 years, tried a little Holocaustianity of their own, claiming that Serbs were "ethnically cleansing" Albanians. Hysterical claims of up to 800,000 "victims" were being tossed around like sacks of potatoes.

But, as Nebojsa Malic reveals in a May 2006 article published by, the truth was considerably different. There was no genocide – not of Albanians, anyway. Instead, the Serb, Turk, Roma, Ashkali, and Jewish communities of Kosovo were almost completely wiped out by the Muslim-dominated "Kosova Liberation Army" terrorists, acting under NATO's patronage. In addition to brutal murders aimed at forcing people to flee, hundreds of churches were destroyed, cemeteries desecrated, villages erased from the map; homes were torched and property stolen. And this was all after NATO's "liberation" of Kosovo.

But the fast-tracking of the Kosovo independence scheme not only reveals the hypocrisy of the disparate treatment of Albanians and Serbs, but also the disparate standard of evaluation between Kosovo and Palestine. It's true that individual Palestinian suicide bombers have intruded upon Israeli territory and have detonated themselves, killing Israeli citizens. But Palestinians have not attempted a wholesale ethnic cleansing campaign against Israelis after the manner of the Albanian ethnic cleansing campaign against Serbs in Kosovo. Indeed, a small group of Israeli settlers have lived deep in Palestinian territory, in the midst of the city of Hebron for many years now, with only minimal problems. Yet Kosovo gets fast-tracked, while Palestine gets hamstrung by Israel, the U.S., and the EU.

And a legal advisor to the Palestinian negotiating team engaging in talks with Israel has taken note of this contradiction. In an article published in the Arab News, John V. Whitbeck asks the question, if Kosovo, why not Palestine? Here is an excerpt from the article:

As expected, Kosovo has now issued its unilateral declaration of independence, and the United States and most European Union countries, with which this declaration was coordinated, are rushing to extend diplomatic recognition to this "new country", a course of action which should strike anyone with an attachment to either international law or common sense as breathtakingly reckless.

The potentially destabilizing consequences of this precedent (which the US and the EU insist, bizarrely, should not be viewed as a precedent) have been much discussed with reference to other unhappy portions of other internationally recognized sovereign states with strong separatist movements practicing precarious but effective self-rule, such as Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Transniestria, Ngorno-Karabakh, Bosnia's Republika Srpska, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Iraqi Kurdistan, as well as to discontented minorities elsewhere. One potentially constructive consequence has not yet been discussed.

The American and EU impatience to sever a portion of a UN member state (universally recognized, even by them, to constitute a portion of that state's sovereign territory), ostensibly because 90 percent of those living in that portion of the state's territory support separation, contrasts starkly with the unlimited patience of the US and the EU when it comes to ending the 40-year-long belligerent occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (no portion of which any country recognizes as Israel's sovereign territory and as to which Israel has only even asserted sovereignty over a tiny portion, occupied East Jerusalem). Virtually every legal resident of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip seeks freedom - and has for over 40 years. For doing so, they are punished, sanctioned, besieged, humiliated and, day after endless day, killed by those who claim to stand on the moral high ground.

In American and EU eyes, a Kosovar declaration of independence from Serbian sovereignty should be recognized even if Serbia does not agree. However, their attitude was radically different when Palestine declared independence from Israeli occupation on Nov. 15, 1988. Then the US and the EU countries (which, in their own eyes, constitute the "international community", to the exclusion of most of mankind) were conspicuously absent when over 100 countries recognized the new State of Palestine, and their nonrecognition made this declaration of independence purely "symbolic" in their own eyes and, unfortunately, in most Palestinian and other eyes as well.

For the US and the EU, any Palestinian independence, to be recognized and effective, must still be directly negotiated, on a wildly unequal bilateral basis, between the occupying power and the occupied people - and must be agreed to by the occupying power. For the US and the EU, the rights and desires of a long-suffering and brutalized occupied people, as well as international law, are irrelevant.

For the US and the EU, Kosovar Albanians, having enjoyed almost nine years of UN administration and NATO protection, cannot be expected to wait any longer for their freedom, while the Palestinians, having endured over 40 years of Israeli occupation, can wait forever.

Read the rest of the article

Although it would have been useful for Whitbeck to address how the Kosovo issue continues to strain relations between the U.S. and traditional Serbian ally Russia, that aspect probably was not within the intended purview of his analysis. In any event, Whitbeck does expertly and eloquently addresses the dichotomy nonetheless.

But like so many analysts, Whitbeck fails to peek more fully behind the curtain. Had he done so, he would have noticed another important anomaly; the preponderance of Jewish neoconservatives in positions of influence within the Bush Administration. And not merely Jewish neocons, but DUAL-CITIZEN Jewish neocons. This means they hold citizenship in BOTH Israel AND the United States. How can Palestine or Serbia have a snowball's chance in hell of being heard in Washington when screened out by that type of influence? A verified list of prominent Jewish neocons in government can be found on the Viewzone website.

Perhaps the ethnicity of the neocons would not be of concern if we pursued a more balanced foreign policy in the Middle East. But the sad fact is that our foreign policy remains significantly tilted in favor of Israel. Detractors will point to Wye River and Annapolis as so-called proof of "balance", but the fact is that neither Wye River and Annapolis were ever intended to succeed, but were used primarily as window dressing to create the illusion of balance. We must understand that the Israeli security is absolutely dependent upon Palestinian liberty; one cannot exist without the other. Whether the final solution is bi-national or a single federated state, it must recognize and incorporate this principle.

And one final note: Our recognition of the bandit state of Kosovo could set us up for similar action against us in the future. Just as the Albanians stole Kosovo from the Serbs through mass immigration, Latin Americans are stealing the Southwest from us through mass immigration. What's to stop La Raza from declaring an independent Aztlan state in the Southwest sometime in the near future? And what incentive would Serbia - and even Russia have - not to extend diplomatic recognition to it. Blowback can be a bitch, folks.


  1. Carl, why should you care about some guy that calls his self a palestinian and you need to do some research about dual citizenship.

    I highly doubt you care about Serbia because aren't you suppose to be some sort of "nationalist"? Don't "nationalist" stay out of other countries problems?
    Kind of odd don't you think?

    It ain't just the Jews there Shecky! Like I said, do a little research before you start posting. You just look...actually you always look uniformed.

  2. It's very queer(actually, maybe not) of you to fall in with the rest of the uneducated people who feel so very sorry for the arabs who call themselves Palestinians. Don't you find it odd that for 2,000 years the so-called Palestinians never yearned for nationhood or wanted Jerusalem to be their capital of a country they called home? They never had a government, never had a leader even, never had a currency, never had borders, never had a language(unless you consider the original Hebrew, which...), Palestinians don't exist and they never did. Those people are arab muslims and they have 22 countries already in the mid-east. Get off the Jews, throw your copy of The Protocols away and stop making Alaskans look like idiots.

  3. Dear anonymous,

    anchorage activist aka Carl Loerbs cares nothing about anyone that he doesn't consider "white".
    Although he probably isn't what some of his buddies consider "white".
    He just brings up the Jews because it makes him feel powerful.
    Some day he will have his own day of the rope like that bald wife abuser Jim Leshkevich in New York.

  4. Kosovo always has been non-Serbian in modern history. It was forcibly annexed to Serbia in the 1910s. Serbia engaged in ethnic cleansing and tried to crush it twice in the 20th century: in the 1920s and 1990s. It is hardly a bandit state, and it was quite legal and justified for NATO to come to the aid of Kosovo to help drive out the Serbian invaders.