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April Gaede, Prussian Blue, And The Truth About The U.K. Channel 4 Documentary "Nazi Pop Twins"

-Prussian Blue-

Many of you have undoubtedly heard of the "Nazi Pop Twins" documentary on the Gaede Family, and, in particular, the white nationalist pop group known as Prussian Blue. This documentary was produced earlier this year and was aired in July 2007 by the United Kingdom's Channel Four. The Scotsman published a review of the documentary on July 14th.

Of course, anti-racists completely misrepresented the documentary, just as they have misrepresented the entire family over the years. Last year I discussed how the Gaede family, shortly after moving to Kalispell, Montana, were targeted with a vigilante campaign by a nosy neighbor, which ultimately fell flat as other neighbors realized the Gaedes were productive citizens making a positive contribution to the community. They were also further smeared in a "report" on KXLY, a Spokane television station.

The documentary was broken down into five segments and uploaded to YouTube. Unfortunately, YouTube removed the videos for a "violation of terms of use". This, of course, is known as censorship, and while they have the right to do so, is clearly cowardly on their part.

However, all is not lost. I discovered a version of the Nazi Pop Twins documentary as a Google video - all 49 minutes of it. And you can view it by clicking on the link below (I haven't figured out how to embed it):

Click HERE to watch entire 49-minute Google video of "Nazi Pop Twins" documentary.

Both April Gaede and Mark Neufeldt provided some postgame analysis on Stormfront. Here are several of their most defining posts:

April Gaede: A few points about the lies told in just this ONE particular article and how the suckpoop producer totally misrepresented what happened.

Okay just a few of the lies are:

1. HE was the one trying to get us to agree to make a music video and WE said no we work with Murrey Media we wont make a video with you.

2. The girls NEVER claimed to be nazis and neither did I claim they were.

3. If I was so controlling how come I allowed them to interview the girls without being present?

4. My mom has beginning stages of Alzheimers and some serious mental problems which we spoke about before filming and they agreed not to interview her, but then snuck around later when we were not home, came into the house, accused her of being a nazi and she freaked out, trying to defend herself. A few years ago she told some TV people that she was dying of cancer and had months to live. Most of her claims are the rantings of a scared old lady, shame on them Heres a REALLY HUGE lie.

5. The girls NEVER wrote a song about the Holocaust, ever. Where do they get off saying that the girls wrote songs about the Holocaust??

6. I said over and over when asked about the girls future in music that it was "up to them, ask them".

7. He asked me if I would mind the girls not being political and I said, "as long as they are not race traitors I don't mind what they do, I realize politics are not for everyone".

8. I stated that we moved to Montana to be out of the media spotlight, not to try to push their career, they could do that when they are older if they like. How convenient that he left that part out of the interview.

This asshole tried to accuse my kids of horrendous things in front of their school friends after promising not to deal with politics when the other kids were around, then putting them on the spot. They girls were not in the mood to explain all our beliefs and argue them right then, they just wanted to show they aren't hateful. I felt the girls could handle the situation and didn't realize that they [the producers] would be so devious.

And here's another post by April Gaede from a separate Stormfront thread:

April Gaede: James and his crew, photographer Patrick and assistant and bed buddy Lina Prestwood came to our home and my parents home claiming they wanted to do an unbiased account of the truth about what we believed and how we lived. James even said on numerous times, "April, I see your point and I agree with a lot of what you have to say". I knew from previous experiance that these blokes are lying sellouts but I did think that possibly he would try to make it a bit edgy by trying to show that we actually DID make sense about some issues.

When they first arrived in California to shoot on my dad's ranch Lina was complaining that she had to throw her bag of weed (pot) away when she boarded the plane. Apparently her father is a big grower of illegal weed in Germany. The Mestizos had been growing pot on our ranch (that was one of the things my dad was complaining about since the local police wouldnt run them off) and so he got her a bag of buds and they were oh so happy. The next day they came back and Quinn, who is married to a schoolteacher in London, bragged to my dad about how they got high and how he "banged Lina all night long". It was even obvious to my daughters who at one point asked, "mom are James and Lina married or engaged?" it was so obvious that they were lovers. When they were not with Patrick they would ALWAYS show up hours late and we would end up sitting there waiting for them, they would show up all flustered and it was ONLY too obvious what they had been up to.

My dad took them shooting on the ranch and we had them to dinner numerous times. My dad was very disappointed that they were so disingenous about their beliefs and such fakers.

