Monday, November 12, 2007

Preview Of National Geographic Channel's "American Skinheads", To Air On November 14th

Once again, the mainstream media has decided to do one of their periodic "exposes" on the white nationalist movement. This time, it's National Geographic's turn; they will air their program "American Skinheads" on the National Geographic Channel on Wednesday November 14th at 9:00 P.M. Pacific time. Omnibus editions will air at 12 A.M. November 15th, and at 6 P.M. November 17th. Predictably, they've singled out "skinheads" as the target.

This is, of course, because skinheads jack up the Nielsens a lot more than the courtly and scholarly Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, the bespectacled, professorial Billy Roper of White Revolution, the politically-savvy Dr. David Duke, or even Alex Linder of the Vanguard News Network. Skinheads have somehow become almost uniquely associated with violence, based on a few highly-publicized malcontents who capture the public eye. Violence sells in America; thanks to media manipulation, Americans respond more to emotion that to reason.

In a post on the NGC Blog, executive producer Mike Sinclair discusses his intentions and objectives in producing this documentary. He starts out by referring to the murder of Randy Townsend by several Tacoma skinheads four years ago, and travels the country in search of answers as to how the skinhead movement has progressed since that time. Among his stops: A concrete bunker in Warsaw, Indiana, a skinhead St. Patrick’s Day celebration, fight training in a small gym in the Baltimore suburbs, the screaming "hate" of a band’s practice session in California. But Sinclair and his crew wanted to get beyond the external appearances of "angry kids with shaved heads on talk shows throwing chairs", and take a hard look at skinhead culture from the inside. To do that they wanted to let the skins explain themselves.

And what did Sinclair find? While a few skinheads, like Orange County, California, musician Martin Cox still defend the use of violence to further the cause, most others call for a fundamental shift in tactics. Leading the way is Tom Metzger of White Aryan Resistance. Today Metzger is calling for skinheads to throw off the traditional symbols of the culture, grow their hair out, cover up their tattoos and assimilate into mainstream society… and wait for the right time to strike. And Sinclair focuses on two crews who are embracing that strategy. The Keystone State Skinheads based in Pennsylvania and the Maryland Skinheads based in Baltimore, are both renouncing violence, and are reinventing their clubs as political organizations. They have their sights squarely set on reaching the mainstream and are using every tool at their disposal to do so. They have toned down the rhetoric and shaped the message to appeal to a larger audience. It seems to be working, using tools like the Internet, and a growing music scene, they are reaching record numbers with their message.

Here is a YouTube video showing a preview of "American Skinheads".

On the aforementioned NGC Blog, several individuals have already told their stories in brief. Here is a representative sampling of comments:

Lexander Z.:
Your generalizations and over reactionary descriptions in this article aside. The White American Nationalist Skinhead is not the threat to our society you make him out to be, nor is he a stupid vulgarian opting for violence first. He is reactionary to his environment and DEFENSIVE in action at this time. The numbers of "White Nationalist Skin" inside the United States are far lower than those of nearly any single nationwide street gang currently. (Although these numbers are growing thanks in part to people growing tired of gays, illegals, social progressives, and liberals destroying the fabric of a society that at one time knew a God, European thought and family tradition, as well as knew its heritage and its value.)

The "acts" of violence which you choose to display as giant in numbers are also very small in size comparatively. When held real comparison, the "acts" against Whites are seven to one in favor of these so called "minority" races and their street gangs that seem to "own" our cities landscapes. Few, (if any at all) Skinheads or their "Crews" generate their monies from drugs, prostitution, robbery, or any other illegal endeavor. These are simply men and women who have had enough and choose to defend their own folk, their cause, and or their ideas against odds that would bring out cowardice in those who would be willing to bend to simple opinions of a liberal culture striving to globalize itself to the level of even breeding its races out of existence.

The Proud White Skinhead IS, has been, and always will be political. He is changing, but only in the way that he WAS the front-line of a losing battle for ground which some of our folk have not seen sliding away yet. They ARE beginning to realize that the cliff edge is closer than they have been told, and the fight might actually be something we cannot avoid. This front-line will be required to stand at that point, but the brotherhood, faith, and heritage preserved until then is not a "camouflage", but simply another duty held by a racialist fighter.

