Thursday, December 13, 2007

KTUU Channel 2's Democratic "Unscientific" Poll Shows Barack Obama A Winner, But Alaska's "Favorite Son" Mike Gravel Finished Fourth

In a poll conducted Wednesday, December 12th, 2007, Channel 2 News asked viewers who they'll support in Alaska's Democratic caucus. Illinois Senator Barack Obama prevailed over the other Democratic front-runners. Notice that Channel 2 didn't call Obama a "fringe" candidate.

The poll question: Which Democratic presidential candidate will you support in Alaska's caucus?

Barack Obama - 30 percent
Hillary Clinton - 24 percent
John Edwards - 14 percent
Mike Gravel - 11 percent
Dennis Kucinich - 7 percent
Bill Richardson - 7 percent
Joseph Biden - 5 percent
Chris Dodd - 2 percent

"Favorite son" Mike Gravel, a former U.S. Senator from Alaska, finished an impressive fourth. All polls conducted by Channel 2 News and are unscientific, however, KTUU's statewide dominance of broadcast media assures their polls are reasonably representative.

Ironically, on the same day, KTUU also reported that Obama is opening up a state campaign office here in Anchorage, so news of this poll will probably vindicate that decision in his mind. It has to be good news to him, since the latest batch of Presidential polls, some as recent as December 8th, show Hillary with a healthy margin over Obama, except in New Hanpshire, where she leads him by only one percentage point. The December 8th ABC News/Washington Post poll shows Hillary with a 30-point lead over Obama, but I question whether that's representative.

The National Journal, which evaluates candidates holistically based upon a combination of organization, money, "buzz", and polling, claims the overall gap between the two is narrowing.

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