They set us up to have the girls perform at a place in Fresno that had an open mic night. I asked him if they had told them who we were and he said he had but they were "cool with it". I got lost and called the place for directions, Club Fred, only to hear a message on their answering machine about how they were going to "not let the girls perform and give the nazis a welcome they wouldn't soon forget"... those asshole film guys were going to let us be attacked and catch it all on film!!!

So instead we went to another place where Lamb and Lynx played. Everything was great until "someone" decided to get the bartender all riled up and as we were leaving she threw a fit about how she didnt want racists in the bar. We were already going out the door so I told her to not get her panties in a bunch. She called the police and the local media and made a huge issue out of it, even though the song the girls performed was a friggin Bob Dylan song!!! It was all over the local news. I asked James to make sure that he mentioned that the bar open mic was ALL HIS IDEA since I dont have my kids perform at things like that normally, we just did it for the camera. He said he would make that clear but I highly doubt it.

And in response to rumours that there is a rift between the girls and April Gaede, or that the girls are considering "renouncing" their ideas, April Gaede thoroughly spikes that notion in this post, same thread as the preceding:

April Gaede: I was raised by a father who was obviously racially aware and who raised me to be proud of being white. And like most teenagers I questioned what my father taught me, especially when I was younger and realized how unpopular our beliefs were at school.

Out in the world though I quickly came to the opinion that my father was right and correct in his thinking, and the more of the multicultural world I experienced the more I realized my father was on to something and I eventually became even such a racialist that I became an activist.

I believe that all children who are worth their salt question what they are taught by their parents, their schools and their government and they use their own personal experiences to shape their own belief system. If my children just repeated everything I believe, hook line and sinker, I would think they were dull and simplistic minded. But they are not, and whether they decide to become activists (which is what they mean when they say White Nationalist) or just proud white people it will be their choice in the end.

Lamb and Lynx have experienced more scrutiny than most politicians running for high office. I think they have held up as well as could be expected considering that most every thing they have said, no matter how innocent or reasonable has been twisted into some sinister and evil thing by the media.

Lamb and Lynx have not solidified their belief system or their ideology yet. They are only 15 years old. They are still in the process of finding out "who they are" so to speak and what they believe to be true. I can only do as any parent does, guide my children to the truth as I see it and then let them decide for themselves.

Keep in mind that James hammered on those girls for hours and days to try to get a reaction from them that he could use to try to prove his point. He has no children of his own and obviously no understanding of the parent child bond, hoping that he could somehow CAUSE a rift between us.

And finally, stepfather Mark Neufeldt weighs in:

Mark Neufeldt: Lamb and Lynx decided to do this documentary (yes, you read that correctly: Lamb and Lynx, and only Lamb and Lynx had the final say in appearing in this documentary) because they believed it might help some kids, like their young friends, to see who we really are and to look beneath the surface of the ugliness of what those same white kids are being told they are - both individually and collectively (by government, schools, and media) - to see the possibility of each of us being more. To their credit, they have learned a different calculus than Paris Hilton and Angelina Jolie.

Though the girls have denounced the “cult of Hitler worship” countless times in print and have made every effort to place admiration for the past in proper historical context, the ruse is played out void of any qualification again because “the bogey man” still scares people (though we may yet have our Wizzard of Oz moment). And that’s the bottom line for these “artistes; James was more interested in a “gotcha moment” than he was in telling a story (too bad he didn‘t help create a real gotcha moment, unmasking a media boss).

He set up situations where the girls and April could have easily been killed because he wanted “conflict”. Did he have no moral reservations about getting people seriously injured or killed so he could get a “good shot”? We prevented those situations from turning ugly, not the “professionals.”

The girls are not interested in multiculturalism. They had the choice to live in a very multicultural environment and rejected it. They had the opportunity to earn a substantial amount of money by rejecting everything they knew to be true in pursuit of a “mainstream” career. They are pursuing the only cause that is worth fighting for in this world and they deserve our respect and admiration.

So as you can see, the family is a normal family with a couple of kids who are grappling with the additional challenge of celebrity status, accepting the benefits and bearing the burdens equally incumbent on such status. The hate directed towards this family is irrational, and is probably driven by the fact that the antis cannot abide the thought that this family does NOT cotton to the traditional stereotypes of white nationalists. Diversity and multiculturalism have gone far beyond being merely "enticing" options and are now incessantly promoted and proselytized and ruthlessly enforced nearly as much as Catholicism was during the Inquisition.