Posted by Lexander Z. November 9, 2007 8:54 PM

Eric H.:
I have a suggestion for the contributors and editors of National Geographic, mostly a first-rate periodical: How about writing an article based on the statistical reality of interracial violence, rather than one based on unfounded, politically-biased anxieties of trouble-making groups like the ADL? I can't even remember the last time (if ever there was a first time) I saw a group of White Power advocates hanging around, making life dangerous for nonwhites. If you want me to relate every time in my life when I've seen nonwhites accosting, stealing from, cursing, or otherwise abusing white people, there isn't enough space in this comment box. Fewer people today are fooled by the rhetoric and cliches about white "racists" when they clash so completely with the reality we all experience on a daily basis.

Posted by Eric H. November 9, 2007 11:02 PM

I think it is safe to say that there would be more violence from a visit to your local bar/club on a weekend night as opposed to Skinhead violence....Lets put it into a real world example shall we.....The pitbull family of dogs get a bad reputation from being a very violent and dangerous dog....and some are trained this way no doubt...but out of all the millions of dogs that may bite someone, what are the pitbulls the ones that make the papers...not the other types.

So to put this in line It is safe to say people have fear of the skinhead due to hollywood stereotypes.....A perfect example would be the movie american history x

I think I would be a lot more worried about some of the minority gangs like crips, bloods and MS13

Posted by Dustin November 10, 2007 8:32 AM

Keith from Queens:
I'm a Skinhead and I vote. . . I also have a large and healthy family and am aging into a respectable and powerful member of my community. I still can't fathom how the one sided portrayal of a social movement is acceptable simply because media feel threatened by clothing and haircuts. The rhetoric is no more violent, after all, than most hip-hop and reaches far fewer people. What is the raw number of Skinhead related violent acts per year anyway? Ten? Fifteen? Of those most are scuffles anyway. I guess national geographic is willing to stoop to the same low as CNN and FOX in that they will take innocuous events and activities and hype them into Earth shattering catastrophes. Hey, you wanna know what's really dangerous? The government of CHINA. Worst human rights abuser on the planet, yet America's largest trading partner. Tens of thousands killed every year by their party run communist government, yet you devote time to demonizing guys who are trying to make their lives better. Thanks a lot, but hold the trash.

Posted by Keith from Queens November 11, 2007 6:14 PM

From the comments above, one can see that most skinheads don't go out looking for or initiating trouble. But if trouble comes to them, they don't run from it. They fight back. And why shouldn't they? People start trouble because they think they can get away with it. Many guys will give up their wallets to a punk; many girls likewise will give up their virtue to a rapist. And this reflects advice given by cops themselves; better to give up the cash or the gash than to give up your life.

Skinheads don't see it that way - and neither do many other Americans. Fighting back is always an option. Troublemakers need to know that the coast isn't clear just because the cops aren't around.

But the big driver is race. As a result of the perversion of the civil rights movement, equality got transformed into preference. White politicians began caving in to extortionate demands by self-proclaimed black leaders. This provided a false sense of enpowerment to blacks, which quickly was copied by feminists, Hispanics, and now homosexuals. Blacks didn't just lose their fear of whites - they also lost respect as well.

Skinheads do not necessarily seek to instill fear back into blacks, but they do demand respect and will settle for nothing less. Channon Christian and Emily Haddock, as well as the countless other victims of black-on-white crime, deserve that much, at least


  1. Very good post. I never ceases to amaze me how much time, money and resources they spend on making whites look bad. They will never mention the coutless number of people who are killed and hurt by blacks, latinos and Jewish ideology....


    Skinheads: Freddy Howell, who has a number of tattoos, himself, has offered
    advice to "get rid of the tattoos." He said that "Skinheads who defile their bodies
    with tattoos look too odd. People will accept you and listen to you. Otherwise, people will
    steer clear. That's human nature. Impress people as being clean-cut and credible."

    Martin Cox: This has got to be the craziest thing I've ever heard. You
    don't like me because of the way I look. Police, FBI, probation or parole are
    the ones who dictate how you have to "fit in" with your surroundings. I have a lot of
    friends that have proudly given their lives, but you are the main reason we have so
    many problems in the first place.

    Skinheads: No one said anything about disliking you. The point was that things which
    tend to give Skinheads a bad name, create the image of "losers" among the public and
    contribute to ineffective activity which drives others away or get people needlessly
    busted should be opposed. In fact, we strongly oppose the appearance of those who
    call themselves "Skinheads," when, in fact, the image is more of hippies, African
    bushmen, "rappers" or some sort of "grunge" characters. This is not related
    to how someone dresses, but to facial hair, goatees, tattoos, body-piercing
    and general, slovenly personal-appearance. Of course, wearing chains and
    necklaces is more the "rapper" than the Skinhead style, too.
    A Skinhead has a clean-cut, militant and masculine appearance. He is,
    also, ultra-nationalistic (not leaning toward anything foreign or alien).
    Anything else just does not belong. It is not so much a desire to "fit in," as
    you say, because we definitely do stand out, wearing boots, pins, patches,
    flights, braces and, of course, a skinned head. It is more a desire to
    see our stance respected and picked up on by others, who can play
    a role in social-activism, themselves.

