Friday, December 07, 2007

We Alaskans Like Our "Antifreeze": Men's Health Says Anchorage, Alaska Is The Second Most "Drunk" City In The United States

While viewing the Anchorage Daily News website, I happened upon an interesting item in their Alaska Newsreader section. We're a bunch of damn drunks here in Anchorage, according to a report published in the December 2007 issue of Men's Health magazine.

America's second "drunkest" city, to be precise. A listing in Men's Health magazine puts Anchorage No. 2 on the list of what it calls the country's "drunkest cities." Denver tops the list in the report, which includes an interactive map detailing booze stats from the 100 cities considered.

A closer examination of Anchorage shows how we were categorically graded:

(1) Alcohol Liver Disease (ALD) Deaths: Ranked 79
(2) Binge Drinking: Ranked 90
(3) DUI: Ranked 75
(4) Fatal Crashed: Ranked 71
(5) Laws: Ranked 98

The last number is significantly influenced by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), the nation's self-appointed, self-proclaimed alcohol police (who, by the way, have yet to react officially to this report). The fact is, no one can ever possibly pass enough laws to make MADD happy, because they have a vested financial interest in keeping the DUI problem alive. MADD now claims that for every drunk driver caught, 88 others escape scrutiny (ridiculous). Nevertheless, we look for reasonable opportunities to strengthen our laws, particularly as newer technology evolves, and so Rep. Kevin Meyer (R-Anchorage) introduced HB19 last session, a driver's license iginition interlock bill. It will be re-introduced during the 2008 session to begin in January.

In searching the web, I found that Men's Health has performed this survey before. In 2004, their survey found that Denver was the most drunk city once again, with Anchorage third. However, a similar survey by Forbes magazine in 2006 to identify the 35 most drunk cities put Milwaukee at number one, and Anchorage didn't even make the list. So the results of this type of survey will vary significantly depending upon sample size and methodology.

Men's Health says it based its report on numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drunken driving arrests, fatal accidents involving drunks and MADD's report card on states' efforts to cut down on excessive drinking. Durham, N.C., and Miami were at the other end of the list.

And here's the list itself, starting with the most "drunk" city:

100 Denver, CO F
99 Anchorage, AK F
98 Colorado Springs, CO F
97 Omaha, NE F
96 Fargo, ND F
95 San Antonio, TX F
94 Austin, TX F
93 Fresno, CA F
92 Lubbock, TX F
91 Milwaukee, WI F
90 El Paso, TX F
89 Spokane, WA F
88 Washington, DC F
87 Columbia, SC F
86 St. Louis, MO D-
85 Bakersfield, CA D-
84 San Diego, CA D
83 Cheyenne, WY D
82 Aurora, CO D
81 Houston, TX D
80 Portland, OR D
79 Seattle, WA D
78 Boise, ID D
77 Tucson, AZ D+
76 Dallas, TX D+
75 Jacksonville, FL D+
74 Toledo, OH D+
73 Madison, WI D+
72 Oakland, CA D+
71 Modesto, CA D+
70 Billings, MT D+
69 Fremont, CA D+
68 Oklahoma City, OK D+
67 San Francisco, CA D+
66 Sacramento, CA D+
65 Los Angeles, CA D+
64 Phoenix, AZ D+
63 Albuquerque, NM D+
62 Chicago, IL D+
61 Providence, RI D+
60 Fort Wayne, IN C-
59 Manchester, NH C-
58 Charleston, WV C-
57 Burlington, VT C-
56 Lincoln, NE C-
55 Corpus Christi, TX C-
54 Des Moines, IA C-
53 Indianapolis, IN C-
52 Pittsburgh, PA C-
51 Honolulu, HI C-
50 St. Paul, MN C
49 Tampa, FL C
48 Greensboro, NC C
47 Las Vegas, NV C
46 Baltimore, MD C
45 Riverside, CA C
44 Norfolk, VA C
43 Detroit, MI C+
42 Arlington, TX C+
41 Grand Rapids, MI C+
40 San Jose, CA C+
39 St. Petersburg, FL C+
38 Nashville, TN C+
37 Charlotte, NC C+
36 Wilmington, DE C+
35 Orlando, FL C+
34 Minneapolis, MN C+
33 Kansas City, MO C+
32 Fort Worth, TX C+
31 Tulsa, OK C+
30 Anaheim, CA B-
29 Wichita, KS B-
28 Lexington, KY B-
27 Philadelphia, PA B-
26 Montgomery, AL B-
25 Rochester, NY B-
24 Raleigh, NC B
23 Cincinnati, OH B
22 Louisville, KY B
21 Bangor, ME B
20 Memphis, TN B
19 Boston, MA B
18 Hartford, CT B+
17 Sioux Falls, SD B+
16 Birmingham, AL B+
15 Baton Rouge, LA B+
14 Columbus, OH B+
13 Cleveland, OH B+
12 Atlanta, GA B+
11 Newark, NJ B+
10 Jersey City, NJ B+
9 Richmond, VA B+
8 New York, NY B+
7 Little Rock, AK A-
6 Salt Lake City, UT A-
5 Yonkers, NY A-
4 Jackson, MS A
3 Buffalo, NY A
2 Miami, FL A
1 Durham, NC A

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