Monday, January 14, 2008

YouTube Video: Alaska Ron Paul Supporters Sign Waving In Downtown Anchorage On New Hampshire Caucus Day

Alaska's intrepid band on Ron Paul supporters continue to wage friendly political war on behalf of the one Presidential candidate who places the constitution first and foremost. On the day of the New Hampshire caucuses, the Anchorage Meetup Group was out on the streets of downtown Anchorage, in single digit temperatures, showing their support and taking the gospel of liberty to AnchorTowners. And they recorded it on video:

Details on past and future activities on the Anchorage Ron Paul Meetup Group can be found HERE. Visit the RonPaulAlaska website for information on all Ron Paul activities and meetup groups within the state.

Although Ron Paul is a Republican candidate, the Alaska Libertarian Party has taken the lead in organizing support for him. The latest batch of Michigan polls, posted on RealClearPolitics, show Ron Paul in fourth place ahead of Giuliani and Thompson leading up to the January 15th Michigan primary.

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