    Not sure what you mean by people "giving their lives." If you mean that
    someone has given his life so that Skinhead wanna-bees can wear necklaces,
    get fat and sloppy, pierce their bodies like Watusis and present a Leninist,
    hippy or African image before the public, I'd like to know who such a person
    would be. Certainly not Chad Huber, Michael Westerman, Alan Coey, L. D. Smith
    and others who have, indeed, given their lives in the cause.
    Why are we the "problem"? We are the only Skinheads to have ever won in
    the United States Supreme Court and we are a large and growing force.
    If you would like to meet with us or any of our people, we'd be happy
    to explore the possibilities. Our aim is, frankly, to win this
    fight, save our country and advance our blood. Hopefully, you have some desire to
    succeed in some way, perhaps in social-activism, yourself.

    Cox: I have facial hair and tattoos. I felt it as a personal attack on myself and
    my friends. Those who have given their lives for us are Ian Stuart (tattoos),
    Joe Rowan (facial hair, tattoos), Eric Banks (tattoos), Adolf Hitler (facial
    hair) and Robert Matthews (long hair). You say that you won in the Supreme
    Court? I don't care anything about that. You are a fool. Why use a system
    that is out to kill you? What I meant by "problem" is that you sit there and
    run your mouth, but really know nothing. You are starting more problems
    than solving.

    Skinheads: Here is an assessment of you by United Skins. "Those wacky
    California guys act more like M-TV 'gangsta' rappers than honorable Skinheads.
    They brought their gang mentality, as well as their dime-bags, with 'em." We
    agree with United Skins. There is no place for this kind of stuff. We
    can overlook mistakes of the past, but will not let the future get out
    of our hands.

    Cox: So, if it said by United Skins, it must be true? This is [deleted] gay.

    Skinheads: I would like to address the facial hair and tattoo thing, that you
    say you have. Obviously, we cannot undo what has been done in the past.
    And, I am willing to say that if someone has sincerely maimed his body
    or debased his skin under the impression that he was doing so for our
    cause, we will respect that. And, no, no one will "hate" or "attack"
    you for it. Just keep it in the past.
    Ian Stuart did not "give his life" for tattoos. He died in a tragic
    car accident. He had some tattoos, but had moved away from that
    "scene" and was moving more toward Nationalism when his life was
    cut short. He had gone through various "phases" in his career, but
    had even adopted our symbol, near the end.
    Joe Rowan was a disciple of the infamous George Burdi, the
    Satan-worshiper, who is now living with his East-Indian concubine,
    denouncing Skinheads and trying to perform with a band made up of
    Jews, homosexuals and Negroes. We have denounced the Burdi types
    and will continue to do so. Rowan was, also, in league with David
    and Bryan Freeman, the so-called Skinheads (goatees, bearded) who
    killed their parents in Pennsylvania. Not to question Rowan's sincerity,
    but he just was wrong in his approach. Wish we had gotten to him earlier.

    Don't know a lot about Banks, except that he was killed
    fighting SHARP and we applaud and honor him for that. Shane Wood,
    the organizer of our Colorado rally, had tattoos, also, and, sure,
    we worked with him. And we will work with any others who are genuine
    and sincere, but we will not endorse or propagate African, Bushman
    or Aboriginal appearance or conduct and neither should you.
    Hitler? What would that have to do with anything? This is
    America and we are Americans. Get used to it. Matthews? A
    criminal, arsonist, bank-robber and murderer? Well, if you want
    to end up like him, that's your business. We think we can do
    better, however, as well as be winners, not losers. I do notice
    that many who fancy Matthews (Alex Curtis, Todd VanBiber, Benjamin
    Smith, Eric Hanson, Larry Shumake, etc.) have wound up in jail,
    maimed for life or dead, for no good reason.