If diversity and multiculturalism are so natural and so "righteous", why the hard sell? The truth never needs statutory protection.


  1. This sounds like racist bullshit! How dare anyone see it as anything else. How embarrassing it is to see anyone defending this family, mainly the mother! I am completely confused as to why the hell anyone would think they are NOT racist trash. The mother is clearly racist, and throwing her views on impressionable young girls who have no idea what the hell the real world is about. I hope they marry black men. Fucking idiots.

  2. Yeah, basically what the parents are doing is called child abuse. They are using these kids for evil purposes. Someone call CPS, please. Racial pride doesn't mean wearing a swastika on your belt (yes, their father does this). Frankly, I don't think any race has much to be proud of. Other than maybe the HUMAN race. All cultures have done both great things and atrocious things. I suppose you can be proud of your heritage or culture, but within 150,000 years of human history and pre-history, why choose some 12-year chunk of time when people were mindlessly killing LOTS of other people, is that really something to be proud of? And don't tell me it was genocide in support of some greater good. That's like terrorists saying they bomb internet cafes because the internet is morally corrupt. Excuse me, but isn't murder more morally corrupt than looking at web-porn? Someone please hurry up and find me a new planet to move to as it's becoming increasingly clear that the inhabitants of this one are neither intellectually nor psychologically developed enough for me to hang around anymore. Cripes!

  3. "Violation of terms of use" has nothing to do with censorship. It means that whoever posted the video did so without permission of the owners of said video. Whoever posted the video should have at least tried to get permission from the owner.

  4. The Left wing are the true "haters" and "intolerant" ones. If you disagree with them, they lie (which is second nature to them) and defame you. BTW, to the commie fags below me, people who consistently accuse others of "racism" are usually anti-White racists themselves. I'm glad to see this author expressing an interest in truth for a change. Always remember, the Left wing HATES truth. God bless Prussian Blue and their mother for teaching her children a Positive message instead of mainstream Materialism, selfish desires, and perverse Marxist social norms of today.

    PS- The day these two young ladies marry black men will probably be the same day there is ice skating in Hell, or around the same time I take in a beast (negro) as a wife.

  5. I'm indifferent on this. Obviously I'm entierly against racism and anything so ignorant and generalizing. However, I have pride for my heritage (Scotland) and I'm thinking if there's anything different in it. I'm not sure. Of course, Scotland isn't known for genocide and I'm sure Robert the Bruce never wanted to create a 'new world order'. Also, I'm sure these parents are idiots (as you can tell just by reading the article) but it seems as though the girls may be learning a lesson... seems at least.

    Also, to IrishSon, I'm sure you could skate in the ninth circle of Hell pretty easily if you were in Dante's Inferno. And you're an idiot.

    1. Thank you for explaining pride over belief in superiority.

  6. Wow! Between the embarrassment that is Sarah Palin, your disgusting vitriol, and some of the commentary on this site, I am glad I'm far away from the cold and vapid whole where you live. Float off into your racist abyss and let our national IQ be raised and saved.

  7. Does anyone know why Lynx was hospitalized?

  8. The documentary was filmed by James Quinn in a deliberately negative way. Reading how he set up the music venue sounds even worse. April Gaede was very patient with him, perhaps too patient.
    The previous documentary, by Louis Theroux, was filmed in a more humorous, ironical style. Interesting that the part jewish Theroux should have given a humorous, more positive portrayal than the sly, jesuitical Quinn.

  9. What kind of a country is this where I can't hate a man unless he's the same color as me?

  10. Are the girls even still playing? I heard they were doing a festival overseas recently, but have not heard about any recordings, etc...

  11. I like April Gaede. The f wits posting as "anonymous" at top of comments are the type to abuse their children, by raising them to be self-hating, bland, witless globalist spawn instead of proud people with a heart and a future.

  12. I´d love to see these girls sucking cocks, being assfucked and swallowing cumshots in an interracial gangbang. And their ugly fuckin cunt mother watching all the time.

  13. April, you are an absolute mess and I hope whatever formed your intolerant views gets solved before you pass on in your life. Your daughters could teach you a great deal about tolerance and humankind, you should listen to them since they listened to you for a long time. Pride is pride but belief in superiority is not preservation it's a mistake, the world works a certain way and its up to us to have either a proper perspective on how things are or a convoluted belief of how they should be. Superiority and its ideals fall under the latter. Live how you want to live but hate for the way someone is born is not worth your valuable time and effort. Life isn't a dress rehearsal, it's the real thing.