    You ask, "Why use the system that is out to kill you?" Good point,
    but it appears that the tactics you like (Matthews, etc.) wind
    up killing more people. In fact, no one in our organization has
    been convicted of anything, though many have been charged and
    freed or acquitted. Point is, if we did not use the system
    to win, I would say, sure, who cares? But, since we do, unless
    you just want to be a cultist or perennial outsider, you ought to
    see the need to take power in this country and make change.
    Protest is one thing, but power is the ultimate goal.
    Somewhere along the way you seem to have been attracted to someone,
    the way some were attracted to the Beatles or Elvis, I suppose. Or,
    maybe you like the "bad-boy" image seen on "made-for-TV" movies.
    You might want to consider what changes, if any, could make you more
    effective. Unless, that is, you want only to be a big frog on some
    little lily pad. I know the temptation, but we have to resist that.
    It is a big, big world out there, with many opportunities and many
    to recruit and organize.

    Again, you speak of "problems." We have been setting up meetings
    and conferences with the like-minded (and even some who are not
    particularly like-minded) to advance our cause. If you are interested
    in taking part, we'd be happy to consider you. As for "long-hairs,"
    well, we reject and abhor them, entirely. As the Bible says, "It
    is a shame for a man to have long hair, but it is a glory to a woman."
    Our enemies try to "use" some "on our side" for their own ends. They
    even have been caught financing music which glorifies Satan and
    atheism and gets people busted for violence. Think it over. A
    Skinhead means purity, not degeneracy. We need leaders, not loners,
    examples, not misfits.
    Genuine Skinheads get plenty of publicity, without imitating
    Bon Jovi, Two-Pack or M-TV. If you have some positive comments
    you'd like to write for our publications (or some positive stuff you
    have done or would like to do, or some changes you might consider
    making), send them in. We get about 10,000 hits a day and have a
    good readership. By the way, you state that United Skins is homosexual.
    Do you have any documentation or evidence to back this up?

    Cox: I never called anyone a homosexual. You just make trouble where
    it is not needed. Obviously, you have no idea what it really is like
    here. No need to "consider" me. I don't need to be "considered" for
    anything. My name speaks for itself. I am tattooed and goateed. How
    dare you speak against Joe Rowan and Robert Matthews. Shame on you.

    Skinheads: Well, we seem to be getting nowhere, but at least I have
    tried. When I quoted to you what United Skins had said about so-called
    Skinhead wanna-bees, you said, "This is [deleted] gay." Sounds like you
    were accusing United Skins of being homosexual, but, since you have
    clarified that that is not what you intended, I will accept your retraction.

    As to "no idea of what it is really like here," we have people visiting
    Orange County frequently and those from Orange County often come here. We
    have conducted events all over California and still are building and
    expanding. We maintain good relations and contacts there, although,
    admittedly, there are many who just come-and-go (but that is not a
    problem confined to Orange County). A number from Orange County attended
    our rally against Wetbacks. My hope would be to work the "flavor" of Orange
    County into the activism of the nation, as a whole. I recall how unfamiliar
    many there were with what goes on elsewhere and vice versa. That
    was why we invited you to consider submitting material to us.
    As for your name speaking for itself, it is nice to have a reputation.
    However, a "cause" is more important than any individual.

    We need to be publishing, broadcasting, making music, getting people
    into office and positions of influence and becoming widely known. We,
    must, also, be molding public opinion in our direction. You tend to
    characterize leadership on issues and tactics as a personal attack. This
    is neither good logic nor reasoning. As for Rowan, he took a wrong
    turn by getting involved with Burdi (a Bulgarian gypsy from Canada).
    No apologies for making that statement. As for Matthews, I feel no
    "shame" for telling people to stay away from lawlessness, murder,
    bank-robbery, arson and mayhem. I would feel ashamed, however,
    of anyone who gave people such advice, the way Mark Thomas did,
    and then watched as the ones he led in the wrong direction were
    led off to jail.

    How dare you get people killed, maimed, defaced, mocked and
    rendered useless? We are the sons of gladiators, Vikings, Crusaders
    and pioneers, not Michael Jackson, Eminem, Snoop Doggy Dog and
    Little Richard. Keep that in mind should you try to look like --
    or hang out with -- the likes of them.
    Shame on you for perpetuating the ADL-stereotype that Skinheads
    are just some sort of no-good cult, with no purpose, sense or
    hope of success. It is just the opposite. Skinheads are very
    idealistic, honorable and high-minded. Sometimes, some have become
    desperate, when conditions get desperate. Almost all are
    rebellious, in some manner. But, when we remedy the injustices
    around us, there will no longer be the need for desperate measures.
    Only a clean, free, wholesome, upright and pure nation.
    Copyright 2008 Skinheadz

  3. Tats are important. Not for everybody, the professionals and civically inclined should stay virgin as suggested by the previous blogger. Public displays of southern sympathy, white pride, American nationalism and the like remind the public that there are many who hold such convictions stroingly and are not bullied by PCness into shame for them...